Only Warning; this will contain CP (spanking) also mention of abuse and other mature contacts. Don't like? Please don't read.

A spell that would change his life forever… he wouldn't know of his fate before it happened; before the small demon inside took over and replaced the demeanor he shared with the world. Suffering, pain and abandonment would be his undoing. His cold heart wouldn't be able to share love.

Not in the state he was in.

Thirty eight; standing somewhere between 6'2 and 6'3. Dark black hair curtained obsidian eyes. Rumors floated that he served the dark, nothing more then a servant a potions pet. Lost and pathetic, it was true he sold his soul. Something for the time being he wouldn't get back. True enough, an arrogant old headmaster took him back in; something he would never forget.

Severus Tobias Snape.

Alone in his chambers; wasting away with a bottle of fire whiskey. He promised he would never drink. Not after what his father had done… but promises where nothing but mere words unspoken, easily broken, and completely unrealistic. Just like Lilly. Just like the betrayal set upon her. The glass of whiskey shattered in the potion masters fist.

"Drinking, Professor Snape?" An old voice cut in. Snape rolled his eyes. It never did cease to amaze him how annoying the old coot could really be.

"Not that it makes any difference, Headmaster." Unfortunately, it seems I didn't quite drink enough... Snape sighed, wandlessly banishing the mess on the floor-the shattered pieces both new and old.

"Severus, my boy; I hate to see you in such a state. I don't see you at dinner or lunches since he arrived, not that you ever did eat much to begin with-"

"Then, may I ask what the dilemma is?" Snape said standing from the raised arm chair. "Or shall I show you to the door?" Albus Dumbledore didn't move as he watched his young collage suffer to stand on his own feet.

"It makes a difference lad, because you have lost significant weight and not only that but I do enjoy seeing you at the table. I noticed you have been skipping breakfast as well. We are getting worried about-"

"Headmaster." Snape sneered, irritation showing. "It is no secret the others don't exactly care much for me. I understand that, but please do not shove that into my face." Stopping to take a moment of breath, he had to calm down. Shaking his thoughts away, he decided that it was the alcohol. It had to be. Almost in a whisper he looked away. "I beg you; don't push back all the mistakes I've made."

"They do care for you... whether you realize it or not." Albus lost all patience with his employee. "And stop drinking, it's a nasty habit, it does no good, and it will only make things worse-exspeically for you. I know this is about Potter, it's time to move on, Snape. He attends this school now and you will continue to teach him-Sober."

Snape turning ridged at Albus's voice sneered before turning his back on him. "Leave." Not hearing anything form behind him changing, his anger seemed to burst. "Before I do." Still hearing nothing he snapped around. "I-"

The room was empty.

Feeling the abandonment sink in a bit he turned back to his chair and the blazing fire before him. He pinched the bridge of his nose before summing another glass, fresh, and full of poison, which people had the edacity to call alcohol.

He honestly tried to think of any other reason that he was feeling the way he was, by all means the boy was only fifth-teen… but there wasn't anything else. The boy held all the memories of his past. Since he came here, Snape started to drink, in dark hopes that he may forget everything for just a moment, he never did. Never would. It was permanent.

"Yes. It is indeed Harry Potter."

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