Candy Canes, Fruitcake and Mistletoe for Christmas
Chapter 1
By Captainkodak1

Sighing softly as Ron's hand cupped that special place on her back Kim nestled herself into Ron's chest. Placing her head in that special spot on his shoulder she settled down for some serious snuggle time. Her fingers danced along his chest as she closed her contented eyes.

"Ronnie, are you sure that Hana is asleep."

Ron nodded.

"Yep KP, Rufus and I made sure we played all her favorite games today. She could barely stay awake to eat supper. She'll sleep through an earthquake. Speaking of earthquakes, feeling like making the earth move?"

She shivered as Ron's other hand caressed her cheek. She always marveled at how soft his touch was. She had seen him split a tree in half with the same hand. She had seen that same hand scratched and bloody hanging on to a rock while it supported both their weights. She has watched from her spot as she lay on the ground as he defeated Warhok and Warmonga. His hands were awesome weapons when he wished them to be. Some of the other girls at school shivered when they thought of those rough hands touching them and asked Kim how she could stand it. Kim would always smile and not say anything. They would not understand just how soft his touch was with her. It was the caress of the softest satin. It was the caress of love that she was still learning the depth of.

"It's just as cool that YOUR rent's allowed you to stay over here tonight. Are you sure that your dad is okay with this?"

Kim giggled as she thought back at the expression on her dad's face when her mother said that it was okay that Kim could stay over at Ron's. Before her father could say a word her mother turned to him and reminded him that she was over 18 and had just finished her first semester at college with Ron. They both had not taken advantage of the situation of being away from home and they were both responsible adults. Kim silently thought of the time Ron's RA had taken that certain time for a surprise room inspection. Both she and Ron had been in a "compromising position". The RA, who was in the ROTC program simply snapped to attention and snapped a salute to the both of them. With a "Well done and carry on" he had turned and left the room. Later Kim reminded Ron to leave the little but well known reminder hanging on the doorknob to his room least they have another surprise interruption.

"Yeah, I think mom had to take his blood pressure later to make sure, but I think he trusts us, at least a little bit. What do you say we take this to another level?"

Looking down Ron watched as Kim raised her head to look at him. Those glorious green eyes caught him in her gaze. He swore the heat in the gaze would melt steel. His heart did a flip as he returned her gaze and gave a little growl. Within a moment her lip took his and the temperature in the room went up about 10 degrees. Her hands moved down his chest and caressed his waist as his hands slid down her back to cup that wonderful bottom of her. His hands each grabbed a handful and he gently squeezed as her pulled her closer. A squeal under her breath told him that he had just started her motor and put her in first gear.

Her hands raised up and slid under his shoulders as she pressed herself against him. Slidding one leg in between his she settled down against him. Softly he moved his hand up her sides to just under her shoulders his thumbs brushing against some soft flesh. Moaning as she shifted into second gear she started to work on the side of his neck.

Ron's hands moved higher and between them as he took the sides of her face in his hand and brought her face in front of his Pushing herself up, Kim let her hair hand down in a auburn curtain around their heads. Ron's hand moved back down as she sighed and closed her eyes as a shudder ran through her body as she felt herself move into third gear. A smile crossed her face as her eyes borrowed into his. One move move and it would be overdrive time. She waited in heated anticipation as Ron started to move and then .....

"Be Be be BEEP"

They both froze as the temperature of the room dropped to just above freezing.

"Be Be be BEEP"

Kim growled as she rolled to the side and grabbed the device hanging on the back of the couch. Smashing the activate button on the device the screen came to life. Wade's face came up on the screen. He had his hand over his face while he waved a small white flag with the other.

"Please don't kill me. The Kimmunicator scanned the room before it activated so I know I am in deep trouble already. So please don't tell my mom I deleted all the broccoli recipes from her on line recipe book. It's just that Dr. Director wanted me to alert you for a mission."

Kim and Ron sat up as they adjusted their clothing.

"A mission. Come on Wade! Christmas is two days away! What type of idiot villain would make a move on Christmas?"

Wade split his fingers open to see them looking at him. Their faces told him he was really dead meat if he didn't have a real REAL good excuse for the interruption. Wade dropped his hand onto this keyboard and started to type.

"It appears that three new villains have decided to make their move now. They want to take over the world by taking over Christmas."

Kim and Ron looked at each other.

"Take over Christmas? Are they nuts?"

Wade grimaced.

"That not all of it. Wait till you hear what they are calling themselves."

Kim shut her eyes.

"Why do I get the feeling I really don't want to know?"

Wade typed on his computer then settled back.

"Missile Toe, Kandi Kane and Fruit Kate."

Kim rolled her eyes.

"You SO have to be kidding!"

Wade shook his head.

"Sorry Kim. They have set themselves up a lair on the outskirts of Upperton. GJ has a hovercraft waiting. Dr. Director said to be careful. Christmas is just day away."

