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Chapter 1

- - - I looked out my window it was hot outside. I could tell by the people walking and fanning air to them selves. The air conditioning was on at full blast inside my home. I had gone tired of watching the television. I wanted to go outside and play like the rest of the twelve year old kids where. I couldn't though; I was allergic to the sun. I would get rashes or worse faint if I stayed too long under the sun.

"Diana come on it's time to train"

My aunt Deidamia was teaching me how to defend myself. But what did I have to defend myself from since I was always inside my home? Aunt Deidamia and I went to a room which was wide and empty. There I found two other aunts. My aunt Xanthe and my aunt Galena.

"Remember what I taught you, hit where you see an opening and were you can make big damage"

I nodded and grabbed my kendo stick as my aunt grabbed hers. My aunt Xanthe was cheering for me and my aunt Galena seemed more worried for me. I managed to land some blows but it was not enough. I had to move faster and protect myself at the same time. Too much to keep up with. Our training was cut short when the maid came in.

"Come Lady Diana, it's time for your medication" said the only maid working for us, we headed for the kitchen.

"Why do I have to take my pills if I'm not even outside?"

I sat myself in a stool and waited for her to take out a bottle of pills. She also took out a syringe and filled with a dark red liquid.

"What's that? Is that new medication?"

The maid didn't answer me, she just handed me two dark red pills and a glass of water I gulped down the pills. I sat still as the maid injected me twice on each arm. I winced and tried to hold in my tears, I hate needles. I wanted to talk to my mom and ask her if this new medication was going to be able to let me go outside and play without worrying about itching or fainting.

I ran to the second floor of my home but only got half way before I started to get dizzy. A feeling of sickness and a bad taste in my mouth hit me at full force…then everything went black.

- - - I woke up to the smell of dead roses. I sat up immediately but felt a hand push me back to the bed. I turned to my right and found my mother sitting next to my bed. Her hand moved away the bangs from my eyes.

"We should go get your hair cut. How are you feeling, sweetheart?" asked my mother smiling down at me

"Okay, mommy the injections I got…can I go and play outside now?"

I asked eagerly, my mother's smile disappeared I could read sadness in her eyes. I knew that look. It meant I couldn't, that I had to keep waiting. I had waited twelve years already. I might as well give up now my childhood was gone.

"No sweetheart, I'm sorry but you had an allergic reaction to the injections that's why you fainted" she hugged me

I hugged her back. I wondered why my mother was upset, was I hurting her by being weak? I took a closer look at my mother to find the answer to my question but instead I noticed small details I had ignored before. Mother looked pale, her rosy cheeks weren't there like they had always been it seemed like she hadn't slept.

I turned my gaze towards the tinted window and noticed that the sun was setting which meant the in a few hours I could go out to the backyard. My mother must have noticed my attention had drifted to the window. She turned me around and begun to brush my long dark gray hair. When the moon was shining brightly outside, my mother and I headed out to the backyard. We sat down in a pair of chairs and the maid brought some tea.

My aunt Xanthe and aunt Deidamia were training. My aunt Galena must have gone home to her coven. My mother stood up and I followed suit, approaching me she placed a necklace on my neck and bend down so we could be at eye level.

"Keep this key with you always and hide it under your clothes"

I nodded. I looked at the key, a very strange key. On the top it had a crescent moon and a bat. I tucked it under the collar of my dress.

It didn't take long for my aunts to leave. They were going to come back tomorrow to continue my training. My mother and I went back inside the house.

"Good night mommy"

"Good night Diana"

Next Morning!

- - - A loud scream was heard throughout the house. Diana jolted up to a sitting position on her bed. She heard another scream. Scrambling out of her bed she ran out of her room and what she saw next would be engraved in her memory for the rest of her life.

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