Detective Conan/Case Closed- What If

Character Pairings: Heiji/Heizo *Not Romantically* and Heiji/Kazuha (Brief Shinichi/Conan and Ran)

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Detective Conan/Case Closed...

Main Summary: A collection of one shots focusing on different 'what if' situations between Shinichi and Ran. (In this case on Heiji and Kazuha as well)

Summary: This takes place after Toyama told Heizo in the car with Kazuha 'asleep' in the backseat that he might like it if Heiji and Kazuha got married. Now Heizo is determined (and Shizuka) to make Heiji the perfect suitor for Kazuha.

What If- Chapter Eleven

Heiji and Heizo have a Small Talk...

"WAKE UP NOW YOU LAZY DOG!" A man screamed at another man who moments earlier was dreaming of happy-go-lucky moments.

"{YAWN} W-WHAT THE HELL, DAD! IT'S 4 IN THE MORNING!" The teenage boy shouted back in protest.


"Fine, I'm up; I'm up, but why are you waking me up this early!" Heiji asked, annoyed.

"We need to do training today, son, special training!" Heizo explained.

"Oh kendo, huh... WE CAN DO THAT WHEN THE SUN IS UP!" Heiji screamed.

"No, this is not about kendo, though sometime you should practice that too. This is concerning your future!" Heizo explained.

"M-my future! What about it?" Heiji mumbled.

"You are almost 18 years of age, which means you will be of the legal age to get married!" Heizo explained.

Heiji froze in shocked and screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! M-MARRIAGE! I'm not even dating anyone let alone planning to marry someone!"

"I have the perfect girl to be yours, and in order to be good enough for her you must learn to act like a good suitor mainly for her father." Heizo explained with a small glint in his eyes.

'I wonder who this 'perfect' girl is... I wonder how Kazuha's doing. She must've been exhausted after all that chasing she did after me. I almost feel bad for not telling her were I was going, but still, I found the murderer and without Kudo's help. Hehe... that felt good. Maybe if I just say 'yes' over and over, he'll leave me alone...' Heiji thought to himself.

"So what do you say? You up for this?" Heizo said.

Heiji wasn't even listening, considering his lack of sleep and mumbled, "Yah, whatever..."

"Great, I'll call Toyama at once and tell him to prepare Kazuha for you..." Heizo said, chuckling and heading for the door.

That statement fully awoke Heiji from his sleep as he shouted, "W-WHAT! KAZUHA IS THE 'PERFECT' GIRL FOR ME! WHAT!"

"Of course, who did you think I would say; Yoko Okino?" Heizo mumbled in a sarcastic but stern voice.

"B-but, but, Dad-."

"No 'buts' now get dressed in this suit, and we'll begin..." Heizo said, about to leave.

"WAIT! Why do I have to wear a suit and why Kazuha!" Heiji asked as quickly as he could.

"Because her father thinks it's a grand idea, and because no gentlemen asks a girl's father for permission to court her in casual clothing. Get dressed at once and soon we will be on our way to her house." Heizo explained.

"WAIT! D-Dad, I don't think you understand! Kazuha doesn't like me that way!" Heiji mumbled, blushing.

"Who cares!" Heizo growled.

"W-well, why would she agree to be courted if she doesn't love me...?" Heiji pointed out.

"... that's an interesting point, but none the less, have you even asked her how she feels about you?" Heizo mumbled.

"W-well, no, but she probably just thinks of me as her friend or like a brother... She can't possibly like me as anything more!" Heiji mumbled, feeling suddenly depressed.

"BAD ATTITUDE! If I had been held back from the fear of rejection, I wouldn't have married your mother, and you wouldn't have been born!" Heizo glared at Heiji in annoyance.

"B-But Dad you're like so brave and would never be afraid of a girl..." Heiji mumbled.

"Heiji, you obviously don't know everything about your father. He was so afraid to ask to court me that he was trembling as he talked to my father..." Shizuka explained from Heiji's bedroom door.

"Mom... is that true, Dad! Were you that scared to ask her!" Heiji asked.

Heizo blushed a little in embarrassment and mumbled, "Maybe and maybe not... Point is: I did and look what has resulted. We're happily married with a smart alec, wannabe detective of a son."


