Demon Chronicles

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Chapter I

The sun was shining brightly through the open curtains of the large classroom windows. Toward the front, a teacher was lecturing; something about the structure of an English sentence or something, but hardly anyone was paying attention. Those closer to the doors were packed up already, waiting eagerly for the bell to ring, signaling the end of the school day. Those closer to the windows were gazing out at the asphalt one floor below, watching those students who left during the last period walk happily out of the school, wishing that they were amongst them. Some toward the middle of the classroom were staring absently into space as others rested their heads on their desks and slept.

Kaori Sato was one of those others. Her arms were crossed on her desk, her forehead resting on them. Short, light blond hair covered whatever part of her face that wasn't covered by the black hooded sweater she was wearing. She wore the same uniform as everyone else did: white t-shirt with a red bow around the collar, a dark red skirt, and black shoes. She was tired. She was bored. She desperately wanted to go home, but most of all, she just wanted to sleep.

Unfortunately for her, however, as she drifted into the world of sleep, something that felt strangely like a rolled up workbook tapped her shoulder. She groaned in protest and waved it away. Then, there was a loud crack of something hitting her desk, and an annoyed males voice shouting, "Sato!" in a brisk tone, and Kaori lifted her head with a start.

"What?" she snapped. Blue-green looked up to whoever had spoken, only to find that it was in fact the teacher himself, holding a rolled up workbook in one hand and hitting it against the other to an invisible rhythm. "Mr. Kurosawa,"

"For once, Sato, keep your head up and pay attention," Mr. Kurosawa snapped. He again tapped her head with the workbook. "And take that hood off,"

Kaori rolled her eyes and pushed the hood off her head. Her hair was out or place, and she ran a hand through it quickly in an attempt to smooth it out. "Listen to yourself talk, Mr. Kurosawa, then tell me to pay attention in your class," she said lazily as she rested an elbow on the desk and propped her chin on her hand. "Besides, you make it seem like I'm the only one not paying attention," she gesture around the room with her free hand. Some of the students were watching them now, others gazing absently into space.

Kurosawa opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by the sound of the bell. Instantly, chairs screeched against the ground as people pushed them back and rose from their seats. Kurosawa sighed and walked back to the front, quickly assigning them a reading assignment. Kaori made a mental note of it as she picked up her bag and walked toward the door. "And Sato," he added as an afterthought. She stopped, hearing her name, but didn't look at him. "Fall asleep in my class again and you'll wake up in the principal's office,"

Kaori lifted a hand to signal her acknowledgement. "Gotcha," she said simply. She yawned and exited the classroom. She walked quietly down the hall toward the buildings exit, and barely put her hand on the door when she heard someone behind her call her name.

"Kaori, wait up," The lazy voice said. Kaori pushed open the door, allowing the warm air from outside to enter the cool building, and turned. A tall, blond haired boy approached her from the staircase on the other side of the building, walking patiently. He was two year older then Kaori at eighteen years, attending his last year of high school. The boys name was Ichigo Sato; Kaori's older brother. He was the oldest of the family, and naturally, his hair was dark brown, but of course, being the rebel he was, he dyed it bleach blond. It was even lighter then Kaori's. His eyes were an ashy grey, a trait inherited from their father. He held his backpack lazily over one shoulder, and in one hand, he had a set of car keys.

"Hurry up, Ichigo," Kaori said to him. "We've got to go meet Kari so we can leave." Kari was short for Hikari, Kaori's younger sister. She was twelve; four years younger then Kaori, and the two looked surprisingly alike. They all went to the same school, though the buildings were separated by grade type: elementary school, Middle school, and high school.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Ichigo said. He held the door open with a hand and Kaori stepped out into the sun. "It's not like she's going to go anywhere without us,"

Kaori looked at her brother with a raised brow. "With Hikari, you never know," she said as she walked. Ichigo frowned a bit. He knew his younger sister had a point. Still, he shrugged it off.

They walked only a few minutes before they found the girl sitting on a bench in the schools courtyard. She wore a school uniform similar to Kaori's, though instead of red, it was blue. She caught sight of them and stood before walking toward them. Hikari was almost literally a miniature version of Kaori. Her hair was blond, cut short, but tied in pigtails on either side of her head, making her look younger then she actually was. Her eyes were a combination shade of green and blue, like Kaori's but they were more green then blue.

"What's your plan today, Kaori?" Ichigo suddenly asked once Hikari had reached them. Kaori looked at her brother for the briefest of moments.

"Oh," she said. "Uh, I've got to go to the book store, buy a book for Language." She answered. "I'll walk home,"

"You sure?" her brother asked with a jingle of the car keys. Kaori put a hand on her hips.

"I'm sure," she said firmly. Ichigo shrugged and turned away.

