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Epilogue – A Year Later

Jun smiled as she entered the kitchen, carrying her groceries in both hands. Jin was secured in a hand-fashioned sling on her back. She put the bags down and twisted the sling so Jin was in front of her, giggling at the sudden transition.

She lifted him out of the sling and supported him on one hip as she pulled the sling over her head. He played with the sleeve of her shirt as she did so, his tiny hands gripping and twisting the thin material. She tossed the sling onto the table and sat Jin down on the other chair, securing him with rails that she had fixed on. He giggled again, lightly hitting the smooth edges of the rails.

"Hush, Jin," Jun said, smiling. "I'll only be a moment."

Jin put both hands over his mouth, his smile wide. Jun ruffled his hair, before starting to put her groceries away. When she was done she hoisted Jin out of his chair and went into the living room.

The coffee table had been moved from its place in the middle of the room to against the wall, a soft carpet spread out in the middle of the room. Jun put Jin down on this carpet and he started pulling up fibres instantly, his brown eyes wide with glee.

Jun sat back on her heels, watching Jin play. He was so much bigger now. His wide brown eyes, so like Jun's, observed everything that was presented to him with interest and wonderment. His black hair, which Jun had allowed to grow without cutting, was growing into a spike behind his head. Only a few strands seemed to be affected by gravity, and fell over his forehead in a small fringe.

Jin turned and held his hands out to Jun, opening and closing his hands. He made a tiny urgent noise in the back of his throat.

Jun gathered him close to her, her arms enclosing him gently. He sighed happily, resting his head on her shoulder and leaning against her. One hand lay on her breasts, the other hung loosely by her side. His fringe tickled her cheek.

She turned her head and kissed his forehead gently, closing her eyes and rocking him back and forth. That love inside her, that huge undeniable emotion, welled inside her again. She smiled, her lips still pressed on his forehead, and he returned the smile.

"You're so like your father, Jin," she whispered against his skin.

He closed his eyes and his lips pursed as he fell into a quiet sleep. His soft breaths blew against her neck. She supported him with one hand, her other hand lightly stroking his hair. His body was hot against hers, his heart beating in time with her own.

She opened her eyes and pulled her head back slightly. Jin's eyes were closed, a very slight smile on his lips.

A dark feeling pressed on her and she gasped, her hands tightening on Jin's body. He stirred uncomfortably, his eyes opening and staring accusatorily at her. Jun shushed him absently, her eyes darting around the room. The feeling was so completely and utterly familiar that she let out a quiet sob.

Jin woke up more completely, making a soft noise of concern. Jun looked at him, her tense face softening. She gave him a quick kiss on his forehead, but he didn't settle back into her arms. Instead he pushed himself away using his hands, looking more fully in her face.

The dark feeling intensified slightly and she shivered. Jin put his hand on her cheek, his fingertips resting just beneath her eyes.

"It's alright, Jin," she whispered, supporting him. "It's alright."

He seemed soothed by her words, but she was still apprehensive. Her heart was beating a little bit faster, but her stroking of Jin's hair was gentle and calm.

She bit her lip, and glanced towards the door.

The dark feeling increased with every second that passed, and she felt cold trills run up and down her back. She let Jin relax against her again, soothing him with soft words and gentle touches. His soft, sighing breaths against her neck did nothing to dispel the anxiety growing in her with each passing moment.

"It can't be," she whispered, cradling Jin close. She rocked him back and forth, staring hard at the door to the kitchen. She bit her lip as the darkness suddenly increased triple-fold, and there was a loud knock at the door.

Jin was startled out of his doze, and Jun quieted him before he started crying. Jin stared at her, confusion evident on his small face, the face that already looked so much like Kazuya's.

Jun paused, comforting Jin as she thought. She analysed the darkness pressing on her, trying to decide whether or not to go and answer the door. The knock came again, the sound loud and sharp. Jin didn't jump as much this time, but he still looked up, making a small gurgling noise as he did so.

Jun set him down on the carpet, smoothing his fringe down as she did so. He held his hands out again, but she shook her head.

"I'll be right back, Jin, I promise," she whispered to him, kissing his forehead. He lowered his hands, still staring pleadingly up at her. She kissed him again, and walked into the kitchen. She paused in front of the door, her hand resting on the doorknob.

She pressed one ear to the door, trying hard to hear who it was. She heard a frustrated sigh, and the knock came again. All she could gather from that sigh was that it was a man standing outside. Who it was, she didn't know. She cursed the fact that none of her windows overlooked this door.

She took a deep breath, and opened the door.

Her stomach flipped over and she felt tears burn in her eyes. Her heart leaped into life, thumping so hard she feared it would burst out of her chest.

She put out one hand and the man took it, his long fingers wrapping around hers. Her smile was wide, her tears not detracting from her obvious joy. Her whisper was filled to the brim with emotion.

"You came back."

The End

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