Official Summary: The second in a saga written over what is amounting to three years now. Lost Without You is the story of Jun and her pregnancy. Kazuya is mentioned, but doesn't really get a starring role (ie. no chapters from his POV). Lynch me later, I have other things to do at the moment. Actually my third real Tekken fic: I got the idea about 20 chapters into the third story in this 'series'...funny, isn't it?

AN. This is NOT named after the Delta Goodrem song. I don't like Delta Goodrem. And I hate that song. This is a completely separate thing that happens to have the same name... It was the name that first occurred to me, and it has stuck. Don't you dare suggest it's related to Delta Goodrem.


The young woman wiped away a few rogue tears that tracked down her cheeks. Her black hair was pushed back, and her brown eyes were red-rimmed.

Her hand fell down onto her stomach and she caressed the cotton dress over her skin gently. Another tear rolled down her cheek and splashed onto her hand. Her dress slid easily over her skin, creating a slight friction as it moved.

She looked around the small room. There were a few wooden counters, with a sink inlaid into one of them. There was a small refrigerator unit, the soft hum unnoticeable in the room. She was sitting in one of two wooden chairs that adorned a simple wooden table. She looked over at the other chair, and her eyes widened at what she saw there.

There was a man. His chest was bare, and the large scar there stood out vividly in the dim light. His black hair was styled to a point behind his head. His dark eyes bored into hers, and one long-fingered hand reached out. Her hand rose of its own accord and stretched towards it. Their fingers merged together, and he disappeared.

"Oh, Kazuya," she whispered. Her hand stayed outstretched for a moment, before falling back onto the table with a thump.

She knew she was wasting her time. Kazuya Mishima was dead. According to a brief obituary which she kept in her pocket at all times, Kazuya had died as a result of a terrible accident. Of course, Jun realised that in this particular instance 'terrible accident' was spelt 'H-E-I-H-A-C-H-I'.

Her blood ran cold when she thought about Heihachi Mishima. She had never believed that killing was right, especially not if it was for revenge. However she had understood Kazuya's burning desire to kill his father, without condoning it. She had tried to distract him, tried to convince him that he could want to, just as long as he didn't carry out his wishes.

But he had gone, left her one day with promises of coming back. His words still echoed in her mine, I'll come back. I promise on our child.

Her fingers moved lightly over her belly, focusing on the half before her belly-button. She was with child. A boy, she just knew it. He was growing inside her, his fragile body not yet formed, and she had to protect him. Her mother didn't know, her brother didn't know, nobody knew. She hadn't set foot in civilised society since she had felt Kazuya's presence waver. She knew she would have to go into town sometime; already her food supplies were running low, and she was going to need provisions for the winter.

She sighed, standing and walking to the cupboards. She opened them and looked worriedly at the few tins and jars on the shelves. She picked one up and sighed as the lid fell into it with a clatter. She turned it upside down and the lid fell out, into her hand. It was followed by empty air. She shook her head slightly and dropped the empty tin into an open bin. She then counted the remaining tins, examining what they held closely.

"I can survive for two days," she said aloud, staring at the cans remaining. She closed the cupboard and walked into the living room, sitting down on the couch as soon as she got there. Her eyes slid half-closed, and she listened with all her might.

There was the sound of birds in the trees outside, communicating through the mixed mediums of singing, twittering or chirping. The trees themselves rustled in the breeze, and she could picture the tops swaying gently. The sound of water trickled quietly in the distance.

She opened her eyes. There was nothing that this could tell her that she didn't already know. What was the purpose of pretending any longer? She was alone, lost in this world. She didn't have anyone to guide her, or to look after her in her hour of need. She dared not turn to her parents, for fear of what they would say or what they would make her do. She feared turning to her brother even more, as he was a timid soul and Miyako Kazama wouldn't be pleased to hear the news second-hand. She didn't have anyone else.

She stood gracefully and walked into the bedroom. The bed seemed huge to her, even though it was originally made for one person. When she slept there now she curled up on one side, only her arms daring to cross the invisible line down the centre.

She sighed and stared out the window. The sky was darkening, the golden fingers of sunlight slanted lower and lower as the sun sank below the horizon. The trees cast long shadows over the ground, each tree seeming to fall into its own shadow.

Jun watched until the sky was dark, the shadows gone. The world was quiet. Only the rustle of nocturnal animals searching for their food in the forest broke the silence of the night. Jun pulled off her dress in one swift movement and crawled over the bed. She slept on the far side, close to the wall.

She lay back, only the thin cotton sheet covering her, and curled into a ball. Before she went to sleep, her sleepy unfocused eyes saw something she knew wasn't there.

Kazuya was back, lying on the opposite side of the bed. He was supporting himself on one elbow, a slight smile touching his thin lips. His eyes met hers and she read longing and compassion in them.

His voice, like an echo, sounded in her mind.

You're beautiful.

Jun fought back a sob, closing her eyes with a snap. When she opened them again, Kazuya was gone, but it was too late. Tears were spilling down her face again. She shook her head and closed her eyes, letting the tears fall and relaxing. Soon she was asleep.

AN. And there you have it, the end of the Prologue. I'll update quickly, but not as quickly as I did with The Good in Evil because that rushed the pace of the story. This'll probably be updated when I can be bothered. Toodles!