It's Clearwater Thing


"I could buy you beer or something."

Seth groans, pulling off a pair of red rain boots as his sister paces back and forth across the blue carpet of his bedroom.

"I'm only sixteen, Leah."

The tall girl glares, hands folded behind her back. "And that's why I'll be buying the booze. All you have to do is drink."

"I don't drink."

The black-haired girl snorts in contempt. "Well not yet."

Seth sighs as he pulls on a pair of dark socks. "Leah. Seriously. Are you not okay with this? Because if you're not, that's okay."

Leah leans against the wall, running her fingers through her wet locks. "It's not so out of the blue, kid. I just didn't expect you to actually come out of the closet until you were like, twenty-five."

She looks down at the floor, unsure of what to say next.

"You don't care, do you?" Seth asks after a moment, wringing his hands nervously. "You don't think it's weird or anything."

Leah sighs, and sits beside him on his lumpy bed. "Of course not, Seth. Like I said, it's not exactly out of the blue. But do you have to like Jacob? Jacob Black?"

"You liked him too," Seth reminds her, his dark eyes narrowing as a blush crosses Leah's cheeks. "You spent seven months moping over him after he imprinted on Nessie."

His sister glares at Jacob's term of endearment for the demon spawn. "Yes, but I'm a glutton for punishment. I only like a guy when the relationship is doomed to fail miserably."

"You bought a voodoo kit and made a Renesmee doll."

"In my defenseā€¦ the kit was on sale."

The two laugh softly.

"You're not going to say anything, are you?" Seth whispers. "Because I'm not ready for everybody to know yet."

She shakes her head, sparkling drops of water flying off her hair. "Your secret is safe with me, kid. But you should probably clue Mom in. She'll be pretty upset if you imprint on some random guy and didn't have the decency to tell her about this first."

The dark-haired boy groans. "Oh God. Mom. She's gonna flip."

Leah pats his shoulder. "She loves you too. She's not going to care."

The younger boy smiles and leans against his sister. She wraps his arms around him, comfortingly, and puts her head atop his black curls.

"Are you going to tell Jacob how you feel?"

Seth tilts his head, hair falling around his eyes. "Nah. It's just a stupid crush. It'll pass, right?"

His sister nods. "It takes awhile. For some strange reason, Jacob Black is hard to get over." She chuckles lightly. "There's just something about Alphas."

"They tend to breaks hearts."

"Our hearts, specifically."

Seth shrugs, lying back on his bed and looking up at the ceiling. "It's probably just a Clearwater thing."

Leah kisses his forehead and hugs him tightly. "You're probably right."


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Notes: Seth Clearwater is my new favorite character. Seriously, why does this kid not have a much bigger fanbase?

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