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Learning to Breathe


Chapter 1

Unexpected Guests


I was sitting at the same table that we sat at everyday for lunch. Jessica was rambling something off about how she forgot her project at home, to Angela, and that her parents were going to kill her because it was a big part of her grade. Mike and Eric were talking about how they wanted to go to La Push this weekend and Tyler was volunteering to give them a ride. Alice and Edward were having a private conversation, but I couldn't hear them because of how low they were talking, nor could I read their lips; they were moving too fast. Edward had his arm around my waist and his right hand on my knee.

Suddenly I felt a strange feeling. I've never felt anything like it before. A powerful feeling, and dangerous. Very dangerous. Edward and Alice must've felt it too because they stopped talking and Edward stiffened his grip around me.

I looked around to try and figure out where this strange emotion was coming from. Then I found a fairly large group of kids walking through the lunch room, hands full with their lunch trays. Weaving themselves through the tables and students in the chairs. There were three girls, two looking to be about my age and one looking to be a couple of years younger. Following behind them were four boys, two of them appearing around 18 and the other two looked to be freshmen. They were all headed to an empty table that had been cleared.

"Who are they?" I asked aloud.

Jessica and Angela looked at me as did Edward and Alice. They followed my gaze towards the group.

"You haven't seen them yet?" she asked me raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head in response.

She leaned in to give us the details, "Those are the new kids that moved down here from a big city back east. I have a class with one of the oldest girls. The one with the dark brown hair. She seems really…well…strange. Don't get me wrong, she's extremely nice but, something just isn't right about her."

Edward gave a quiet chuckle and I knew Jessica must've thought something to make him do that. But when he chuckled, the same dark haired girl that Jess was talking about turned her head sharp and looked directly at our table.

I froze in my seat locked on the beautiful girl not able to look away. I was like a deer caught in the headlights. Her friends were taking their seats around the table and she sat her tray down still looking in our direction. Finally somebody called her name and she tore her gaze from mine but I still couldn't look away. Something in her eyes made me terrified. They reminded me of looking into the eyes of James when he was about to end my life.

"Bella?" Alice called me from across the table, lowering her view to try and look me in my eyes. Her voice brought me back to reality. And I looked back at her that terrified expression still on my face. "Are you ok?"

I gained my composure and tried to look relaxed. I failed. I knew it when Edward looked at me and squeezed me tighter. "Um, yeah." I told her staring down at the table.

"What is the dark haired girl's name?" I asked pulling my head up to look at Jessica.

She looked at the group again, "Her name's Katie. The red head boy is Kacey and the other red head girl is Amy they're all siblings, along with the brunette boy, Chris. Now the dark haired guy is Nic, then the blonde girl is Raven and the other blonde boy is, Tyler. They're siblings too. All of them live together in some big mansion with a big technology company owner." I watched her name them all off. I knew that she would know who they were, that was one thing you could always count on Jessica for.

I could see Edward looking at the group from the corner of his eye. He had to feel something too, with the way he was shielding me. Jess went back to talking with Angela and Mike now about the trip to the beach. I looked up to Edward and saw his eyes close and shake his head.

"What?" I whispered, knowing he could hear me.

He leaned down to my ear, "I can't read their minds." He sounded somewhat disappointed, but more than that…terrified.

"None of them?"

He sighed and shook his head.

The big group started laughing and the three of us looked in their direction. There had to be something about them to get the two vampires on edge. I watched as Katie leaned in to whisper something to Nic. He stared at her for a long time and then his expression went blank. I looked back at Alice and Edward and saw that they must've been listening in on the quiet conversation. The girl looked at us again and I could hear a low snarl come from Edward's lips. Alice looked at him with worried eyes and shifted her focus to the others around us to see if they heard him.

The girl turned her head away to resume talking to her friends. I leaned in towards Edward to try and calm him down. It worked as I felt him relax under my warm touch.

The bell for us to start getting ready for our next class rang and me, Alice, and Edward picked up our trays and dumped the food in the trash bins and set the trays on the cart next to the bins. I watched out of the corner of my eye as the other group got up and headed in our direction. Edward took a hold of my hand, and I could tell he was trying to get me out of there before they reached us. Alice followed behind us out of the cafeteria.

