A/N: I didn't think that people would want me to continue. I think I like this story because it gives me a chance to mock the other characters and the story line, even though I'm bitching, we all know that worship the show and I would sell my soul to the devil to know complete background of House and Cuddy. :D(you know you probably would too) ENJOY!

"Cuddy, I bet they'll give you this supremely gorgeous child, despite it's genes." House said.

"Probably so, the baby had this whole Cali-bound dad." Cuddy said.

"I hope you get a Cabbage Patch Doll out of a baby." House said.

"Thank you." Cuddy said sarcastically.

"No problem, now what should we write about Chase?" House asked, looking at the blank screen before him.

"I don't know, what is the essence of Chase?" Cuddy asked, rolling her eyes.

"Noxema and puppy dog pouts." House said, typing a bit.

"What are you writing?" Cuddy asked.

"And Chase grabbed young Cameron's hand at the concert, she looked great in that jean jacket, almost exactly like Tiffany herself--" House spoke as he typed.

"You are not writing an eighties Chameron fic!?" Cuddy said disbelievingly, on the brink of laughter.

"Believe it baby, you can't say I'm unoriginal." House said before continuing onward with fic.

"The Orange Julius!?" Cuddy laughed as she read it from the screen.

"Oh, like you don't remember it." House said.

"I think you remember it a bit too well." Cuddy said.

"Oh fuck this." House said, opening another document and typing straight smut.

"What are you doing?" Cuddy asked, appalled that he would write this in front of her.

"Like you don't know they exist." House said, going on a bit graphically.

"I wasn't aware that you wrote them." Cuddy spat.

"Give me a break, the only action they ever give me I have to pay for." House said.

"Not true, I threw myself at you." Cuddy said.

"Cuddy, I'm broody and complicated. Are you honestly telling me that you weren't expecting that. Besides, had I have a had taken your offer, we'd be out of the job in a season." House said.

"I guess, but you didn't have to have that hooker readily waiting in your office." Cuddy said.

"It's called keeping the viewers antsy, you'd know if your character had actual character." House said.

"Oh, ha ha." Cuddy said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"What color undies are you wearing?" House asked as he paused typing.

"No way." Cuddy said, refusing to divulge the information.

"I'll go with black, it seems to be a fan favorite on this site." House said.

"I hate you." Cuddy said, as she took a seat on the edge of her desk.

"Uh-huh." House muttered.

A/N: I'd shit twice and die(line from 'Sixteen Candles', I'm eighties crazy. Too bad I was born in the nineties.) if I saw a Chameron eighties fic. XD

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