Hey readers,

I wanted to inform you all that I uploaded the second sequel to "Harry and his new family".

The correct order of the series is:

1. Harry and his new family (already up)

2. Harry and his new family II - New life (now up)

3. For the love of his life (already up)

4. Harry and his new family III - Summer (not up yet)

I give you a teaser for both sequels here, but to read the rest you need to go to the correct stories on my profile!



For the love of his life:

The cold morning sun was shining in his face when he blinked. It was July and early in the morning. It was half past five, and Ivy was still asleep when Severus stood in the middle of the summer flower-covered meadow. His boots were wet because he never applied a Water-Proof Charm. He wanted to feel the morning thaw through his boots.

Every year he found himself standing in the same meadow, with wet feet and a freshly gathered bouquet of wild flowers in his hands. It had been his ritual for six years now. Each year, he set out at five in the morning and went to the meadow for twenty minutes. Yes, he walked there and did not Apparate. The walk was part of the present, and he loved to think about making Ivy his wife while the cold, fresh air slowly lost its humidity.

This time, the morning fog lifted very slowly and the air was very humid. Severus enjoyed this kind of weather the most. The sun was fighting her way through all the fog like Ivy had fought her way into his heart. He had tried to push her away. Never did he want to endanger a woman again. Lily was enough for him to dwell on in self-pity. No other woman should have made it into his heart, but Ivy did it. She stole his heart and changed him completely. She had fought away all the bad feelings, the guilt, and the fear in him like the sun was slowly fighting the fog. Ivy was his sun. His center. His light in the darkness. All in all his love of life.

On this very day eight years ago, she had married him. A man that was looked down upon by many people around them. A man who had committed terrible crimes during his time as a Death Eater. A man who tried to push all the people around him away to not hurt them or be hurt himself. Ivy never gave up. How often had he pushed her away, hurt her with words more than he could have hurt her with brute force, but she stayed at his side. She was something very special. Severus knew this and as he stood in the meadow, he tried to imagine her face and her soft voice in his mind.

This time there would be five people to celebrate their anniversary. They had adopted Harry last year, which brought their total of children to three. If Ivy was right, they would be another next year. That sobered Severus, and he looked around for more flowers for his bouquet. Severus never regretted adopting Harry, but thinking about one more child made him feel a bit old. Four children, three of them very young. Would he survive? Eathan and Lysander were very challenging already, and Harry with his crazy ideas and problems was challenging in his own way.

A new baby would mean being woken in the middle of the night, loud noises, smelly diapers, and so many more unpleasant things. He had heard from Molly Weasley that older siblings could get jealous, and Eathan and Lysander still needed so much attention. Would they accept a baby? And what about Harry? He needed all the attention and love they could offer him. Would it be enough?


Harry and his New Family II – New Life:

"I will never understand that," Harry thought, frustrated, when he read the part about transfiguring a living object into a dish for the fourth time. Why did Minerva always make them learn such complicated things by reading a chapter first and not practicing? Henry, Harry's learning disorder healer, had banned him from doing his homework in his room, and Harry hated the library. He always had the feeling he needed to find another book to look for an answer while working in there, and so he wasn't able to concentrate. The kitchen table was his only choice because Minerva, who at the moment was reading her witch magazine on the couch with her feet up on Albus' lap, had forbidden him to use the coffee table.

'That will ruin your back. Go to the kitchen table. The light is better there as well.' Sometimes it was annoying to live together with so many people.

Why weren't they allowed to use pens? At least you could gnaw at them. The damned feather only tickles you when you have it in your face. Harry sighed. He hated Transfiguration. If there was still one subject, besides History, that could make him fail this year, it would be Transfiguration. There was still much time until his third year would end, but Harry felt miserable thinking about possibly failing. Especially in two subjects his new family members were teaching.

"Do you need help, my boy?" Albus asked from the couch after Harry sighed for around the fifteenth time.

"No," Harry replied, frustrated. He better go to the library before Minerva realizes that he was not able to do his Transfiguration homework.

"You are aware that I once taught Transfiguration, Harry?"

Harry groaned. Thank you, Albus, for making Minerva aware of what Harry was brooding over.

"Harry, why don't you tell me if you are having trouble with my homework?" Minerva asked.

"Because it is my homework and not yours, Minerva. The others also don't have someone adult to help them. They are teasing me enough already." Harry let his quill fall on the table. "If I wouldn't have that stupid grounding, I could learn with Hermione and Ron."

"You should have thought about that before you went flying on the weekend even though your homework wasn't finished." Minerva came over to him and looked over his shoulder. "So what's the problem?"

Harry was frustrated, and when he was frustrated, he often didn't think before he spoke. "The problem is that I'm damn stupid." He wanted to stand up, but Minerva pressed him down in the chair again.

"Watch you tone, young man, or we both will have a stern talk. Now stop trying to run away and tell me what you don't understand."

Harry sighed. "I'm sorry." He really was. He knew Minerva wasn't responsible for all this, but he was so angry at himself for not being able to do this homework alone.

"I know. Apology accepted. Now tell me what is troubling you."

"I just can't find the answer to your questions in the text. I know that is stupid and that the answer is there somewhere, but I can't find it. I have the feeling I need to copy the whole chapter to get the right answer. It seems to all be important."

"When I give you homework on things we haven't spoken about before, I always divide the questions like the paragraphs of the text I give you to read. So for the first question your only need to read the first paragraph to find the information. So find the conditions which have to be present for a transfiguration like that in the text and write them on your extra parchment for notes." Minerva waited until Harry had found the information and had written it down.

"Now form a simple sentence to answer the question and use the words you have noted down." When Harry did what she had told him, she praised him. "Very good, Harry. Now go on like that with the other paragraphs and questions. Call me if you need my help." Before she went away, she added, "Oh, and if someone teases you about belonging to our family, just don't listen to them. They can hardly accuse you to be favored."