Note: I admire the Twilight Series and the characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer. This is my own version of it that will eventually bring in The Cullens.

So here I was again, my 4th college in 2 years. It wasn't that I was a bad student that was far from the problem. No, I was more of a lost soul. After my parents and siblings died in Hawaii, my dad was a mob boss by the name of Peter Alexander, I took off running and I never looking back. So why the University of Washington? I honestly don't know and it was even stranger that I was two weeks late to start classes. I always managed to catch up quickly though. I had someone in my new apartment complex showing me around and he had two classes with me, Biology and History. Mike Newton, was his name. He seemed nice enough, talked a little to much but I was used to it. I was currently walking with him on campus as we headed to the Biology lab.

Mike- Ok well here we are. Sorry I have a partner already.

Alexis- That's ok. I think I will manage.

Mike- Hey Professor Landon, this is Alexis Alexander.

Mike walks over to his lab partner, Jessica, some girl he knew from High School as Professor Landon gives me a class guidelines as he looks up at the class.

Professor Landon- Would anyone be willing to be Ms. Alexander's partner?

I look up as well scanning the class to see one boy by himself staring at me. His cold eyes giving me one of those if looks could kill me stares as I shutter before someone throws a piece of paper at him.

Student- She can be partners with the freak William Steele, Professor Landon.

Professor Landon- That is enough, Mr. Badillo. Ms Alexander, please take a seat next to Mr. Steele.

Professor Landon points me to the seat where Mr. Steele is sitting. I groan as I see it was at the guy that was sending me death stares in class. Great just my luck, I just start and I get the weirdo in the class that can't stand my guts. I sigh taking my seat as he keeps looking at me. I felt like screaming at him to take a picture or something but I didn't know what to say. I was just flabbergasted at why this guy didn't like me. I keep looking at the clock waiting for this to just get over with and confront him. Finally it ends and before I could turn to confront him, he pushed by me, almost sending me to the floor, as he walks out. Mike walks up next to me, Jessica by his side.

Mike- What was with him?

Alexis- No idea.