"Listen, if you don't do this, it could effect your future! Think of your children that won't be born if you don't ask Kazuha's father to court her!" Shizuka mumbled.


"Well, do you plan to destroy the Hattori legacy all together by having no children of your own to continue the Hattori line?" Heizo growled.

"Dad! Come on, wait... if you were just going to take me to Kazuha's house and ask her this... why did you wake me up at 4 in the morning!" Heiji growled.

"Because we're training first. We'll go to her house around noon." Heizo said with a smile.

"Wait, you mean I'm not even going to see her till 8 hours from now!" Heiji yelped.

"Yep..." Shizuka said with a smile.

"I can't hate you guys, but I don't like you either!" Heiji mumbled.

"Stop whining and get on the suit!" Heizo commanded.

"Fine, I'm going, I'm going!" Heiji grumbled, grabbing the annoying garment from his father's hands.

"I love you, Son." Shizuka said, teasingly.

"I DON'T!" Heiji growled.

Heiji got on the suit and slowly slithered over to his father who was seated in the living room.

"Okay, Hattori Heiji, future suitor of Toyama Kazuha, is dressed. Now what?" Heiji growled.

"Now we practice what you'll say to Toyama." Heizo said. "I'll pretend to be Toyama, and Shizuka will act as Kazuha-chan for now."

"{SIGH} FINE! But I ain't saying anything lovey-dovey sounding to Mom." Heiji said, glowering at his giggling mother.

"Okay, so first of all. Go in the hall and make your big entrance." Heizo said.

"B-big entrance. It's just Kazuha's pop." Heiji mumbled.

"NO, IT IS NOT! This is the man who raised Kazuha along with her mother since her birth. He loves her and would do anything to make sure she has a good future. You can't just walk in and act like this is any other day!" Heizo explained.

"Fine. Do I need a gift or something, too?" Heiji mumbled, sarcastic.

"We'll discuss that later. Now go in that hall and act like I'm Kazuha's father!" Heizo commanded.

"FINE!" Heiji shouted, walking into the hall.

"Remember, be polite, Heiji!" Heizo growled.

"Got it..." Heiji said, taking a deep breath. 'Okay, Heiji, pretend you are actually doing this otherwise your old man will never let you get a wink of sleep again!' Heiji thought to himself.

Heiji walked into the living room, walked up to Heizo slowly, bowed, and said, "Sir, may I speak with you... in private." 'Kazuha's being played by mom, and I'm not saying this in front of her.' He thought to himself.

"CUT!" Heizo shouted.

"W-what!" Heiji jumped, surprised.

"Boy, the bow was good, but you have to do this regardless of whether Kazuha is in the room. You don't want to inconvenience Toyama by telling him to move." Heizo explained.


"Why not...? Whether Toyama agrees or not, Kazuha's going to find out sooner or later." Heizo explained.

"B-but... I CAN'T DO THIS! Kazuha and I have been friends practically since birth. How am supposed to ask her dad for permission to court her when she's in the room!" Heiji exclaimed.

"Heiji, Heiji, there's only a 50/50 chance she'll actually be there, and if you like her then you've had billions of opportunities to tell her over the years. I'm giving you an official one and you're going to back down? If you back down now, then you will back down facing her directly. I know this for a fact because I was the same way. If you ask her father for permission it will show her how much you actually care by asking her own father which isn't easy, I know. Do you care for Kazuha?" Heizo asked.

Heiji blushed and mumbled, softly, "Y-yes, yes I do. I... I think I'm... in love with her."

"Good then start over. Just remember the worst that could happen is she (or Toyama) will say no. Kazuha isn't the type to reject your friendship so regardless she'll still be your friend." Heizo explained.

"Fine..." Heiji said, going back into the hall.

He walked back out there, same as the first time, bowed and said, "Sir, I'd like to talk to you... It's concerning your... your daughter, Kazuha."

"Oh, really! What about my daughter?" Heizo acted.

"Um...well..." Heiji started.

"Boy, I don't have all day." Heizo said.

"I... I came to ask for permission to court Kazuha." Heiji said, bowing and blushing simply because of what he said.

"I... I see. Okay, Heiji, first, tell me what your definition of courting is so I know exactly what you are thinking..." Heizo asked.

