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I was sitting on my brown leather couch waiting for a turn on my computer. Aang, this nerdy Asian kid from school that followed me everywhere, was using my computer because he didn't have one at home and our teacher, Iroh, had assigned us to work together on this project about some Mayala people. I, personally, thought that all Asians had the latest technology, but apparently not. He is a disgrace to his nation. I shook my head at the History book I was "reading".

Now, I was mad because well, first off:

My parents were being such bitches about having Aang over. I explained to them that I didn't like him at all, but the stupid hoe-s were all like, "He's not one of us" and blah-di-blah like that. I tried explaining that he was coming over to do a project that we were both assigned to finish and that if I didn't do it with him then we'd be looking forward to a D for the semester.

They still wouldn't listen.

And I mean, I showed them a picture of Aang. He wasn't ugly or anything but he wasn't that much of a looker. I mean, if he took off the glasses messed his hair up a bit, then he'd be okay looking. His hair really annoyed me, I mean, dishevel it every now and then. What can it hurt?


My parents made me promise not to bring him over while they were out of town for the weekend. I promised while crossing my fingers behind my back. I was totally psyched about getting them back by racking up a bill on their credit card, but I couldn't get on the computer because the nerd was "searching for facts". Seriously, who does that?


It was pouring cats and dogs outside. I hated the rain. It was wet and slippery; totally not my element. I liked being on the ground.

I was getting seriously ticked off because I was itching to look for that new Marc Jacobs bag before they were sold out. While thinking about an idea to get him off of the computer, I got an idea! Ironic, right?

I folded up the bottoms of my black v-neck t-shirt and tied it off just under my chest. Lowering the green shorts I was wearing down to just above my hips, I couldn't help but feel just a tiny twinge of guilt for what I was going to do, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get revenge on their overly prejudice parents. I took off the headband that held my hair up in my signature bun and let it fall over my shoulders.

"Hey, Aang?" I asked.

He turned around and his eyes widened in shock and his breathing hitched.

"Y-yeah, T-Toph," he managed to spit out. I could see it in his eyes that he was mentally reproaching himself for sounding so stupid. Especially when I looked the way I looked, which was hot.

Okay, stop thinking about yourself and get that nerd off of that computer! screamed the all too impatient freak in my head.

"I was just wondering if you needed any…help. Because, I'll be glad to help you with anything," I said in a hopefully seductive voice. I've never really done anything like this and I was nervous but I was the Master of Masking Your Emotions, so I figured it wasn't really a problem.

He gulped.

"W-what's wrong with y-your shirt?"

I looked at myself. "Do you not like it?" I pouted.

He waved his hands nervously, "N-n-no, that's not it! It's just that it wasn't like that ten minutes ago."

I leaned back on the arm of the couch and fanned myself. He was staring at me with such wide eyes that I began feeling a bit self-conscious of myself but I brushed that thought aside. I really wanted that bag.

"I was really, really hot. You don't mind do you? You seem a little hot yourself." One corner of my mouth lifted slightly into a lop-sided smile.

He pulled on the neck of his t-shirt.

"Temperature is a high. But I'm fine."

"Let me turn it down a little." I got up and swayed my hips a little more with every step I took. I could feel him staring at me as I got up one my toes to pretend to turn down the thermostat. It was sixty degrees in my house, was he really getting that heated up?

I turned around and expected him to keep looking at me but his back was turned and he was typing something into the computer. This just served to piss me off even more. Here I was trying to get him off my computer and he just ignores me!

No one does that to Toph Bei Fong.

I walked over to him as he pulled up a tab for something about the history of a Quetzachop. I put my hand on either side of him and pressed my chest into his back. He jumped a little.

"You know," I tapped my fingernails on the wooden desk. "When I said I'd 'help' you with anything." I got down to whisper in his ear, "I meant, anything." I took my hands off of the desk and trailed them up his arm, which, much to my surprise, was really muscular. You wouldn't think that a guy like Aang would have muscle, but apparently I was wrong about that too. When I got to his shoulders I trailed them down his chest.

How long has he been working out for? It's definitely paying off.

When I got to his waist, his breath was coming in short, shallow gasps and I could see that his hands were frozen in their position on the keyboard. I stuck my fingers through the little loopies of his pants and tugged on them just once. He shot up from the computer and began putting his stuff in his bag.

"You know what I'll just work on this at the library or at Sokka's house. I'll email you what you need to memorize. Bye, Toph," he said in one breath.

"Wait, Aang!" I hurried after him and tied my arm through his. "I'll walk you out." I smiled and tugged him along as he stammered an unheard reply.

I opened the door and automatically I wanted to recoil from the wet weather. Why my parents never put a tarp over the door, I'll never know. Aang had already walked outside and off the steps when I called out, "Wait!"

The little nagging voice in my head was reminding me what a bitch I was being, so I wanted to show him that I really did appreciate all the work he was putting in this project. I mean, since I wasn't going to really do anything, he deserved to know that his work was being appreciated.

"What?" he yelled.

The rain was making it hard to continue with a decent conversation so I motioned for him to come towards me.

"Yeah?" he asked in better hearing range.

I put my hands on his shoulders and brought him down to where I was so I could say into his ear, "Thanks for all your hard work, man. I much appreciate it."

When I pulled away he put his hands on both sides of my face so that I'd look at him and said, "Your welcome. I don't really mind doing the work. No offense but if you did help…well, I don't want to fail."

He smiled and I felt really uncomfortable. Maybe I played it up a little too well.

He was about to pull away from me when all of a sudden some sort of spark went through my lips. Did he just kiss me? I saw his shoulders jerk (possibly from the electric shock?) and he let go of my face and practically flew off the porch.

Did he seriously just kiss me…




The last part was a total "Kill John Tucker" moment. Don't worry, the next chapter will explain it, but if you've seen the movie then you can probably guess what's going to happen.

This was just some random idea I had and I wanted to write it down. And after writing this one, I got another idea! They just keep on coming.

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