So just to let you guys know, this is my second to last chapter for this story, but I am contemplating writing another one or make a sequel about these characters later in life.

For a recap of the last chapter, Harry and Hermoine have come to Ron's and everyone found out about Hermoine's & Harry's secrets and now Harry and Hermoine are together.

Now for my much anticipated chapter.


Ron and Harry were sitting in the family room watching some football game while Hermoine and Ginny were preparing a late dinner for the couples. Hermoine had gotten all the ingredients out and was already chopping up the vegetables for the soup when Ginny put the large pot filled with water on the stove. "So, are you and Harry going to sleep together tonight," Ginny mentioned under her breath as she nudged Hermoine. "Oh, I don't know," Hermoine just blushed, "I'm not sure he's that into me." "Are you kidding," Ginny said in amazement at her friends modesty, "he's absolutely in love with you." "You really think so," Hermoine asked meekly. Ginny nodded and poured the ingredients into the soup. Before long their soup was ready and the four were sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of hot soup in front of them. They said their graces and dug in. Ron tried to thanks the girls for making such a great dinner, but he couldn't get it out with the food he had in his mouth. Harry, on the other hand, was much more sophisticated and finished his food before saying his thank yous. The girls also cleaned up the dinner, so Harry and Ron went back to the couch. After the kitchen was cleaned, Hermoine and Ginny went over sat next to their boyfriends.

"Well Ginny, are you gonna go back to Hogwarts next year," Hermoine asked.
"Probably," Ginny responded.
"Even with Ron not going there anymore," Hermoine questioned.
"Yeah, it will be sad not seeing him, but we still have quite a few breaks where he can come to Hogwarts," Ginny responded quite cheerfully.
"You are going to want to enjoy your last year Gin," Ron added in.
"Yeah, it was quite fun," Harry said lost in thought.

They talked for a few more hours before they finally decided it was time for bed. "Ron and I'll be downstairs in our parents bedroom, but you guys have the whole upstairs to yourself," Ginny told Harry and Hermoine. Ron and Ginny got up from the couch and went into their parent's bedroom and closed the door behind them. "Well, it's time for bed," Harry said half-awkwardly. They started up the stairs when Harry started going into Ron's room. "Hey Harry," Hermoine started. Harry stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Hermoine. Hermoine said nothing, but simply grabbed Harry's hand and led him off towards Ginny's bedroom.

Ginny's room looked much the same as it had the times Hermoine had visited before, but two noticeable things were different. First off, her bed had doubled in size. No doubt bought a new one since she was the only Weasley child left in the house and two, there was an open roomed bathroom at the end. Their luggage was already in the room, presumably that Ginny had bewitched it to take it upstairs. Harry went over to his luggage and unzipped it and pulled out a clean pair of underwear and went towards the bathroom. "I'm gonna take a shower," Harry hollered at Hermoine. Hermoine went over to her luggage as she heard Harry turn on the shower even though he couldn't see him. A few second later and he heard him get in and close the door behind him. She grabbed at the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She reached behind to snap her small bra from behind and let if fall to the floor with her shirt. She pulled her shorts down and let them fall to her ankles, joining her bra and shirt on the floor. She pulls out down her underwear and grabs her penis. She isn't embarrassed by her "secret" anymore. So she starts walking towards the bathroom and goes up to the door. Harry's got his back towards her, so she opens up the door anyways. He hears the door close and turns around surprised to see Hermoine there.

Instinctively, Hermoine leans into Harry and begins kissing Harry passionately as the water is pouring over the two of them. Their passionate kiss goes on for a couple of minutes before the two have to break apart to breathe. Harry's head leans down and Hermoine's back towards his, but Harry's head starts going towards his neck. He starts planting kisses up and down her neck causing Hermoine to begin moaning. Her moans cause him to become "excited" and begins moving down past her breasts with his arms still caressing every twist and turn of her body. His fingers exploring Hermoine's lips and teeth as he continues to plant kisses down her body towards her groin. He comes to her penis and pulls away. He sees it's showing some life, but wants to make her give into him and slowly starts to put herself in his mouth. Inch by inch, he slides her penis into him and briefly chokes on it as she is growing with size with each passing second. Putting as much of her in as he can he begins sucking down on her. Pulling her penis back out of his mouth and back into her. Feeling the warmth of his mouth sucking on her, caused Hermoine to grab the walls around her to help support her weight and caused her to moan even louder.

He kept sucking for a couple more minutes when Hermoine started sputtering out words, "Harr...Harr....Harry.....You.....arrrrre....gooooingg.....", but she could finish her sentence with the intense feelings rushing throughout her body. A few more seconds and Harry knows she can't hold on much longer and sure enough with pure ecstasy running through her body, she shoots shot after shot of her hot semen into his mouth. He chokes on it after a few shots and pulls his mouth off of her and she keeps shooting her cum and it hits him in the face. A few more weak shots later and she has shot her load out. "I'm so sorry Harry," Hermoine said weakly. "Sorry, that was amazing," Harry said licking the rest of her cum of his face, "you don't know how bad I wanted to give someone a blow job." "That was an amazing feeling," Hermoine responded as she pulled Harry into her as their penises banged into each others. They turned off the water and grabbed their towels to dry themselves off.