Heiji thought about this for a second then said, "Courting is like dating but with parental vision at all times or dating in groups. We wouldn't be alone under any circumstance except what isn't necessary. Any form of a date would be presented to you before I even considered asking Kazuha, and you would accompany us at the date. That is what I believe courting is."

"Okay, when do you think it isn't necessary for us to accompany you two?" Heizo played along.

"Dating with groups or double dates. Walks to and from school, and trips to Nee-chan... I mean Mouri-san's house. I can go on, but I think that this could be forth considered when specifics are presented." Heiji explained.

"Okay... Heiji, we'll get back to the gift thing in a sec, but continuing on. Heiji, I think what you are asking is mature and very honorable... so I think that I would be fine with the idea of you courting with my daughter, but it isn't only my permission that you need. Kazuha must accept your offer to court as well." Heizo continued.

Shizuka looked at Heiji and giggling like a school girl, said, " Oh, Heiji, you're so adorable. Kazuha would be so lucky to have you!"

Heiji blushed and growled, "Mom, you suck at acting."

"Okay, fine... how about this: Heiji, you ahou, I've been waiting forever for you ask. Of course I will accept your offer!" Shizuka said, suddenly matching Kazuha's pitch and accent.

Heiji jumped in shock and realized that his mother had a small red bow tie in her hand.

"Mom, where did you get that from!" Heiji yelped in shock.

"I let her borrow it." A small child's voice said, evilly behind her.

"Ku—CONAN! Darn it, that's not funny. I thought Kazuha was here. I nearly had a heart attack!" Heiji growled, picking up the shrunken detective by the collar of his shirt.

"Heiji, stop picking on Conan-kun." Shizuka squealed, grabbing the boy who was quietly cackling under his breath.

"I can't wait to see this, Hattori..." He whispered just loud enough for Heiji to hear.

Heiji simply glared at him. Then he suddenly heard a yawn behind him. He spun around to see Ran, looking tired and confused.

"What's all the commotion. It's like 5 in the morning." Ran asked.

"Ask these 3." Heiji growled, pointing at his parents and Kudo.

"Oh, nice suit by the way." Ran said with a smile.

"Thanks..." Heiji said with a sigh.

"Ran-nee-chan, Heiji-nii-chan is going to ask Kazuha-nee-cham and her father for permission to court her." Conan chirped, "innocently".

"Why, you little!" Heiji yelped, chasing after the former-teen.

Conan ran behind Ran and whined, "Heiji-nii-chan is so mean to me!"

"Heiji, don't pick on Conan-kun!" Shizuka whined.

Heiji glared at "Conan-kun" and said, "Hey, Nee-chan, have you heard from Kudo lately?"

"Huh? No, not really. Why?" Ran asked.

Conan started sweat.

"Cause I talked to him recently, and I can tell he really, really misses you. You know I think you should call him. Tell him you wanted to hear from him. I'm sure he'd love it." Heiji said, smirking at Conan.

"I... I don't know. It's 5 in the morning. I don't want to disturb him." Ran mumbled, blushing.

"I bet you he's up. He's always obsessed with that big case of his." Heiji said, still smiling at Conan who was running to find his cell phone.

Sure enough Ran was reaching for her phone when the shrunken detective had grabbed it. Conan ran to hide and picked it up, realizing too late that he had given his bow tie to Heiji's mother. "Crap!" He yelped.

"Sh-Shinichi...?" Ran mumbled, shyly.

Conan tried to get his voice to sound lower. "C-can you hold on for just a sec, Ran?"

"What's wrong with your voice?" Ran asked.

"Nothing, just not quite awake." Conan mumbled, pretending to clear his voice a couple times.

Then he was off toward his bow tie. He hid his phone in the bathroom and quickly snatched the bow tie back from a confused looking Shizuka.

"Sh-Shinichi, you there?" Ran was asking when he finally got back to it.

"Huh? Y-yeah, I'm here, just had to turn off... the TV; I accidentally left it on last night." Shinichi said with his bow tie.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Ran asked, shyly.

"No, it's fine. My alarm clock was going to go off soon anyway." Shinichi said.

"Guess what!" Ran squealed.

"W-what?" Shinichi asked.

"Heiji-kun's going to ask Kazuha-chan's dad for permission to court her! 'Heiji: Hey, Nee-chan, don't tell the world! I'm already embarrassed.' {GIGGLE!}" Ran explained.

