A week had past and there been a big change of events at Hogwarts. Many things had been discovered and now most of the school had found out that both Snape and Lucius had been 'de-aged.' Things around the Black 'family' had also cooled down a bit since the adoptions. Life seemed to be going on as if nothing had happened... yet new compactions had begun to surface.

Sirius tried and tried again to talk to Servues and make amends but the boy would have nothing to do with it. He stayed in his dorm room and when asked to do something, he would merely nod and obey. Lucius was one of the only people that Servues would talk to, and as it turned out they became best mates all over again.

"Servues." Lucius asked form his side of the bedroom. "You and I both know that I still have all my memories and spells, and it's been a secret to everyone is so I can attend school... but sometimes I wonder what would happen if anyone was to find out?"

Servues turned over on his side to face Lucius. He was tired and it was well past midnight. "You do amuse me, you know. The stupid and ridicules things that keep you up at night... and me as well." Snape sarcastically added. He sighed. "Lucius even if they did find out they would make you go through school all over again any way."

"It's a little unfair though don't you think? I mean, they let me keep full guardianship over my boy-but no I still have to go through school. Makes complete and utter sense."

Snape smirked. "Just be feel lucky that you get to keep him, you still have a family." Snape's smirk faded at the thought that even Lucius lucked out in the end.

Lucius scoffed. "And you? You have a brother and a father. No- don't give me that look. You know as well as I do that Sirius has been trying his damn best to be your father and you've done nothing but push him away."

Lucius knew Snape better then anyone, and the look he was receiving now was the look that his feelings had been hurt. "Servues, come on you know I'm your best mate but I am mentally and physically older then you still. He cares, give him a chance. Ok?"

"Sure Lucius, sure." Snape gave a weak and fake smile before turning back over and falling asleep. "I'm just lucky to still have you around."


The next day Sirius had been alone in his study. He had taken the position of being the potions professor and was grading a few papers from his first years. His mind and attention was overwhelmed that he didn't notice when one of his dark haired sons crept into the room.

Servues had made up his mind after what Lucius had said last night. It was time to talk to Sirius. So he decided that Saturday morning he would go to his 'fathers' office and finally get it over with, but as he stood there in his presence he felt the same guilt and embassment as he normally did. Embarrassed that Sirius had spanked him and guilt that he was such a burden to begin with.

Sirius pulled away from his papers when he head a small sigh come from in front of him. He looked up to find Servues standing quietly studying his shoes. Smashing his eyebrows together he looked at Servues concerned. It wasn't like him to show up without being called to do so, much less looking guilty.

Perhaps he had gotten in trouble today and was coming to tell him about it? Well, Sirius would have to have a long talk with the boy with whatever it is.

"Servues? What is it that you wanted?" Sirius said in an authority tone.

Snape jumped at hearing his name. "Sorry." He mumbled. Servues was a bit annoyed that his 'father' would use such a mean tone with him.

Sirius watching as his son jumped a bit soften his tone. "What is it again that you were sorry for?"

Just then the door burst open and an excited looking Harry burst through the door. "Sirius guess what... what's going on?" Harry observed the situation and could tell that something important was going down.

"It doesn't concern you Harry, please go up to your dorm room and I'll come up and speak to you. Alright?" Sirius asked nicely.

"Sure thing. I guess." Harry pouted as he walked out the door and shut it. He was about to go to his bedroom when it occurred to him that he could hear thought the door... and that's what he intended to do.

"Alright, go on Servues. What was it that you wanted to tell me?" Sirius asked quirking and eyebrow.

"I'm, I mean..." Snape took a breath and re-started. "I wanted to apologies for my behavior the other week. I was... confused and I-I didn't know what to do okay!" Servues felt the emotions bubble to the surface again as the tears began to roll into his eyes. "And for being such a burden!"

Sirius completely shocked by the turn of events quickly got out of his chair and went to embrace his 'son.'

Servues crumbled into the embrace crying even harder. "You didn't have to take me in!"

Sirius held Snape even tighter then before. "I didn't have to take you in." He repeated. "But I wanted to and I did." He felt Snape tense in his embrace.

"I'm a burden." Snape mumbled. Still the words were still caught by Sirius and he simply pulled Snape away and turned him delivering seven painful swats.

"You are no such thing." Sirius sternly added looking Snape dead in the eyes. "Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Severus whispered.

"Severus, you can call me Sirius or even 'dad' if you're comfortable. I've told Harry as well, and both of you are brothers and I want you to see that."

"Yes, I know... Sirius." Servues said looking at the ground.

