It reminded me of that poem I'd read awhile ago...

"Some say the world will end in fire, some in ice"

Living between the crossfire of these two elements has taught me that either would suffice. I was caught in a deadly storm of hail and brimstone slowly beating out what remained of my empty existence. This dance the three of us shared was slowly eating away at me until there would be nothing left. My feet couldn't keep the beat anymore, trying to keep with the pulsing, electric rhythm governing my nonexistant heart. I stumbeld day after day, move after move, the notes faltering in my hands. It wasn't fair! I didn't get angry when I had to share Axel with Roxie, why was it wrong I loved Vexie? Axel had become unbearable after he'd been gone on a mission nearly a month and come home to the sight of Vexen and I making out on a couch in the basement.

"Anyone but him Demyx..." he'd told me. It's my life dammit, why did Axel care if I loved someone else too? He did! Why was he allowed and I'm not? Just because he doesn't like Vexen doesn't give him the right to be an asshole. He had no right to control how I lived my life.

The fights began as they always did, Axel throwing Vexen around antagonizing the scientist to make him fight. Vexen refused, saying Axel was a selfish, immature child and a bunch of other big words. Then the flames would fly and Vexen's cool skin burned. He screamed and I cried. Axel bled from Lexy's massive fists delivering punishing blows hard enough to make blood spurt out his nose. A part of me wanted to cuddle Vexen and ease his burn. Another part of me wanted to throw my arms around Lexy and beg him to stop beating my lover. No matter what happened or how many times they fought, I still loved them both so much.

I didn't hate Axel for being a jerk.

I didn't hate Vexen for being cold.

I hated myself for loving them.