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She moved through the sea of beings, not knowing exactly where she was going. She hadn't known for a long time. Ever since... No! She wouldn't think of it. She had tried to find them. She had searched all over the galaxy for those she called a family, not really knowing if she was searching in vain.

She stopped. A feeling, an ice cold chill made its way into her mind. She had felt this feeling before. But this time, it was different. This time, the dark did not grow, but instead, the light came. It came tentatively at first, but with each passing second, it grew, flooding her every sense, until she was almost inebriated on the almost foreign feeling.

She couldn't think what had happened. When the feeling had come to her before, the darkness had grown. She had quickly learnt that the feeling was a Force-sensitive joining the Force. She knew when Obi-Wan died. The darkness grew, almost encompassing the light until it was impossible to see through an impenatrable wall of darkness. Then when Yoda had died. She didn't think it could have gotten worse, but she was wrong. Oh so wrong.

But if the darkness was going... That had to mean... But, could the Sith really be defeated? She didn't know of any other Jedi who survived who would be able to defeat the Sith. Unless... But surely not...

She suddenly found herself in an alley, away from the crowds. Glancing around, she couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten here.


That voice, so familiar, yet one she hadn't heard or even wanted to here, in almost 25 years. Turning slowly, she came face to face with a blue apparition of her apparently dead Master.

"But - How?! Only those of the light can retain their conciousness after death!"

"My son. He showed me, that there was still good in me." He paused, studying her. "You don't look so good, Snips. Why don't you sit down."

She chose to ignore his suggestion. "Why?" They both knew what she was talking about.

"I was decieved, and there is nothing more to it, than that. I'm sorry."

"But you were the Chosen One!" Some passersby glanced at her. To them it looked as though she was yelling at thin air.

"People can't see me, but they can see you." He avoided the obvious jibe.

They stood in silence for several minutes, neither willing to conceed defeat in the battle of wills that they had gotten themselves into. She finally broke the silence. "This feeling..." She wasn't sure how to continue.

"The Sith are gone. I am dead, and so is my Master. I killed him before I died."

She looked at him, really looked at him, for the first time. "You fulfilled the prophecy."

Grinning at her, Anakin said, "Glad you realise that, Snips!" With that, he disappeared, and she was once again left alone, but this time, she had direction. She would find his son and join their organisation.

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