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"I could stand here for hours

Just to ask God the question, "Is everyone here make-believe?"

With a tear in His voice, He said, "Son, that's the question."

Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?"


"You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds"

By Mayday Parade

I feel alone.

At Hogwarts and at home.

I walk apart,in the shadows at night when the full moon shines,bathed bright in its light.

I feel such hunger in my heart and the urge to yell.

I feel wrong when Victoire kisses me because of all these feelings to rip her apart.

I feel cheated when I look at out of a proper life.I want what they have so badly.

I feel angry when I see my parent's last moments in the pensieve.

I feel angry when I see the way Dad pushed Mum away.

I feel sorrow each time I visit their graves under the fallen leaves of autumn.

I feel envy when I see the way other boys give their girlfriends chaste kisses,because I can't.


I feel loved when I see the bright moon winking out at me.

I feel comfort in my silence,because in silence there is only truth.

I feel the wish in my desire.

I feel the way I'm not just a person but one with many families and personas.

I feel vindicated when I see my parent's last eternal embrace.

I feel the pain and sincerity in Dad's action.

I feel relief to know I'll never truly lose them, even, six feet underground.

I feel complete with Victoire even with all the empty holes I can't fill.

But I'm happy.

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