"That's cool. How are you?" Shinichi asked.

"I'm good. Today Heiji, Kazuha, Conan, Dad, and I are going on a tour of Osaka. Really, when you have a chance you should take a break from that silly case and we could all go out on a date and hang out." Ran said with a smile.

'I wish it was that easy...' Conan thought to himself. "A date, huh?" Shinichi said, curiously.

"Well, not a date-date, but you know..." Ran mumbled, blushing.

"Yeah, I got you. Yeah, I'll see what I can do. Gotta go, Ran. I'm sorry, but I can't take a break until I get more work done to make up for it." Shinichi explained.

"{SIGH} Fine, bye, Shinichi... I-I miss you." Ran whispered, blushing.

Shinichi blushed and said, "I miss you too, Ran..." 'More then you'll ever know...' He thought to himself.

With that the two hung up and Ran sighed. Heiji smirked when he saw a very red Conan coming out of the bathroom.

"So what did Kudo say?" Heiji asked.

"Not much just said that he was busy as usual." Ran mumbled.

"Don't worry, Nee-chan. I'm sure he'll pop up one of these days asking you out on a real date or something. Within a week you two will be kissing and holding hands like a normal couple." Heiji said smirking at Conan.

"Like you're one to tease us!" Conan suddenly growled, blushing.

"Conan-kun... what did you mean by 'us'...?" Ran asked, shocked.

"I didn't mean 'us'; I meant 'you and Shinichi-nii-chan'." Conan tried to cover up.

"Um... Conan-kun, that doesn't make sense..." Ran mumbled.

"Well, since Shinichi-nii-chan and I get along so well I accidentally referred to myself as him even though I meant him... yah!" Conan tried to explain/lie.

"Oh... whatever; okay, interesting. Well, I'm going back to bed. Conan-kun, you want to join me?" Ran mumbled.

"J-join you as in-"

"As in share a nice comfy bed, snuggling and cuddling with your precious Ran-nee-chan, right, Nee-chan?" Heiji asked, snickering.

"Um... I just meant if he wanted to go back to bed, but if Conan-kun wants to sleep with me, then that's okay too." Ran mumbled.

Conan yelped as Ran grabbed his arm and drug him back to her room.

Heiji simply chuckled as Conan blushed and glared at Heiji.

"What was that all about Heiji?" Shizuka asked.

"Nothing, Mom, so Dad what else must I know before I get rejected by my first love..." Heiji mumbled, annoyed.

"First love! I thought your first love was that girl in Kyoto..." Shizuki mumbled.

"Yah, but I discovered that my first love was Kazuha... I just didn't realize it till she practically spelled it out for me without realizing what she was telling me. Yah, so Kazuha is my first love..." Heiji mumbled, blushing, "Can we just not talk about this?"

Heiji was trained by his father in the art of impressing his first love's father and after: a lot of practices for several hours, blushing, and embarrassing moments where Conan snickered at him, he was dressed up and ready to go. In his hand, he held a bouquet of purple roses for Kazuha and expensive tea leafs for her father and mother.

Toyama couldn't even express the disbelief on his face at seeing Hattori's son, dressed full in a suit with a small wrapped package and a bouquet of roses behind his back. His hair was gelled back and sets in a sophisticated hairstyle; even his dress shoes were polished and free of any scuffs. On top of all this, the young man had abandoned his usual Honda motorcycle for his father's black sports car as his mode of transportation.

Heiji nervously walked up the walkway to the Toyama household. Once he reach the front door, he double checked his appearance, brushed any dirt off of his shoulders, and rang the doorbell. Toyama had watched this all go down from his comfortable spot in is La-Z-Boy chair; the window openned clearly to his right side. Toyama's wife was in the kitchen making dinner, and Kazuha was on the sofa adjacent of her father's chair, watching TV. Toyama, thinking of the usual intentions of this familiar houseguest, asked Kazuha to get the door.

Kazuha hadn't even been paying attention as she had been watching a television show when Heiji arrived, but honoring her father's wishes, she got up and headed for the front door. Heiji nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of who had answered the door.

"KAZUHA! H-hi, how are you doing?" Heiji yelped out, stuttering and blushing.

