I hurriedly ran down the street. Snow was falling and it turned out that it really was going to be a white Christmas. But this year I would be spending it alone. The only one in the Halliwell Manor that would have to spend it alone. Paige has Henry and Piper has Leo. Then there is me. The one that has been all about love but unable to ever find it.

As I thought about things to do this Christmas I didn't see where I was going. Before I knew it I had walked right into something tall, dark, and handsome. Little did I know he would soon become the most annoying person I had ever met.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" I said as the man turned around.

"No, please don't be sorry." The man said as he turned around. "I'm Coop, by the way." He said holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Phoebe. I don't mean to be rude but I really have to get going. Sorry again!" I said walking in the other direction.

"You too. Hope to see you again soon." I heard Coop say from a distance.

I continued walking down the street, but for some reason I couldn't get Coop out of my head. I have no idea why though. All I did was walk into him. That doesn't mean anything. Although after all my years of being a witch I have realized that everything happens for a reason. But this couldn't mean anything. I've walked into people before and I've forgotten about them. Then why now can I not get Coop out of my head? Yes, he did have an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes, but I'll never see him again anyway. It was San Francisco there are a ton of people here. I'm positive I won't see him again.

I arrived at my apartment building and to my surprise Coop was sitting on the stairs.

"Hi again." He said as he stood up and followed me inside.

"Hi there." I said strangely. I knew that I had never seen him in the building before so why was he here now? I walked to the elevator and got inside, Coop followed.I tried ignoring him but that turned out to be more difficult then I had hoped.

"How's your love life?" Coop asked suddenly.

"What?" I exclaimed."My love life? As far as you know it's pretty fantastic at the moment." I couldn't believe this guy.

"Well I just figured with you being a Charmed One and all that it might be sorta of difficult to have a romantic relationship with anyone."

I looked at him. He knew I was a Charmed One, yet I knew he wasn't a demon. I looked at him and suddenly I realized. It couldn't be. Why in the world would he pick me to help. I don't want to deal with this. I have enough problems as it is.

"Your a cupid aren't you?" I asked looking at him.