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She doesn't give a damn about being a Hyuga.

She wants others to acknowledge her presence because of her power, not the clan's!

She was an individual, and she hated it when people commented her achievements by using the clan as a metre.

It was downright insulting.

But he admired this part of her.

The rebellious, fun-seeking, yet shy little girl, that he had grown up with.

Many would beg to differ, for they would not believe that Hanabi and the word 'shy' could even form a sentence before said person would erase your presence from this world. That was the impression most got, she was cold…icy cold. Yet he knew better, within that petite frame of hers, there was a heart, of the purest flames, yearning to burn brightly.

Just like everyone else.

She would lay down her life just to protect her village without a single moment of hesitation. She would risk her life to save a comrade without any orders.

This was the Hyuga Hanabi everyone came to love....

And the one who was looking for him.


In the short time of his return, he had opted to head out to the training fields, as all his friends seemed to be out on missions.

His body now rippled with muscle, and each pushup was nothing to him.

Even the chakra weights strapped to his arms and legs did not slow him down.

Annoyed, he increased the weight upon the sets, then continued the pushups.

After about fifty up and down motions, his arms went numb, and he practiced his kicks on a nearby training dummy.

He had completed only one set, before she spoke.


He paused in his training regiment, and turned round.

His jaw dropped, and he pointed a trembling finger in her direction.


Hanabi saw the look and his face, then smirked, one hand held over her now fully blossomed chest, having grown fully into womanhood over the years in which he had been gone.

Five agonizing years. (Yeah, I made it five)

Where once she had always worn a a plain tee, she now wore a dark red, sleeveless one, the light material thinner and clinging to her ripe chest.

She also now wore black baggy pants, not jeans, nor sweats, but a cross between the two, the fabric light and soft, and ending just below her knees as it fit her snugly, her shuriken holster strapped to her left leg, whilst her kunai holder was on the right.

She had been dying to see him again.

That much was evident in her face as her pale eyes were excited and eager, light reflecting of the Konoha headband, wrapped about her arm...

Her outfit really went with her now long, black hair.

She had long since grown it out, it brought out her pale lavender eyes beautifully, as her small spin slowed to a stop

She was taller, now at least 5"5, but still short in comparison to him, who was easily at the six foot mark.

Her clothes clung tightly to her form, enhancing every curve and line.

The girl was the very definition of eye candy.

And he was hard pressed to look away.

"You like the new look, Naruto-kun?"

The blond managed to nod dumbly, awestruck at the sight of this curvaceous vixen.


There was no way in the nine circles of hell, that this was Hanabi!

How could this gorgeous sexy creature be the same little girl that he had been best friends with?!

She stalked forward, hips swaying from side to side.

In his eyes, she did not walk, no, she glided, casually wafting across the field, until she was looking up at him.

"Did you wait?"

He did a double blink.

"You remembered?"

Abruptly, and without warning, she tackled him to the ground.

He landed on his back amongst the grass, with a hard smack.

Surprised, he immediately began propping himself up with his elbows-

Only to freeze, as her hands hit the ground beside him.

She leaned herself down, on her long and slender arms.

She moved forward, holding herself over him, whilst her legs where off to his left, and brushing up against his own, preventing him from getting up.

A light red tint was across her face, as she leaned in further.

"I told you you should wait till I got older. . .


He couldn't form the words, he was blushing madly, as her hair tickled at his nose...

Then at his whiskered cheeks, as her long locks hung down into his face.

"You like?" She murmured, her smooth voice, husky with desire.

In that instant, as he saw the fiery glint in her eyes, as lavender met sapphire...

He knew.

He knew that this was indeed Hanabi, that foul tempered little girl.

That hotheaded Hyuuga, who had insisted that she would be the one to marry him some day, not that "Stupid bimbo-teme Sakura!" As she had quoted.

Looking over at her again, he idly thought such a thing wouldn't be so bad, being married to Hanabi.

After all...

She had grown up.

Big time.

He managed another stiff nod, answering her question.


A smirk traced her lips, her eyes closed halfway, a pleased murmur following.


And then they were pressed against his, light and supple, in a kiss, one that left him speechless, as she pulled away, a self-assured look upon her face.

This was different, it was mature.

