Disclaimer: Tetsuya Nomura owns the character designs of these three while Taylor Swift holds legal rights to the title and lyrics I placed in here.

Word Count: 165


"No one would miss me."

Roxas states. He walks away.

"I would."

Axel replies.

"And I would too."

From the shadows, bright Naminé watches.


"I'm happy."

"Don't lie."

She scribbles on her plain paper.

She colors.

She connects the dots.

There's white, black --- it's got checkerboard now. Silver letter 'x'. Blue-eyed, dirty blond boy appears on the sheet of sketch paper.

Then, she draws another person. Spikes for hair. Emeralds for eyes. Black tears mark his cheekbones. A red head follows him.

She knows about that scene.

He threatens her with a look.

She remains unaffected.

Then, the scene is running through his head. All over again.

"How are you?" She breaks the silence.

"I'm happy." He repeats.

"Don't lie." She says again.

He stares at the drawing she made.

He would wait until she was summoned by the others. Then, he would take it. It would never see the light of day ever again.

For him, it's just another picture to burn.