We walked in silence to our next class. Alice took her turn down the hallway to her next class. She looked at Edward and he quickly nodded. I watched as she walked away from us. Edward pulled us into our math class. And I took my table that was in front of his table. In every other class we could sit wherever we wanted, but in this class the teacher gave us a signed seating. And unfortunately, I didn't sit next to Edward.

I was turned around in my seat talking to him. Asking him questions about what happened during lunch, "So what does Alice think of them?"

"She doesn't know what's going on. She didn't even see them coming. That's why she was just as surprised as us when she saw them. And me not being able to read any of their minds is frustrating."

I knew how he must have felt because of all the times he's told me about hating that he couldn't read my mind.

"So do you think that they might be…?" I trailed off not trying to say the word with the class beginning to fill up and eavesdroppers were always the closest ones listening to our conversations. I knew he would figure out where I was leading.

"No. They can't be. They all have a heart beat and I could smell their blood." he said looking at me. Of course he could smell their blood, but I knew he could probably smell it better now because it had been a while since he hunted and I could tell as his eyes were getting darker with every passing day. It was a good thing that he was perfectly fine with my delicious scent now. "But one thing I am sure about," he continued, turning his head to the left to gaze out the window, "they are not human."

I watched him as he continued to concentrate on something. Then his posture stiffened and his head snapped up to look past me. I turned my gaze around and saw Katie walk through the door. She walked directly to the teacher's desk and started talking. I realized something then -- the seat next to mine was the only open spot in the class. This was not going to go well. I slightly turned to look at Edward and he had to of realized the same thing.

The teacher handed her a piece of paper and directed her to her seat. Her eyes got wider as she looked toward us. Either Edward was scaring her or she saw where she had to sit. She looked back out the door as if considering running, but she visually sighed and started walking towards me.

I whispered under my breath to Edward, "I'll be fine." That didn't relax his position at all and somehow, I knew it wouldn't.

She reached the seat and set her stuff down on the table and lowered her book bag to the leg of the table. She pulled out the chair and gracefully sat in it. I was wondering if Edward was sure they weren't vampires. She didn't even bother to look in my direction, but I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She smiled at something and then her face went blank again.

Deciding I might as well get to know her better I sighed and relaxed trying not to be scared of her. I looked in her direction, "Hi my name's Bella. And you are?" I already knew what her name was, but it was still polite to ask.

I heard Edward move around behind me which was very unusual for him to be so loud. She looked at me and smiled showing me her perfectly white teeth.

"I'm Katie, Katie Thorndyke." she stated simply.

"So how long have you been here?" I asked trying hard to not start shaking. She was somehow making me terribly nervous and I didn't know why.

"Um…well, we've been here for about five days, unpacking our stuff and getting registered for the school and getting papers filled out. It's a lot of paperwork to fill out when you have as many kids as we do at our house."

"Wow," So they've been here for five days. But I honestly don't think it would take that long to fill papers out and have stuff unpacked. "So how long do you plan on staying?" I know I was playing twenty questions with her, but I wanted Edward to see if he could try to read her mind.

She smiled for an unknown reason and then looked down at the paper in her hand folding it in half, "Honestly, I don't know…just enough time to, um…" she pulled her lips into a hard line, it looked like she was trying to figure out how to say what she wanted to say, "get our job done here." After finishing her sentence she looked back at me. I looked at her eyes and they were a beautiful amber color. For a brief moment, she looked at Edward out of the corner of her eye. I did too and I saw his eyebrow shoot up. She looked away to the front of the class when Mr. Post started bringing the class to topic.

I didn't ask Katie anymore questions the rest of the class time. I figured out Katie was quite smart when it came to mathematics -- she helped me out on a couple of the problems that had me stumped. She also had the neatest penmanship -- next to Edward's -- that I've ever seen. Every once in a while I would catch her smiling at the weirdest of times and sometimes glance back behind us to look at Edward over her shoulder.

Today math seemed to go by rather quickly. Perhaps it was because the entire time, really, I was thinking of why Edward couldn't read their minds. Or how Alice couldn't see them coming. All of these left me speechless and I could tell it had Edward thinking, too.

We walked to English class in silent. Every now-and-then I would glance up at him and begin to open my mouth to ask a question but quickly shut it. I didn't want to upset him by making him go overboard with this whole occasion.

