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Chapter 9 -

"Hey B!"

I closed my book quickly, failing to insert the book mark at all and keeping my face smooth of guilt. I wasn't doing anything wrong after all. Right? I swallowed the lump in my throat, as if I had just gulped down an enormous amount of caffeine. I felt my flushed cheeks flare increasingly when Alice sat across from me on my bed her eyes wide with curiosity. Or maybe I was just being paranoid and she had no interest of what I did on a Wednesday night.

"Are you reading something good?" She asked. But thankfully I had already shoved the book under my pillow and was surrounded by homework and binders, sparing me a lot of explaining. "Just finished chocoholic!" She said proudly, twisting a silver black lock absently around her finger.

"Yeah...Did we have plans today?...I'm sorry..." I was racking my brains for anything vigilant that could have slipped my mind.

Alice's smiled, a thoughtful sad smile that was heart breaking to witness because it made you feel anxious and uncertain.

"Are you okay Ali? What's wrong?" I couldn't think of anything that could possibly upset Alice, she was to good hearted. "What's the matter?"

She pursed her lips for a moment, "Are camping trip this summer."

"What about it?" I asked. Our camping trip still a far way off, the Cullen siblings, the Hale twins and me would be going on an encampment in the summer.

For the first time, I could see the sadness in Alice's eyes. "Jasper's not coming," she muttered. "And he's known this since last-"

"Summer," I finished with a wistful smile. "Why?" I pressed. Probably like any other good girlfriend would enquire after a first kiss or last date.

"He's going to some military camp," her voice gave away an immense annoyance to the subject.

"Well," I tried to help amend things, seeing her so cheerless made me feel older, like a parent telling a child to walk on the sidewalk and away from the road. "Not all summer...right?"

Alice suddenly leaped off the bed and marched in a rectangular circuit, "That's just the thing," her eyes gave away her pain, more then she was usually willing to show for Alice. "It's a week after final exams!"

That's when we leave for our trip. But I didn't want to remind her of something she obviously already knew.

I moved my books to the west corner of my bed, making room. I patted the spot beside me.

She sagged onto my comforter, "He lied to me Bella, why-" She didn't finish, to angry to care to any further extent.

"You haven't talked to him?" I asked. "Then?"

She closed her eyes, "His mom told me," her voice suddenly in doubt of itself.

I couldn't help but laugh at my silly laugh, "Talk to him, Alice. It's so far away," I amended.

The corner of her lips turned into a grimacing line, "fine. But there will be blood."

I nodded, "okay drama queen."

"Thanks Bella," she gave me a quick embrace anxious to make things right, "oh and I'll gave you the second one."

My eyes snapped up, but she was already closing the door behind her.

I reached under my pillow, taking out my own copy of, 'Attractiveness is Divine.' A trilogy.

I grimaced.

Alice knows all.

. . .

The orange red flames rise in fluid un-orchestrated movements, drifting in rifts of flaring stags. Ashes burned into the air, sparks igniting in the pale dark of the terrain. My eyes were drawn to the flames, joyous to the heat. The sky was a combination of dark mysterious colors in the background. The greatest flaw was the ill fated mystic cold.

Almost everybody who attended Forks High School was there. Even some parents. Another flaw.

"Are you cold?"

My eyes moved unwillingly away from the golden flames and to the grin plastered on Jacob Black's mouth.

"Hey!" I looked beside me, but it seemed Edward had disappeared. It was hard to believe I was that enveloped in the fire.

Jacob laughed, a soft happy laugh, "I hadn't realised there would be so much people," he muttered, and then cheered right up, "how are things?"

"Things are fine. How about La Push?"

"Boring as always," he gave a fake yawn, and then said, "Is Ed around?"

For a moment I had all but forgotten about Edward. "...I'm sure he's here somewhere," I said eventually, "probably reading a book by the beach."

Jacob bustled into a rage of bustling laughter. "That does sound like him," Jacob agreed. "How about we get out of here? I think Paul went a bit overhead with the guest list."

I bit my lip, "I couldn't agree more."

