I wrote this for my English class/Anime Club. It's short, i know it. It's also based on a true story.
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Puppets on Strings

Dante ran down a hall that he knew he had been down before; he was back tracking. On some strange impulse, he felt like he had to go back. Maybe he had missed something… someone? Maybe one of the random doors in this crazy tower would open up to his brother, instead of the same old corridors…

He ran through a big chamber. Okay… that was the place that he had beaten Agni and Rudra… but they were now sitting on his back, quiet as swords were supposed to be. So why the hell was he back tracking? He'd been through this way at least twice. He decided to retreat and try again, which was more like regroup and try again; Dante doesn't retreat. And what's more, where the fuck was his coat? He was sure he had it on a minute ago… Jesus, it was cold in here…

Here! He had to stop here! Why, here? He looked up; scaffolding, cool. What was so special about scaffolding? He tried to see if he could jump up on it; see if there was something above the scaffolding. What the hell kind of idea was that? Stupid, he told himself every time he tried to jump. It was obvious that he was not getting up there unless he got some super high jumping power, like… now.

Well, that didn't happen, and he was still jumping. And wasting time, he added as he continued to try. Vergil could be destroying the world right fucking now, and Dante was here, jumping like the idiot he totally wasn't. He couldn't even tell you why he was jumping anymore. Maybe because he was mad that he couldn't make it to the highest level on the scaffolding, and he wanted to prove that he could?

He needed to find one of those magical statue things that, whenever he went near one, he instantly got cooler things, like new powers; like new jumping powers, or maybe his coat back. Note to self: always wear coats when attempting to climb towers that shoot up from the ground, even if you're sure that you already put one on.

Dante took a break from jumping, thank God, to… taunt the walls? What the fuck was wrong with him today? Well, sure, it's not every day that your long lost twin brother comes back into your life, riding on a demon tower while sending things to kill you, but that's no excuse for why Dante was acting like a total idiot right now. What the hell was the point of taunting walls? Were they going to come to life and attack him? Well, given the place he was in, Dante wouldn't put it past them.

Giving the walls a suspicious look, he went back to jumping. Dante wondered, and not for the first time, if maybe someone was out there, playing puppeteer with his body…

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