"Alright, whatever. Let's go Kari," he said as he began walking. "and be careful on the way, got it Kao?" He shot a look over his shoulder, smirking. "And remember, you see any dogs, don't run unless you want them to chase ya,"

"Bye Kaori!" Hikari said, following their brother. Kaori stared at him with a sudden fury. She hated it when he brought up her fear of canines. Of course, she was frightened for good reason. When she was six, a dog tore her right hand to shreds when she'd attempted to pet it, and since then, she's acquired a deathly fear of the creatures, as well severe nerve damage in the hand. She rolled her eyes and turned away, walking in the opposite direction

"Stupid," she hissed under her breath. "He's so annoying! I can't stand it!"

"Well, ya know, big brothers tend to be like that," a different, females voice said from behind. Kaori smiled a bit, recognizing it instantly, and twirled around to walk backwards. The girl she was faced with was roughly her height and stood tall, her head raised. She had long, light brown hair tied in a ponytail with eyes to match, and wore the same uniform as Kaori. She played for the school's soccer team, and definitely looked it. Her name was Airi Kyouma, and was proud to say she was one of Kaori's closest friends. "Especially yours as we both know,"

"Ai-ri," Kaori said in a sing-song voice. Airi giggled.

"Kay-or-ee," she responded. She took several large steps to catch up to Kaori, and at that moment, the blond turned around with a light laugh. "So you going to the book store?" Airi asked.

"Uh-huh," Kaori answered as the two walked out of the school. "I've got to get that book a book for Language class,"

"That'll be fun," Airi said sarcastically. They walked in silence down the street for several minutes, then, with a much more playful tone, she spoke again. "So I heard Mr. Kurosawa got mad at you. Fall asleep again, you bad girl?" Kaori gave her a grin.

"Not intentionally," she said quickly, looking at Airi. "I mean, listen to how he walks. It's so monotone! And he singles me out, as if I'm the only person not paying attention in class right?"

She gave off a light 'oof' when she suddenly collided with another person walking in her direction. She staggered back and looked up, about to apologize. However, her words caught in her throat when she saw who she was facing. It was a boy she'd never seen before, no more then a year older then her, but several inches taller. He had white hair, though it looked strangely natural, and light, gray green eyes. He wore a dark red t-shirt with a black jacket over it, and blue jeans. His shoes were red converse, covered slightly by the hem of his pants. A black backpack was slung over his shoulder. He was pretty attractive.

"Hey," the boy said harshly. It was at that moment that Kaori noticed the annoyance in his eyes. "Watch where you're going, you klutz,"

Kaori felt a sudden wave of fury wash through her. This boy may be attractive, but he was a definite jerk. She was about to speak, but Airi beat her to it. "Hey, jerk, she's not the one who should apologize," the girl said with a hand on her hip. "You bumped into her, or did you forget?"

The boy looked at Airi and blinked several times. Then, a sudden smile crossed his face and he turned his attention to her. "Hey, you're pretty cute," he said. His eyes looked her up and down once and she stepped back, annoyed. "You look pretty athletic too,"

"Back off, creep," Kaori said to the boy. He looked at her and rolled his eyes as he reached into his backpack. From it, he extracted a single, yellow book with strange characters in the front.

"Calm down, klutz," he said to her. He handed the book to Airi. "Hey, can you read this book?" Airi hesitated for several moments, looking at the hard cover. Neither she, nor Kaori had ever seen anything like it. She took it and flipped it open.

"Uh… no," she stated. She turned the book upside down and tilted her head. "What language is this? Hebrew?"

"Well what language do you read?" the boy asked. Airi ignored him and closed the book, then handed it to Kaori. The blond girl took it and looked at it. "If you can't read it, I'm pretty sure the klutz can't," he pointed out.

Kaori stared at him. "You're the most annoying person I've ever met," she snapped. "I'll bet I can read it," she flipped the cover open and turned a few pages in search for a legible page. She frowned. If she couldn't read it, she'd look like a complete idiot. Then, she found something.

A few pages from the beginning, there were words with different color writing; yellow instead of green. Her eyes narrowed as she gazed at the words. Were they… glowing? She touched them, searching for some form of heat, but there was none. Kaori decided it must be a trick of the light. "Can you read it?" Airi asked. Kaori looked up suddenly, as if pulled from a trance, and gave a brief nod. She looked at the boy, who looked back with mild surprise. Then, he put on a poker face and crossed his arms, leaning back a bit so he was standing at his tallest.

"You're bluffing," he said. Kaori's brow furrowed angrily and she put a finger to the words.

"I'll read them right now!" she said. The boy's eyes narrowed the slightest bit. "The first spell…"

"Stop!" the boy said quickly as he stepped toward her and reached out toward the book.

"Jikir!" Kaori finished. The boy shifted his hand, holding it just to the side of Kaori's head. Kaori could feel a strange concentration of energy there, and then, it was released in a powerful beam of wind. She cringed, not expecting it, but didn't move. Airi stepped back in shock.

"What the hell was that?!" The soccer player shouted. The boy pulled his hand back and gazed at it.

"Wind," He stated calmly. He looked at Kaori. She was holding the book open in one hand, eyes wide. "My name is Uzuki, Hayate Uzuki," he stated. "Lucky for me, you're my partner," he spoke much more sarcastically now. Kaori blinked at him. What the hell was this boy talking about?

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