Sirius plucked up Servues chin. "Look, it's no secret that you were abused by your last father." Sirius could tell the fear in his 'sons' eyes. "But I am not him. I am your father and a different man, you can always come to me... and I care about you. Is that understood?"

Servues let lose more tears as he nodded his head. "Thank you."

Sirius smiled before patting Servues on the shoulder. "And since I care about you so much, you better pull up your grades before I tan your hide." Sirius smirked as he teased Severus.

"Siriuuus! That's not funny!" Severus complained in a pouting voice.

"Your right, and it won't be funny when you have to go and sit in class on a hard stool." Servues grimaced at that.

"Thanks a lot."

"Just looking out for you kiddo."


That night Harry had gone wondering past curfew. He was confused at what he had herd that day. Servues had been abused as a kid too? They were brothers? Why hadn't any of this occurred to him before?

It was over an hour before he started to hear things. It sounded a lot like whispering but he couldn't figure out where it was coming from. He began to follow the voices when he stopped right before the Slytherin Commen Doors. There Lucius, and was that Snape? It was Snape! What were they doing out at this hour?

"I'm glad things worked out between you and your family Servers. I told you that he cared." Lucius whispered.

"Yeah, I guess you were right." Severus gave a soft smile. "We should get to bed. It's way after curfew."

"Alright fine." Lucius whispered in the password and the door began to open. That's when something snapped inside of Harry and he voiced himself. "Snape!"

Servues jumped as he turned around. "Potter? What is it you want?"

Harry blanked. "Er, I just wanted to talk to you-for a moment."

Snape gave Lucius a glance before he nodded. "Okay."

"I'll see you inside." Lucius whispered before walking inside leaving Harry and Snape alone.

"Well? What is it Harry?" Snape said as he crossed his arms. "Come to try to beat me up? Because I still think that I could take you."

Harry tried not to get angry at Snapes comment and took a moment to respond. "I have something to.."

"I don't have all night." Servues spat, he was tired and he wanted to get some sleep before tomorrow.

"I wanted to confess alright!" Harry blurted.

"Confess? About wh-"

"I did it! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have! I didn't know what I was thinking, something had gotten into me and I just... I just snapped. I couldn't let you ruin anything between me and Sirius and now I realize you never really could-but I... I didn't think. It's just after that letter you made me give Sirius-"

"Letter?" Suddenly it hit him. Snape remembered the blasted thing. He was trying to ruin the relationship... and that's what got him stuck here.

"I'm sorry!" Harry was on the verge of tears. "And then Hermione felt bad and made a spell that would de-age someone, but not mentally. She went and tried it on Lucius so that you wouldn't be alone, and it worked. Please Servues, you have to believe me I-"

"its okay Harry." Snape said calmly. He watched as Harry looked at him shell shocked. "I forgive you."

"Y-You... you what?" Harry stuttered as his mouth dropped open.

"I forgive you." Snape smirked. "Besides, it's the best decision you ever made; I didn't have much going for me then-but I do now. I have a family and an irritating, underachieving, brother with a death wish to deal with."

Harry pulled himself together and couldn't believe Snape just joked with him. Smiling, he retorted. "Look who's talking. I've got a pet snake as a brother."

"Psh. You wish." Snape said rolling his eyes.

"Ah, Come-on you know your the younger little brat." Harry teased.

"Why I ought to-"

"What are you two doing up at this hour?! Do you realize that it is nearly ten till three? You both have school tomorrow!" Servues and Harry both turned to met the eyes of their angry father.

"Sorry Dad." Both boys said at the same time.

Sirius felt his heart sway at the word father, but tried not to let his guard down. "Alright both of you to bed." Sirius smiled giving each boy a playful swat.

"Yes sir!" Both boys sarcastically added before beginning to take off to their dorms.

"Oh, but one more thing boys." Sirius said causing both boys to turn their attention in curiosity. "Make sure to come to my quarters before your classes to get your spankings for being out past curfew." Sirius smirked as both boys looked stunned. "Hey kiddo's, I warned you didn't I? Oh but Harry, bring me your wand as well for your little eavesdropping from earlier."

"What for? What will I use for my classes?" Harry asked cautiously.

"It will be for a different use." Sirius smiled. "Night boys! See you bright and early!"

"Brilliant." Harry mumbled.

Servues shook his head. This family was already proving to be interesting. Empysis on the sting. Snape winced at that, already dreading the morning to come. Still he would take a hundred spankings over loosing his family, because that was the most impotent thing to him now.

END. :)

I wanted to thank you all who have stuck by to catch the beginning and the end of this story. I'm a bit sad it ended here but I felt like it needed to be done. Thanks again! :)