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Satus Novus – Chapter 23


I woke to the sound of thunder. Rolling over, I saw the alarm clock. 6:47. No way I was going back to sleep now. I blame the thunder.

Instead, I pulled the sheets back and got out. The clothes I had laid out the day before would need to be adjusted due to a change in weather. I could already feel the cool air, although I had yet to step outside.

Passing the window along the front of the house, I saw Charlie's cruiser still present and as if on queue he snored. I continued on the way to the kitchen, pulling the milk out of the fridge and searching for a cereal to satisfy my sweet tooth; something I usually don't do.

After filling my bowl, and returning the milk to the fridge, I went and say outside. Something about the rain soothed my mind, even if it was really cold. For the first time in days I actually felt relaxed though. The stress of school was not an issue and I was able to let my mind wander.

It came up with trivial things like homework, what to cook tonight, which load of laundry I should start once I got home from school later today. Then everything seemed to slow down. I thought of Jasper for the first time today, and even more important what he tells me. The bits and pieces are starting to form together, and for the first time I start to understand him; although, still not completely.

I thought back to the night of the dance, and although most everything had faded. Not that I tried to but, I just couldn't bring myself to remember all of it. I am human after all.

Perfectly timed, Charlie came out the door as I got up with my now empty cereal bowl. His face held a sense of wonder.

"You're up early," he noted. An underlying question came from the statement which I assume he wanted me to answer as well.

"Yeah. Storm kept me up."

He grunted, meaning he had heard me. Before he could say much more, I went inside. His car started up and when I looked through the window to see if he was gone I saw him shake his head before backing out of the driveway. The gravel crunched under his tires.

I placed the bowl in the since, promising myself to clean it once I got home from school this afternoon.

Once I get back upstairs, and into my room, my morning routine went as usual. I picked out a different shirt from the closet and opted for tennis shoes instead of the flats I was going to wear.

After brushing teeth, I headed downstairs. The backpack was by the door where I had left it and the keys on cabinet in the hallway. I opened the front door, only to close it right away so I could grab a jacket that was in the hall closet.

Once it was in place, I repeated my previous actions; closing and locking the door. Before I could even head towards my truck, I noticed another car parked in the driveway that wasn't there before I got my jacket.

Jasper got out of the driver's side, but did not get any closer; opting instead to lean on the side of the car.

"What are you doing here?"

"Let's just say I'd like to start my day of questions," he replied.


"Yup," he replied. He even popped the 'p'.

This was not the way I wanted to start my morning, but I continued to start down the front porch. Hoping to get prolong the actual process I said the first thing that came to mind.

"Fine, but we take my car."

"Alright." He smiled at me before turning off his car, and removing the key from the ignition.

I shook my head at his happy reaction, thinking only about what Charlie would say when he got home and someone's car was in his driveway. Unlocking the car I got in, and turned the heat to the highest setting.

Jasper got in, still with the smile on his face, and it bothered me.

"What are you so happy about?" I said once we were on the road.

"Well, you drove," he said but then stopped as if he wanted to say more.

"Yes, go on."

"That means I get to ride home with you after school too."

And why hadn't I thought about that? Damn it!

"Fine. But that trick will not work again."

"You'd be surprised," he retorted.

"Why do you say that?"

"Isn't it my day for questions?" he replied.

"You have me there," I said frustrated that he wouldn't answer me.

"Glad you're done. It's my turn now."

And that's how the ride to school went. Although the questions were not hard, it did seem somewhat random. Why does it matter if I prefer the heat to the cold? Or even why I wasn't tan if I came from Arizona.

In the parking lot, we both got out and he and I split our different ways. Until lunch time.

Once again we sat at a separate table, me being the only one eating.

"Why did you move out here?"

"Mom remarried," I said taking another bite of my apple.

"And you felt that she wanted you gone then?"

"No. Her husband, Phil, he plays minor league baseball which basically means a lot of traveling. I didn't want her to have to pick between staying home and going with him."

I few random questions were put in to somewhat ease the tension that had form while discussing my mother. He now knew my preferred major for college would be English, that I would love to either write a book or teacher, and that traveling was something that interested me.

"Any place in particular?"

"Europe or Asia. The cultural part would be more towards Asia, but architecture in the past is fantastic."

"Alright, this one might be stupid, but how are you liking Forks?"

"It's fine right now. A huge weather shift and a new parent to live with is always something interesting."

"I meant more like about school and friends," He clarified.

"Ohh. Umm, school is school. Homework and stuff like that. And on the friends bit, I have a few people to talk to. Nothing major as of yet."

"Do you consider us friends?"

"I might as well if you keep asking questions," I replied jokingly.

Biology went like it did normally, taking notes and then another lab. Jasper opted to be my partner, but didn't ask any questions. At the end of class I knew that dissections were just not something I planned on doing in the future.

The rest of the day went by quickly, and when it was time to go home, I wondered where to find Jasper. I walked towards the car hoping he would figure it out, only to see him already beside it. As I approached closer he looked up and smiled, flashing his teeth.

The drive was peaceful for the most part. It consisted of him asking if I had brothers or sisters, and if I ever was hospitalize. The question threw me off-guard until he explained that I seem to always get myself into some sort of physical harm.

When we got to the house, we stayed parked in the driveway for a little while I explained an injury that I received while in ballet class. Near the end of my story, thunder crashed and the clouds started pouring down water. Not wanting to be in the car for a prolonged amount of time, I opened the car door, leaving the backpack, and ran up to the door.

Even though the rain had started out light, I was completely soaked by the time I could unload the front door; I had dropped the keys more than once in my haste. I closed the front door, hoping Jasper would not take it too harshly that I left him alone in the car. I went upstairs for a change of clothes, stopping in the bathroom for a towel to dry my hair on.

It was when I was looking through my dresser, that I heard the creek of a floorboard.

"I hope you know that it just isn't fair to leave someone in a car all alone. Are you trying to ditch me?"

"No, I just wanted to get inside. For all I know the rain might not let up for hours and I bet Charlie wants something to eat when he gets home. A better question would be why are you in my house?"

"Well, I at least wanted to say goodbye, and then you locked the door so I had to find another way to get in."

"Such as?"

"Your window actually."

At this I went over to it. Still locked and on the second floor of a house.

"And how did you manage that?"

"It's still not your day for questions you know," He said dodging the question.

"Fine. I'll be seeing you out then."

"Bella. Please don't. It's not like I meant any harm."

"Then tell me how you did it," I replied.

He remained silent.

"Alright. Well you know where the door, or in your case, the window is. Just remember to lock them on your way out."

Lightning shined threw my window, and thunder echoed after it. At this the power went out, and we both were surrounded by darkness.

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