As we were nearing our English classroom I saw the dark haired boy, Nic, and Katie walk in before us. Edward saw them too. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his cool body as we walked.

Entering the class, I saw that Jessica was talking to the new kids and they were just standing there listening to her. The boy had beautiful green eyes that would make any girl just want to stare at them all day. This is probably what Jess was doing. Nic was only a little bit taller than Katie and it was hard to imagine that they weren't related.

Edward switched positions so that he was walking right behind me, but still had a hold of my waist. Obviously he wasn't letting me go anytime soon.

"Bella. Edward." Jess called to us from her side of the room. I looked over to her and she motioned for us to join them. I glanced at Edward and he sighed in defeat. I knew he didn't want me anywhere near the new kids -- until he figured out what was going on, or at least what they were -- but we couldn't just ignore Jessica, because she would make a big scene if we didn't obey. We walked over to the small group and I saw the girl stiffen her pose. They both watched us closely as we made our way across the room.

Jessica looked at Nic and Katie, "These are my friends, Bella and Edward." she told them pointing each one of us out; even though I was pretty sure they could tell who was who.

"Hi." I said simply. Edward just nodded towards them. "So how do you like Forks High?"

They both looked at each other, but Nic was the one who answered, "Well, it's a lot smaller than the school we used to go to back east."

We all sat there in silence and, of course, Jess was the one to break the ice, "So how old are you guys? You look a lot older than us."

"I'm 18." Katie told her.

Nic looked from Katie to Jess, "I'm 18. Katie's two months older than me."

Well, there goes my theory of them being related. Now my new theory was that these two were dating. They looked like they were a couple just by the way that they stared at each other even if the glances were for just a moment. It reminded me of me and Edward.

The teacher walked in the classroom and we took whatever seats were available. I took the seat next to Edward. And I watched as Katie and Nic sat next to each other.

The class went by fast. We all listened to Mr. Quinn tell us about the book report we had to do and when it was due. I already had a book planned in my head and I knew that this assignment was going to be easy. Later, I would have to ask what book Edward was doing his on. Knowing him, he didn't have to read a book just pick one of the many books he's already read, and start writing. This would mean I could spend more time with him.

When I was picking up my stuff I heard what sounded like a low growl and looked over to where the sound came from. Edward looked in the same direction and I stared at the person who I thought made the noise.

It was Nic. Katie grabbed a hold of his arm and he whirled to face her. I watched as she mentally scolded him with her fierce look. Then a familiar saying came to mind -- if looks could kill. Edward slid closer to me as he heard the same thing I did. This had to assure that there was something wrong or different about all of them…or at least these two.

I kept wondering if they were vampires and Edward was just saying this to try and not scare me. But the thing was; they didn't seem anything like vampires. Edward said that they all had heart beats, and they obviously didn't have pale skin like the Cullens, but they were all extremely gorgeous. Then I thought about the possibility of them being werewolves. It could be possible. I had to think of the signs of a werewolf…extremely tall, very warm, and well muscled. Unfortunately…none of them were too tall, but a couple of them looked like they worked out a lot. And Edward would never let me close enough to them to see if they were abnormally warm.

Okay, I thought to myself, werewolves are out of the picture.

Katie and Nic headed out of the classroom. And Edward and I finished picking up our things. I walked out of the classroom with Edward trailing right behind me. Alice was waiting at the door.

"So what was that about?"

I glanced a look at Edward and he looked at me with the same confused look. But he obviously wasn't confused about her question even though I was and Alice could clearly see that.

Alice rolled her eyes, "Why did he growl?"

I looked back to her, "Wait…you mean you saw that happen?" I asked her, stunned, "I thought that neither of you could use your…abilities, around them."

"Well, apparently, I saw something happen." she told us as we started making our way to the doors that led to the school parking lot.

"What did you see, exactly?" Edward questioned her. I too was curious.

"Actually…it's a little blurry, in some parts but I could see them talking about you." she pointed to Edward. "She was telling Nic something about you and that's what made him growl at you guys."

So that growl was directed at Edward. But why? What would that girl say to get him angry? All these questions were going off in my head like fireworks. We walked in silence to the car.

When I got to the car I looked down across the lot and saw the group of kids all talking. They weren't too far away, and I'm pretty sure that if I listened really hard I could probably pick out a couple of words that were being said.

