Detective Conan- What If

Pairing: Shinichi and Ran

Genre: Romance (and some slight Drama Llama)

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan so DON'T SUE ME!!!! Pwease *in a innocent tone*...

Summary: What if when Shinichi first turned back, Ran grabbed his arm and they fell down the stair together? Ran injuries herself and Shinichi is forced to keep her with him as he hides from her father, Heiji, and the others. Will Ran find out, and if so, what will happen next?

What If

By: Aoko Williams

"Shinichi, I brought the doctor. What are are you doing? You should lie down..." Ran said, reaching for the terrified Shinichi.

'NO! I can't turn back to Conan in front of Ran! If I do she'll know my true identity... I can't... she mustn't know!' Shinichi said, falling backwards, down the stairs.

To his surprise in the moment he had started to fall, Ran grabbed his hand, and they tumbled down the stairs together!?!

"R-Ran!? RAN!" Shinichi yelped.

Ran was beside him, still grasping his hand, but her left ankle was bleeding and swelling. She slowly opened her eyes to see Shinichi nervously holding her in his arms. She blushed, but whimpered as pain surged through her body.

"Ow... Shinichi, it hurts..." Ran whimpered.

She tried to get up, but fell into Shinichi's arms as the pain became to unbearable. Shinichi was about to say something, when he yelped in pain. His transformation was still coming!? He heard Heiji and Kogoro shouting and looking for them. Shinichi realized they had to hide or everyone would find out his identity. He quickly picked Ran up bridal-style, and carried her to an empty room at the end of the house. He placed her on the bed and sat next to her.

"Sh-Shinichi, why did you try to escape!? Why are we hiding?" Ran asked, scared.

"Ran, I- AHHH!!!" Shinichi screamed in pain.

"Shinichi, what's wrong!?!" Ran asked, grabbing his shoulder.

"R-Ran, I have to go..." Shinichi said, trying to escape.

Ran grabbed his shoulder and shouted, "Shinichi, you aren't going anywhere! If you try to leave, I'll tell my dad that you tried to do 'something' with me, but you ran out the door when you heard my father."

"You wouldn't!?!" Shinichi squeaked.

"Oh, I would! Besides... it's YOUR fault that I twisted my ankle, tentai-kun!" Ran said, smirking at the shocked detective.

"F-fine, but R-Ran, I... No, I can't let you see it!" Shinichi said, ready to run.

Suddenly he fell in pain to the ground.

"SHINICHI!!!" Ran squealed, trying to stand.

Ran crawled to Shinichi sat him on her lap. Shinichi blushed, but pain continued to rush through his body. He screamed in pain again and realized he could not escape.

"R-Ran... please, don't watch m-me! You c-can't know the truth- AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Shinichi screamed, loudly and fell in Ran's arms like a broken doll. Ran stared horrified at 'Shinichi'...

"C-Conan-kun!?!" Ran yelped, shocked.

"R-Ran, I... I'm s-sorry..." Shinichi whispered, "Please, don't tell anyone and d-don't let my involvement in this case be kn-known..."

With this sad statement, Shinichi fainted in Ran's arms. Ran stared terrified at him, but finally she decided that she'd ask him about the details later. Ran searched for his old clothes and glasses and made him look like normal (ironic, huh?) Conan again. Ran did as Shinichi asked, and afterwards, brought the unconscious detective home. Ran did not tell her father the truth or where Shinichi disappeared to after the case. She took care of Shinichi for the 3 days he was 'sick'.

After his 'cold' wore off, Ran cornered Shinichi in her room (her father was drunk, as usual) and asked him, "Now, Shinichi, I want to know what happened to you, and why you never told me!"

Shinichi was about to tell her, when Kogoro came bashing into her room, shouting something that sounded like, "Ran, {HIC} where's da Shinichi boy with that big {HIC} brain of his...? I wanted to twalk to him. He didn't give me back my cupcake!!! Where's da bathroom?"

Ran stared totally annoyed, confused, shocked, and angry at the same time.

"GET OUT, DAD!!!" Ran shouted, pushing him out of her room and placing a chair under the doorknob.

Shinichi then told her what happened to him and why he didn't tell her. Ran was upset and ready to kill him when she remembered: sleeping next to him in the a bed, holding his hand millions of times, and taking a bath with him!!! Shinichi smiled a scared, "please don't kill me" sort of smile, and then, darted full speed at the door. He tried to get the chair out of the way, but Ran caught him. She grabbed him, carried him to her bed and smiled an "innocent" smile. She then sat right next to him and flashed him an evil smile. Shinichi gulped any saliva remaining down his throat and stared at her terrified. Then she did the most shocking thing he could imagine... She flashed her bra at him!?! Shinichi had no control as hot, red blood shot from his nose like a bullet. Ran then got up, reached for a tissue, and treated his bloody nose. Shinichi moaned at her torture and nearly had a heart attack by his next shock. Ran got up and pretended to get something from her bookshelf. She "accidentally" gave the poor detective a nice view of her panties. Shinichi yelped and felt the oh so familiar liquid squirt from his nose. Ran chuckled and walked up to him.

"Shinichi, I think this might make us even, but I have one last thing to do as revenge, and you darn well better stay here!" Ran said, giggling evilly.

Shinichi sat on the bed, terrified. Ran went into the bathroom with something that suspiciously looked lace. Shinichi was trying to think of anything but her at the moment, but he failed when she came in the room dressed in the most seductive looking teddy he'd ever seen. His face turned red, his nose started to bleed, and if it was possible, he felt a scary tingle coming from his pants. He didn't dare look at his private parts though. All he could do was stare frozen as Ran approached him and kissed his lips.

Shinichi enjoyed every moment of it, but when they released, he screamed, "Are you really trying to kill me!!! No 7 year old is supposed to have a particular part that gets 'excited' at this age!?!"

Ran giggled and kissed him again.

"Shinichi, just consider it revenge and a confession, now be quiet and let me kiss you!" Ran said, kissing his lips again.

Shinichi finally smiled and said, "Heh, this is why I love you, Ran..."

The End

Author Notes: O.K. Sorry if I shocked anyone with the ending, but it really was supposed to be a PG rating. I just thought it would be funny. G2G (Got to go)... thanks and please review.