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"Do you ever wonder why everyone seems to think that were once madly in love or that we have an illegitimate child?" Cuddy asked House in one of their rare moments in her office when they were done for the day.

"Or how about that we're madly in love now?" House asked, a sly grin on his face.

"You know the ones that I love the most?" Cuddy asked.

"What?" House asked.

"The slashes, of course. You know, you and Wilson." Cuddy said.

"Oh, well that's easy for you to say. You have maybe a handfull of slashes between you and Cameron, and well...Thirteen. I can't say that I'm surprised, there was that one time in college..." House said, feeling the impact of her playful slap on his arm.

"Once that happened and I was drunk." Cuddy defended, pouring she and House cups of coffee.

"Cuddy?" House asked from the couch.

"Hmm?" Cuddy asked, passing him his coffee just the way he liked it.

"You think there may be something to this?" House asked.

"I don't know, there was that one super-hot, orgasmic, sexy time that we had together." Cuddy said.

"That we only know about of course." House said.

"Of course." Cuddy confirmed.

"When are we going to mention another sort of innuendo about it?" House said.

"I don't know, they gave me this whole baby arc. I guess I'll run with that for a while." Cuddy sighed.

"At least you have something, when's the last time you've seen Chase or Cameron?" House asked.

"Good point." Cuddy commented.

"Let's feel better." House said.

"How?" Cuddy asked.

"We could write a fic." House suggested.

"About...?" Cuddy asked.

"Wilson?" House asked.

"He's getting old." Cuddy said.

"Figuretively and literally." House said.

"Cameron?" Cuddy asked.

"Too pathetic." House said.

"House!" Cuddy said.

"Oh whatever, you know that girl is a lost little blonde beagle." House said.

Cuddy rolled her eyes and thought for a moment. "What about Chase?" Cuddy asked.

"Okay!" House said enthusiastically, making his way over to her computer.

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