"Um… I don't know. I guess I'm fine; just getting ready for the sightseeing tour today with Ran-chan, Conan-kun, and Mouri-san. Um... What's up with the get up? We're just sightseeing; it's not like we're going to prom or something." Kazuha mumbled, blushing. 'Not that I don't like this look on him,' she thought to herself.

"Jeez, I knew it looked stupid. Dang it, Dad! I'll get him when I see them again, that sly, fox-eyed man." Heiji grumbled, blushing.

"So… Is there something you needed, Heiji?" Kazuha asked.

"Oh… Yes; I actually came to talk to your father today. It's something rather important." Heiji announced, trying to control his heartbeat.

"Well then, come on in. Kazuha, sweetheart, can you go and make Heiji-kun and I some tea." Toyama insisted.

Kazuha was a little confused at first but listened to her father and went towards the kitchen. Heiji wondered if Toyama could sense what he was about to ask and had sent Kazuha away for his sake. Toyama wasn't quite sure exactly what the Hattori boy was about to ask, but by the blushing look on his face and a bouquet of flowers hidden poorly behind his back, he had a pretty good idea what it might be. Heiji didn't expect for Toyama to guide him towards the back yard and garden, but as he glanced at a confused Kazuha, the heat on his cheeks increasing, he was very much grateful to the older man for making this as least embarrassing as possible.

Once in the backyard, Heiji and Toyama sat across from each other on some chairs on the back porch. It was when and only when Toyama was comfortable that he turned the blushing teenager and asked, "So... What seems to be this 'important' news you wanted to tell me?"

Heiji cleared his throat, caught his breath, turned to the older man, and finally said, "Well, I've come to ask of something important, concerning your daughter."

"I see… I presumed so." Toyama said with a smirk.

Heiji looked at him, shocked. When the younger man had still kept from speaking, Toyama smiled and said, "Heizo is way too stern and serious for his own good. Boy, did your father set you up to this? It seems too coincidental that the day after I make a joke concerning my daughter's future, my old friend's son comes to ask for permission to court my daughter."

Heiji looked at him, shocked and appalled. Toyama then said, "Heiji-kun, don't do this simply because your father told you to. My daughter's happiness means more to me than anything, and it would devastate her if she found out you were doing this simply upon your father's according. If you have anything else to say in objection to this, then say it now; otherwise, please leave."

Heiji thought about this for a second. Then he turned to Toyama and said, "It is true that I was originally doing this to appease my father, but I truly have 'certain' feelings for your daughter. {BLUSH} If I didn't, I wouldn't be trying so hard to appeal to you... Toyama-san, you say that your daughter's happiness means more to you anything, but I can assure you, your daughter's happiness means everything to me. I admit in the past I've acted immaturely and have taken your daughter's company for granted, but your daughter is everything to me. She's my best friend and first love. And because I know she means so much to you, I wanted to do this properly by asking for your permission first."

Toyama thought about this and said nothing for what felt like hours to Heiji. Then he turned his attention to the small package in Heiji's hands. He snatched the gift from Heiji and then proceeded to open it. He smirked at the tea leaves, place them on the table beside him, and said to the still frightened Heiji, "You may do as you wish; you don't need us to attend your dates or watch your every movement. Both of you are almost 18, and I believe I can trust you not to do anything stupid. But believe me when I say this, if you hurt my girl in any way, shape, or form, you won't be on this earth much longer. I can assure you of that."

Heiji shivered but nodded. Getting her father's approval seemed to be enough of a push to give Heiji the courage to tell Kazuha how he felt. He felt a rush of determination succumb him.

Back in the kitchen, Kazuha had watched this scene play out but without being able to understand a single word either of them had said. She never was a good lip reader so other than the occasional mention of her name she was left in the dark. Suddenly, practically as soon as it had started, their conversation ended, and Heiji was headed back indoors.

"What was that about? Heiji, where you taking me?" Kazuha asked, when Heiji suddenly pulled her outside.

Toyama walked past them inside the house to rejoin his wife in the kitchen and showed her the gift Heiji had brought for them.

Heiji made Kazuha sit down in one of the chairs. Then after taking a deep breath, he handed her the roses. When she looked at him confused, he asked, "Do you know the true meaning of the purple Rose?"