Meanwhile, Ginny finally turned the water turned off after she had gone upstairs to make sure they were okay. She saw the door slightly opened with a light coming through the door, so she poked her head towards the opening and peered in. She saw Harry on the bed with Hermoine behind him. They were both there naked. "This might hurt," Hermoine explained to Harry as he grabbed his hips. He simply looked back to her and nodded his aprovement. She had gotten her dick to become erect again and positioned himself to enter him. She slowly tried to enter him, but found his body was rejecting her. She kept shoving herself into him causing pain to surge through his body. She kept pulling in and out of her and found herself cumming quicker than Harry had gotten her, but Harry wasn't really liking it. Possibly because it was his first time.

She pulled himself out of her and crouched down on the bed and readied herself for him to enter her. He was ready to enter and caught her off surprise as he entered her asshole. In shock, she gasped, but her gasps slowly turned into moans. Harry found himself sliding in and out of her a lot easier than Hermoine had and before long they both felt like they were ready to cum. Hermoine knew she was about to cum, but couldn't muster any words out and with one strong thrust of Harry, she couldn't hold it any longer as her penis shot out more hot cum onto Ginny's bedsheets. "Oh shit," Hermoine said. Harry simply just looked at her and pulled himself out of her and flipped her over and lied her down on her back on Ginny's bed. Ginny was still watching, but wasn't really disgusted, but she did make a mental note to wash her sheets.

With Hermoine lying there in front of him, Harry had grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders. Just then Ron had touched Ginny's shoulders causing her to jump. She turned around and saw him there and he just grabbed her hand and led her down to the bedroom. "Take my virginity Harry," Hermoine instructed Harry. Harry shoved himself into her, but her virigin walls squeezed down on him. Eventually, they released and he found himself up against her barrier. "I love you Hermoine," Harry told Hermoine as he pushed through her barrier. She winced in pain, but he told him to keep going as she he kept thrusting himself into her. It didn't take long before their love juices mixed and Harry collapsed on top of Hermoine, both panting in exhaustion.

Ron had led Ginny into the bedroom and pulled her close to him. "Why don't we go take a shower," Ron suggested. Ginny simply nodded and she began pulling her clothes off of her while Ron went and turned the shower on. He closed the door behind him and pulled off his clothes. He opens up the door once more to see if the water is ready and closes the door when Ginny comes in. "Wow," is all Ron is able to say. He's absolutely amazed at how stunning she is, from head to toe. "Are you going to join me or what," Ginny asked joking as she started rinsing down. He quickly opened up the door and slid in to the shower behind his sister. He couldn't help but watch as the water started rolling down her body. They washed their hair like they would do if they were alone. Ginny picked up Ron's body soap and popped off the lid and poured a little bit in her hand before putting the cap back on. She rinsed her hands together trying to create a lot of suds and as soon as she had, her hands began roaming Ron's chest. His once skinny build had become muscular with all sort of rises and falls. Her fingers exploring every part of his chest before moving down his body. She stopped before he reached his penis and skipped down towards his legs going from his ankles up.

His toned legs were like jello in between her fingers as her hands slowly moved up his legs and before long her hand had moved up that she was now grazing his balls. A devilish idea came to her mind as he began teasing them causing Ron to moan softly. Her fingers traced over his balls going all around before finally grabbing them in her hand. After a while, Ron got tired of Ginny teasing him, so he rinsed his body off and got ready to, but decided against it as he stood behind Ginny went with the water droplets just sitting on her. He couldn't help but begin sucking on the back of her neck. This surprised Ginny and her gasps slowly turned into moans. As his mouth kept teasing her neck, his fingers kept scraping up and down her body softly. He got tired of just teasing her as one of his hands reached around to grope her left breast. Another shock of surprise went through her as her moans got louder and louder. With a sense of bravery coming over him, Ron sneaked his other hand down her back with one finger tracing her spine until he reached her tailbone. He proceeded farther and with Ron's hand sneaking between her legs, Ginny was forced to slightly spread them. Ron's hand continued to sneak further in between her legs towards her warmth.

Then suddenly, Ginny turned off the water and spun around to face Ron and began another kiss. A passionate kiss that left Ron's tongue exploring her mouth. Instinctively, she forced her tongue into his mouth. Tired of just a passionate kiss, he picked up Ginny bridal-style and nudged open the door. He carried her off to the bedroom and lied her down gently. The light was bouncing off of her body where the water droplets were still lying, after all they hadn't dried off. He needed her. She needed him. She slid herself back off of the bed and got her feet back onto the floor. She turned around and lied her chest down on the bed with her feet still planted on the floor. It was his time. He took a second to look at her ass before moving up to take his prize. He grabbed his cock and put it at her entrance of her womanhood and began forging his way in. She was still tight like the first time they had given up their virginity to each other, so he slowly pushed himself in her. Going as far as he could, he pulled himself back out. "Faster, go faster Ronald," Ginny instructed Ron. He simply nodded as he began speeding up his thrusts. A few more minutes went by as his thrusts began increasing in intensity as well as power and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. He pulled himself out and put Ginny back on the bed.

He got back up on the bed next to Ginny and lied Ginny back down on her back. He knew that if he stuck his cock back in there now, he wouldn't make it to her core before he'd give in, so waited a few seconds by planting kisses up and down her body. He slowly entered her again before quickly speeding up. His thrusts were back to being extremely quick and knew it wouldn't be long before he would cum. At last, one final thrust and he felt his penis release his sperm inside of her body as he felt her juices spilling over his dick.

"I love you Ronald," Ginny yelled out.
"I love you Ginerva," Ron yelled with Ginny in perfect unison.

Covered in sweat and panting in exhaustion, Ron collapsed on top of Ginny. He pulled himself out as his dick was getting soft again. He grabbed the covers and pulled them over the them as he pulled Ginny in close as they fell asleep.


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