Gone were they shy stares given the other when they were just kids, and the love in her eyes, it had been a simple crush, way back then...



But after she nursed her best friend back to health, from his failed attempt to rescue Sasuke, it had changed.

She had begged her father to request her transfer to Squad seven, after Sasuke's defection, reasoning that training with the blond was the only way she would ever become stronger.

Needless to say, Hiashi Hyuuga had been more than happy to grant her this request, deeming it would be fitting for her, in her future duties of clan head.

One week later from that day, she had been officially made Sasuke's replacement.

The light had come back into Naruto's eyes then, and ever so slowly, he had stopped paying attention to Sakura.

Before long, the two were nigh inseperable, you could never see one without the other.

Whether it was training, scarfing down ramen, or just star gazing-

If you found Hanabi Hyuuga, there you would find Naruto Uzumaki.

If you happened upon Uzumaki Naruto, then Hanabi Hyuuga wasn't far behind.

The two had practically done everything together-

Until he had to leave for five years.

The worst five years of her life, as she had grown during that time, not just physically-

But mentally as well, learning the ins and outs of the politics that enstranged the two branches of her clan, and how determined the Hyuuga council was to be rid of her.

They tried to deal with her, in the same manner as her elder sister.

They tried by forcing her to cower under the pressure.

They wanted to make make her meek and weak.

And they had failed.

Instead the opposite resulted.

Now, she had been molded into unshakeable pillar of iron will, that would not waver, no matter the heat, no matter the pressure pressed down upon her.

She would follow her heart, and council be damned!

By the time three years had passed, and at the age of sixteen, she had turned down hundreds of suitors, each one selected by the council.

It had been the custom of the Hyuuga to marry young, but it wasn't long before her father realized what she was up to, and he was quick to address it.

"You're waiting for Naruto, aren't you?" He had asked, after summoning her to his quarters one evening.

For the first time, she had become angry towards him, thinking that he would not allow it, that he would deny her hapiness, when never before had she asked for any.

Surprisingly, she was met with no such resistance.

He had instead smiled, under her curses and protests, weathering them all, and only speaking when she had run out of breath.

"My daughter, I have no intention of standing in your way."

She remembered the stunned look upon her face, then the relief, as she sighed happily under his next words, which drew a ferverent apology from her.

He had given her the necklace, and then her mother's sword.

Her eyes had watered with tears, upon receiving the only remaining traces of her mother.

She was met with a kindly smile by her father.


She bowed in respect.


He waved it off, as he tied the ornate jewels round her neck, then slid the sword and holster under her arm, so it would rest on her neck.

"Take them, Hanabi. After all, a bride needs to be pleasing for her groom....

(End reminisce)


She melted into his arms, when his hand pressed against the back of her head, pulling her down into a slow and sensual kiss, one that seemed to last for an eternity, drawing a low, throaty moan from the back of Hanabi's throat, as she got what she had wanted from the very beginning.

Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's number one, hyperactive knucklhead ninja.

And now, he was all hers, wrapped up in this deep, loving passion...

But they had to break for air, and then she spoke.

"Let's get married." She whispered, as he pulled away, their eyes drifting open at the same time.

"Are you sure?" He asked, as she stared at him, laid wantonly atop him, her legs between his, his hands on her wide hips, her fingers running through his rough blond hair, even as he spoke.

"I've never been more certain."

"But what about-

A rough, steamy kiss silenced him, until she pulled away.

"I've waited for five freakin years, Naruto. Five years for this moment."

A begging/pleading tone entered her voice, as tears began to swim in her eyes.

"Don't tell me to wait."

"Yeah, but-

She glared daggers at him, angry tears now dripping down over her face.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course, Hanabi-hime." Came his ready reply, tender and soft.

Slowly he reached up to brush away the tears, and she allowed him to do so, allowing herself a small hiccup, before his fingers brushed at her skin.

Then the hard look softened immeasurably, under his gentle touch, and she purred as he scratched her under the chin, her soft, ticklish spot.

"And I love you."

He laughed, as his hands moved to caress her back, drawing a small whimper from her, as the heat building up in her body suddenly traveled down to her pelvis.

It'd be tough, he knew that...

But if she loved him, then it didn't matter.

"Then I guess we're gettin' married.