Kazuha simply shook her head and absentmindedly stroked the silk-like petals. Heiji then sat next to her and mumbled, "It means enchantment and can express... w-well... love at first sight."

Kazuha looked at him, blushing and asked, "H-Heiji, if that's true then why are you giving these to me... I obviously don't enchant you nor could you have ever {BLUSH} fallen in love with me at first sight..."

Heiji looked at her and softly smiled, blushing. He then asked, "Why not?"

Kazuha's face lit up bright red practically to her ears. She had always dreamed of Heiji possibly loving her, but when it was actually happening, she didn't know how to react. After all, she never thought it would really happen. She tried to focus on answering his question. Finally she stuttered out, "For one, you said your first love lived in Kyoto and gave you that gemstone or whatever it was. Second of all, come on, you think I can honestly believe that after years of wondering 'what if' thoughts of this happening, it would actually come true... I can't, I can't simply believe that my childhood friend has loved me since 'first sight'..."

Heiji felt like this was a knife to the heart. He couldn't tell if she didn't believe him because she was just shy and modest of her own beauty or if she didn't believe it because she didn't feel the same and didn't want to face rejecting him. Regardless, he knew he couldn't fake his way out of this one. He blushed and turned to the confused, blushing Kazuha. He then said, "I told you that I had finally found my first love again, right?"

"Yah, but you refused to tell me who she was... or that you'd tell me in like 1500 years..." Kazuha mumbled, pouting.

Heiji chuckled at this and said, "I'll tell you not only who she is but the full story if you do me one thing."

"What's that?" She asked.

"My request is that no matter what I say, you will not interrupt till I'm done and that you will take it seriously. If you break the rules, I will stop the story abruptly. That's all..." Heiji explained.

"Okay, that's a fair request." Kazuha mumbled.

"So you agree to the terms." Heiji asked.

"Hai..." Kazuha mumbled, slowly.

"Okay... it started when I was in third grade. As you know, we were visiting Kyoto. You were getting ready and I couldn't wait for you, so I headed to the Sannou Temple ahead of you and went exploring around. I climbed onto one of the pillared windows. One of the pillars broke and caused me to fall to the ground and fall unconscious for a little while. When I awoke, I heard what sounded like a girl singing. I jumped onto the same window and stared past the area where the broken pillar once was. What I saw on the other side was... well, I saw a little girl... she was singing the 'temari' song and sang the part of 'Ane-san Rokakku' as 'Yome-san Rokakku'..." Heiji explained, not missing the evident shock that grew on Kazuha's face; regardless, he continued, "She was wearing a red kimono with a pink floral design on it. Her hair was up in two pigtails, and she had a little bit of makeup on her face. She was also playing with a small red ball. I must have admired her for a second or two, but to me, it felt like a millennium. I was young and wasn't exactly sure what love was, but when I looked at that little girl, I'd never felt more astounded and mystified by her natural beauty and childhood innocence. A gust of wind went by, and I looked away, sheltering my eyes. When I looked back, she was gone. I ran outside to find her, but she was long gone. Discouraged, I looked at the ground, and my eyes fell upon a small crystal ball. I automatically assumed that had come from her, so I picked it up and went on my way. I even went as far as to announce that I gotten the crystal ball from my first love in Kyoto in a magazine interview. I was desperate and hoped that the girl might see it. As I learned a few months ago during the case where you were kidnapped and Kudo showed up for a little while, that crystal ball had in fact nothing to do with my first love. It wasn't dropped by my first love nor did it even belong to her. It was in fact a crystal from the forehead of the Buddha statue that had been stolen there in Kyoto. That's why those men were targeting me; they wanted the crystal to complete the statue for sale. When I found out that I was back at stage one and had absolutely nothing to go on, you started singing the 'temari' song, and just like before, you sang the part of 'Ane-san Rokakku' as 'Yome-san Rokakku'… Kazuha… whether you accepted it or not, you are… my first love."

Kazuha stared at him, shocked, and hating the words as if they were venom on her tongue but too determined to chicken out, she whispered, "M-maybe so… but Heiji, I don't expect you to have the same feelings as before… In fact, I bet it disgusts you now, knowing that the supposed girl of your dreams was me. Heiji, please don't do this just because of something you may have felt years ago."

