Alice's POV

As I drive around this dark town of Forks, all I ever seem to notice is the road in front of me. Never bothering to acknowledge the trees lining the side of the road. But today, something was different. As I clutched the wheel of the Volvo, staring out ahead of me, I came to a bend in the road. Something was pulling my gaze towards the thicket to my right. It was in the fall season, and the leaves had either changed from orange to brown, or had fallen off. The leaves never stayed on the trees long in Autumn, considering it always rained.

Anyways, so the road was deserted, except for my car. As I was saying, I came to a turn. As my car edged its way on the curve, I kept my eyes focuesed on the woodland. Something didn't seem right. I blinked, and I thought I had seen something strange. I pulled over the car and stared out my window for some time. Then, I saw it.

Between the group of trees and fallen leaves was a small child. Holding my breath, I thought for a moment the child was dead. Easing my way out of the car, I stepped around it and creeped up behind the child. It was a girl with short blond hair. She was small and her clothing was torn. She was barefoot, and curled up on the ground, hugging her knees to keep warm. She was faced away from me. I couldn't see her face. But I could hear her sobs. Watching the poor child, I took a step closer. My foot cracked a wet stick. I gasped. The little girl stiffened and whipped her head around, facing me.

"G-go away!" She said in between sobs. Her face was red and tear-filled, and her hair was filled with leaves and twigs that seemed to have been gathered in her hair for quite some time. I took a few steps forward, holding my breath.

"I, um...Sweety, what are you doing here?" I asked, in the best "little kid voice" as possible. I had forgotten what it was like to speak down to younger children. The little girl just got up and backed away slowly. Her dark eyes twinged with fear.

"No...she sent you didn't she!" The little girl said, in a shaky voice. I was confused.

"Um, who? What do you mean?" I asked her. I half expected her to break into a run, but she didn't Instead, she bent down on her knees, cupped her face in her tiny hands, and started to cry again.

"No!...Don't...don't take me back...I...No!!" She said in between more sobs. I was confused, and yet sympathetic at the same time. My hand reached for the scarf that was around my neck. I came closer to her with every step I took. I unraveled the scarf from my neck and bent down to place it over the young girl's shoulders. I sat next to her, the wetness of the ground seeping into my jeans. I wrapped one arm around her.

"Don't worry, I won't." I said, almost in a whisper. The girl just looked up at me, and kept crying. As I observed her state of being, I noticed for the first time, she had bruises lined all the way down her arm. The big grayish purple blotches covered almost all of both of her arms. On her forehead, was a large red scar. She wore a white nightgown that was tattered and dirty.

"You..." she pointed a skinny finger at me. "You're lieing, aren't you?" They always do." Her face turned mad. I stepped back.

"I'm not! I swear, I..." I was at a loss of words. I stood up from the wet ground. The little girl stood up, and backed away slowly from me.

"I don't trust a word you say!" She exclaimed in a child-ish scream. Her dark eyes as angry as a blazing fire. "FINE! I'll go back, but I DON"T need an escort!" The girl turned away from me, and dashed through the other side of the woods and onto the back roads. I watched her in silence until she was out of sight. My mouth hung open.

Back in the car on the way home, I had turned the radio on quietly. The song that was on was called Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. I had heard the song before, but this time, I actually listened to it. Digested the words slowly as it played. The song got me thinking about the little girl. Confusion overcame me as I thought about her. As I approached a red light, I closed my eyes for a few seconds. as the song came to an end. A vision was forming in my mind.

"Where have you been?"

"Nowhere! Leave me alone!"

"Young lady, I am your mother and I say-"

"You're not my mother, you drunk cow!"

"What did you just say!"

"OW! Mommy! Stop!"

"Stay there. I'm going to start the stove!"


"Why don't I just beat you right now, you little brute! The rode is in the oven! It'll be on you in a bit!"


Alice jolted up. She was shaking in fear. The image of the little was too much. She had to do something.


A/N- This is my first attempt at a Twilight fic, so tell me how I did. I HAVE NOT READ PAST NEW MOON- SO PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME! Oh yeah, if anyone has any name suggestions for the little girl, feel free to tell me.