Kim groaned as she stood up.

"Then why didn't she send Will Du?"

Wade grinned.

"She did. They found him later, encased in candy, and weighing 20 lbs more than he did before. Apparently Fruit Kate believes everyone likes fruitcake and fed him some. Dr. Director said he gets hysterical if he evens smells the stuff."

Ron smiled.

"Fruitcake, now that's a special treat."

Screwing up her face, Kim turned to Ron.

"EEEwwwww Ron. Fruitcake is like....good for a doorstop."

Ron got dreamy eyed.

"Well, to me fruitcake is the food of the Gods."

Kim shook her head.

"Tell them we will be right out as soon as we change."

Ron hesitated.

"Kim, I'll need to call Monique or someone to come watch over Hana."

Kim hesitated.

"Okay tell you what. I'll go ahead and scout the area. You come as quick as you can."

Ron turned and raised a pointed finger. Kim rolled her eyes.

"I will not break in without you there and I'll will not take them by myself. I WILL wait for you to get there."

Ron nodded.

"Okay, now let me call Monique, better yet contact Sensei. Now you be careful."

Kim gave Ron a kiss as she headed out the door.

Humming softly, the hovercraft hovered over a large warehouse on the outskirts of Upperton. A rope snaked down to the roof and a dark figure rappelled down the rope to the top of the building. After unhooking from the rope Kim gave the crew chief the signal that she was clear. The rope was pulled up as the hovercraft disappeared into the night sky.

Kim activated her Kimmunicator.

"Wade what did a scan of the area show?:

Wade typed into his computer.

"I can't get a good scan inside. They seem to have something that blocking me. Kandi Kane uses henchwomen, but Missiletoe and Fruit Kate don't. So there could be about eight people in there. I can tell that there is a lot of power being used."

Kim bit her lip a moment, then started to pull out her grapple gun.

"Keep scanning Wade. I'm going in to check things out."

Wade scowled.

"Didn't you promise Ron that you wouldn't do that."

Kim looked around and pointed to an open skylight.

"I am NOT breaking in. They left a skylight open. I will not take them on, and I will wait for Ron. I'll just wait inside while watching them."

Before Wade could comment Kim slipped down inside the skylight and used her grapple rope to lower herself to the floor. It was dark on that end of the warehouse. She had seen some of the villains standing around some equipment at the other end of the warehouse. They had to be Kandi Kane's henchwomen. They had on white tight suits with red stripes looking like live candy canes.

Kim slipped to the floor and made her way around the stacks of boxes. The sweet smell of mint filled the air as she moved to a place where she could see. The henchwomen seemed to be mixing something in a large vat at that end of the warehouse. Looking around she could read the writing on some of the boxes. They all were baking supplies. Someone was planning to bake a lot of something. Then she thought of the Fruit Kate name. This was seriously getting weird. She stepped back into the shadows. Now, she could make her way back to the skylight to wait for Ron. It was then she felt the presence of someone else. One thought crossed her mind.


Silently, Ron approached the warehouse from the side. He had used the Sloth to get there after Yori had suddenly appeared to take care of Hana. Now his eyes traced along the roof trying to spot Kim. When he could not see her his eyes fell on the open skylight. He grimaced as he pressed the call button on his own Kimmunicator.

"Wade, please tell me that Kim didn't do what I think she did."

Drumming his fingers on his desk, Wade studied his ceiling as he waited for a few seconds. Then he faced Ron and shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay, I could tell you that, but I would be breaking the promise to never lie to either one of you."

Ron scowled.

"When did she go in?"

Wade glanced at his screen.

"About 15 minutes ago. There is some type of shielding so I can't get a scan on the inside. She has not called in since she went in."

Ron shook his head.

"Well, I guess I'll have to check it out. Do you have another way for me to get in without using the skylight?"

Wade nodded.

"Yeah, there is an air vent that was listed by an electrical service to be repaired. They worked on it today but didn't finish. The vent is open so you should be able to slip in."

Ron nodded.

"I think I'll send Rufus in to check things out first."

Ron reached the air vent.

"Okay Rufus, you're on."

Rufus jumped out of Ron's pocket and saluted. Ron patted him on the head.

"Okay little buddy. Kim is in there somewhere. I need to know where she is and if she is okay. Now no snacking until after the mission."

Rufus grumbled as he crawled into the vent and entered the building. Ron waited for a few minutes, getting more worried by the minute. He could hear sounds from inside the warehouse but nothing clearly. He COULD smell peppermint very well. Whatever was going on inside they were really cooking up something.

Scampering across the top of the boxes, Rufus reached a point where he could see the other end of the warehouse. The sight in front of him caused him to stop for just a moment before he turned and ran to get Ron. He hoped he could get Ron back in time.

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