Heiji looked at her, pained and defeated. In the pit of his stomach, he felt the pain of rejection. Then she continued, saying, "After all, Heiji, I don't need your pity."

Heiji looked at her in shock and shouted, pissed off, "Excuse me! What are you talking about? Kazuha, it's one thing to reject me, but why do you sound like the victim here? Do you think I'm doing this because I'm forced to or something? Cause believe me, Kazuha, when I say that's not true at all. I woke up at four in the morning and trained for eight hours to get enough courage to say these words to you... Kazuha, I LOVE YOU, DAMMIT! I have for years, and no amount of time, or whatever it is you think could possibly change me, will do so... Kazuha, I know I've taken you and our friendship so much for granted, and for that, I am so, so sorry. Kazuha, I can't imagine a day without you in my life nor could I stand seeing you with someone else, but if you don't feel the same way, then I will learn to live with this and move on... Because as much is I love you, I want you to be the happiest person on earth, whether or not I am the person blessed enough to help grant that."

Kazuha blushed but couldn't help but smile at the man she had been in love with for years. He was serious; Heiji actually loved Kazuha as much, or possibly even more, as her. Heiji had gotten up during this tangent and hadn't noticed her smile, so her next action totally caught him off guard. She whispered his name, catching his attention; then she leapt into his arms and kissed him squarely on the lips.

Caught off guard, Heiji lost his balance, and the lovebirds fell off the patio and onto the grass below. Luckily it wasn't too far of a drop, so neither were hurt. Heiji simply grunted at Kazuha's extra weight on him. With the wind royally knocked out of him, he could only gasp as Kazuha reclaimed his lips passionately. When he finally realized what was happening, he eased against her and kissed her back with an equal passion. He could feel her arms around his neck and her soft hands and fingers running through his black raven hair. One of his arms went to wrap around Kazuha's waist; the other one went up to caress her cheek. Once they released, Heiji smiled and looked Kazuha in the eyes before asking, "So... is that a 'yes' to us becoming a couple?"

Kazuha smiled and whispered, "Hm... let me think-YES!"

She then proceeded to capture Heiji's lips again. He smiled into the kiss and whispered, "That's wonderful... So that's it. You're mine and no one else can have you."

Kazuha chuckled and nodded but couldn't help but add, "I think any guy I know has probably already figured that out or at least guessed it."

"Good... saves me the trouble of going all Kendo Master on their sorry asses." He said, sitting up. "By the way, I like this position very much."

This caught Kazuha's attention for the first time to their sitting situations; Kazuha was on Heiji's lap, straggling him at the waist. She blushed bright red and yelped at the predator-like sneer on Heiji's face as he pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. She finally managed to push him away and turned around his arms to be sitting more in the center of his lengths than on top of him. She growled, "Heiji, my parents are watching us!"

Heiji blushed, seeing Toyama glare at him while trying hard to hold back a grin at the teen's eagerness to make up for the years of doing without kisses from his daughter. Heiji scratched the back of his head and began to chuckle nervously with a sort of 'oops' type expression on his face. Mrs. Toyama simply giggled and waved at the now very aware or embarrassed teenagers who scurried to hide and escape their audience. Toyama hugged his wife and mumbled, "I'm happy for them, but excuse me, dear, I have a call to make."

"To who?" Mrs. Toyama asked.

Toyama didn't reply; simply dialed the telephone.

"Hi... yeah, bet you were expecting this phone call, Hattori... Yep, he already came and told us both... Yep, we both agreed to it. Kazuha was very much willing to agree... By the way, it's not super important, but I hope you do know that my comment in the car yesterday was originally a joke. Not that I'm against it, but that was quite a rash move." Toyama said, talking back and forth with Heiji's father on the phone.

Toyama couldn't help but chuckle, as did Heizo, as the head police chief said, "You should know by now that I've never been that good at taking or noticing a joke or banter..."

Toyama could simply smile as he hung up the phone and watched Kazuha and Heiji rush inside to finish getting ready for the Osaka trip that day. He watched Kazuha's bright smile as she talked to her new boyfriend, and Toyama felt like a weight had fallen off his shoulders as he admired her happiness. 'Good luck, Sweetheart... Good luck and I hope that smile stays on your face for many years to come.' He thought to himself as he watched the Hattori boy and her get in Hattori's car, and head off to their next adventure.

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