We stopped at our car and just stood there for a little bit; to let all the other students get out of the lot before we took off. I was still perplexed on what was going on with those kids.

"Hey guys!" I heard Jessica call. Walking beside her was Angela and next to her was Mike.

I was surprised that Mike was still coming around me anymore with the knowledge that I was obviously taken. They made their way over to us and our circle grew larger.

"So why was Nic glaring at you guys last class?" Jess asked. So she noticed that too. But she obviously didn't hear the growl that also came out of Nic's throat. She also didn't notice that said growl was directed at Edward and not both of us. I guess the only reason I recognized it was because I was so used to the threatening growling noise that sometimes erupted from Edward or even Emmett.

"I don't know…" I answered.

She looked at Edward and he just shrugged, then smiled from ear to ear. What ever Jessica was thinking today had him in a really good mood. I'd have to ask him later.

"Well, Katie did ask about you, Bella."

"Me?" I raised my index finger to point at myself. Why would she be interested in me?

"Yeah," She paused, "She wanted to know if you two were dating. And I told her yes. She also asked if you knew what you were getting yourself into."

I was taken back by that question, "What do you mean?"

"I asked her that too…she said that Edward just looked like he could get you into a lot of trouble if you weren't careful. But I told her she didn't have to worry because he wouldn't do anything to get you into trouble. At least, I hope not." she told me shooting an accusing glance to Edward.

Katie was worried about Edward getting me in trouble? Why would she worry about something like --

Oh-no, I thought. Could she possibly know what Edward and Alice are? Is that why Nic growled at him? This was not good. This was not good at all.

I looked back to Edward and Alice and they were having another of their private conversations. I glanced over to the group and remembered what Edward had told me -- when a human gets close to finding out or knew what the Cullens were, that meant that they would have to move. So this means that this girl was going to take Edward and his family away from me. At that moment that I thought about the Cullens leaving, Katie glanced at me. She looked at me with those bright eyes but for some reason…I couldn't find any terror in them. Not even from the fact that Edward might be leaving me. I also couldn't see Edward leaving me because of this girl. It was like I just had a bad nightmare and I was suddenly awake. Then Katie did something that caught my breath. She mouthed the words, 'He's not leaving'.

I must not have realized the look on my face was concerning Alice because she was in my face and had her hand on my shoulder, shaking me gently.

"Bella? Bella, are you okay?" She was still shaking me and I came out of it. Now all of the them were looking at me…Alice, Edward, Jessica, Mike, and Angela.

"Yeah, I'm…I'm fine." I told her. I didn't care if she believed me or not because I could not believe what I just saw. Katie was still staring at me and I to her. Edward followed my gaze and the next thing I knew was that I was looking at his chest.

Edward moved in front of me to separate me and Katie's connection.

"Are you sure?" Mike said moving around to face me, "You look like you've seen a ghost." He chuckled a little bit and Edward scowled at him for a brief second.

"Really, I'm fine." I lied again. I knew my human friends would buy my façade but my vampire boyfriend and his vampire sister weren't going to.

"Alright," Mike looked at his watch, "Oh geez, hey we have to go guys." He said to Jessica and Angela. The three of them all waved us good-bye and walked off to Mike's car.

I looked back at Katie and saw that she and her siblings and friends were all getting into their cars.

"C'mon," Edward said grabbing hold of my hand and pulling me close to his stone body. He had his eyes also locked on them too. "We better get home, too."

Katie took one last glance at us before she got in the driver's seat of her midnight blue, Ford Mustang. Edward growled loudly enough for my human ears to hear and luckily there wasn't anybody else around to hear it. She revved the motor and it was louder than my truck, but with the muscle car it sounded like it was the perfect motor. It sounded like it was loudly purring. The dark blue Mustang tore out of the parking lot with a red, Dodge Charger following close behind. Looks like someone else in Forks likes driving fast. I'd hate to see what it would be like if they raced one of the Cullens -- particularly Edward or Alice.

We all got into Edward's silver Volvo and he pulled out of the space and drove down the lot and got onto the road. I could tell we weren't headed for my house -- like normal -- we were headed to their house. Edward probably wanted to talk to Carlisle about what's going on and ask if he knew anything.


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