Jacob and I walked along the edge perimeter of the beach, whilst talking about school and what was knew with each other. I told his of my latest reading and he teased me for being so smart. We exchanged stories, his telling of a romantic yet tragic tale that turned out to be the worse kiss of his life. And I ended up sharing an exhausting dream, that consisted of giant wolves and sexy vampires.

Jacob's pace slowed until coming to a sudden halt altogether. "I got you something."

"What? For what?"

"For your birthday, of course," he rolled his eyes. By now dawn had settled it, and calm sudden twilight had taken it's place.

I wanted to object, "Jake you don't -"

"I dare you to say it."

"You don't have to-"

He put a hand on my mouth. "I was kidding. Now here, open her up." He handed me a small brown box, the texture was made from old yarn and smelled like honey lemon.

"It's pretty," I commented with a smile.

Jacob's eyes rolled, "the present is inside Bella."


There were a few ties; I played with a couple of them before Jacob sighed pulling on the right one.

The box unfastened and inside was probably the most beautiful charm bracelet I had ever seen. I was touched, "thanks Jacob," I took it out of the case and held it in the it to examine it closely, "here, help me put it on."

His grin stretched over his teeth, clearly as thrilled as I was in that moment, and helped me attach the charm bracelet around my wrist.

I held my arm up again, letting it dangle loosely.

I breathed, "aw Jake, thank you, it really is something. I love it."

Jacob wiped fake sweat from his forehead, "few," he exaggerated the word, "good thing my mom passed on good role gift gifting down to me."

I smiled, "only you would know the truth behind it."

We walked back to the camp, laughing and occasionally slipping or falling over out own feet. We reached the camp site; it was still overly crowded, but not nearly as much before.

I was about to ask Jacob something but as I looked at him I hadn't expected to see the shocked expression masking his features. My eyes followed his...

Edward and Tanya were sitting on a log, bodies entwined together as if glued shut side my side. Their mouths sucking each other's face greedily.

I could have sworn my stomach dropped right out of place.

"You look kind of green Bella," Jacob pulled me out of my wretched pain that threatened to overtake me here and now. Maybe the scene wouldn't have bothered me a week ago, nonetheless a couple days ago where I had only thought of Edward as my very best friend.

But here I was, broken hearted. Being the girl i swore to never be back when I was five years old.

I must have lost my voice at one point because the tone seemed off more so, "Jacob, will you take me home?"

He took my hand, "of course Bella."

I held in the tears, sobs, any form of pain, I would just have to deal with it all later. But not in front of Jacob. He doesn't deserve to be burdened by something as ridiculous, nonetheless my silly problems.

"I can't believe-" I was fuming, it was unavoidable. "He and her! I mean when did this happen?" I threw my hands in the air, probably over doing it just a tad, but I couldn't find it in me to care just quite enough. "And he doesn't even have the decency to tell me about this?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, clenching my hands together. I didn't want to hurt anything or and one in my way, especially not Jacob.

Or his car.

I would save it for the next time I saw 'him.' Any ounce of energy in my bones would be directed at the one and only.

Jacob who sat quiet in the drivers seat finally spoke, wrenching me out of my thoughts. "Your house."

I looked up and sure enough we were there, my homey house with the front lights on. The curtain inched open for a moment before falling shut again.

"Jacob, I'm sorry. I was angry, you shouldn't have had to hear that," I wish I could have understood the expression worn on his soft face.

"I think you should go in now." He offered me a smile, the muscles in his jaw contracting slowly.

Oh. Oh.


"I've got to go Bella-"


"Please Bella. Let's not do this. Not now."

It hurt to know I caused the pain in his voice. "Okay," I murmured and then exited the vehicle akwardly.

I watched his car drive away and then just starred at the road he left behind. Far and vacant. So long.

"Bella! What are you doing out here, it's pouring!"

I turned to Charlie suddenly aware of the cold damp droplets hitting me. "I-I was just coming in," I said lamely and then rushed into the house.

Charlie closed the door behind us. "Oh, you sort of have a visitor," he said seeming somewhat nervous.


He couldn't have gotten here before me, he hadn't even seen me. But that stinking shiny Volvo of his was awfully fast when it wanted to be-

My eyes stopped in confusion when they landed on a dark sinister figure.

It couldn't be.