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Chapter 1 - Snape....?????!!!!

The flowerbeds were colourful and leafy, the air was warm, and the sky above was pure blue. It was a beautiful summers day. But as the car pulled into the driveway of Number 4 Privet Drive, Harry inwardly groaned at the thought of two whole months with the Dursleys. He heaved his trunk out of the car boot, and dragged it to the doorstep.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the Dursleys behind him, such a screaming and shouting as he had never heard before. He whirled around, hand on his wand, and gaped.

Standing in the driveway was Professor Snape.

He was dressed in what was obviously his attempt to stay as close to wizard robes as possible without attracting suspicion. He wore a black trenchcoat, black Doc Martens, black jeans and a black t-shirt. It was obvious to Harry why Aunt Petunia was screaming. Snape, with his sallow skin, greasy hair, and naturally menacing sneer, looked more like a hitman than anything else.

"Come on Potter, I haven't got all day." Said Snape.

Harry finally managed to shut his mouth. "What, Professor?"

"Dumbledore has decided you are to spend the summer at Snape Manor with me. I will explain further at the house." From his expression, Snape was clearly as happy with this as Harry was. "Hurry up, Potter." He said, shooting a distasteful look at Aunt Petunia's pansies. "Are all your things in that trunk?"

Harry nodded dumbly. He had all of his (very few) muggle clothes in his trunk anyway.

"You carry your owl." Said Snape, taking Harry's trunk. Reaching inside his robes, he pulled out a large golden key. "It's a Portkey. When you're ready, Potter." Harry, with one last look at the screaming Dursleys, took a firm hold of Hedwig's cage and grabbed hold of the Portkey.

The world went suddenly dark, and he felt the all too familiar tug behind his navel. He tried in vain not to think of the last time he'd touched a Portkey. But unbidden, he heard again Voldemort's voice, saw again Cedric's body…

…And then he fell on the ground with a thud.

He was sitting on the ground in the middle of a dark moor. He shook his head, chasing away the memories that assailed him.

"Potter?" said Snape. "Come on, boy, the manor is up there." Harry stood, and they began to walk up a hill. On the top, he could see a huge, imposing building. This, he supposed, was Snape Manor.

Summer with Snape. Two whole months. The very thought was worse than the Dursleys.

The front door of the manor was huge. It was made of mahogany wood, and covered with carvings of famous witches and wizards. Snape took out a large silver key and opened the door.

Inside, there was a huge gloomy hall, with a huge sweeping staircase, which split into two directions halfway up. The hall was lit by candlelight, and Harry thought it looked darker in here than it did on the moor.

"Welcome to Snape Manor." Said Snape. "Come this way. The house elves have opened one of the unused rooms near mine for you to use." Most of the doors were closed and Harry thought he saw a scurrying house- elf. Snape was already sweeping up the stairs, levitating his trunk now that they were out of sight of the muggles.

If we are to proceed with this – this arrangement, and I sincerely hope, Mister Potter, that another place for you to stay can be found soon, we must lay down some ground rules." Said Snape. "First, never enter my room except in an emergency – and I mean a real emergency, Potter – and then knock, please, before entering. I, of course, shall extend the same courtesy to you. Try to keep out of my way and I will keep out of yours. I am a very busy man and I cannot afford to waste time tripping over you. Breakfast is at nine, Lunch at one, and dinner at seven. The house elves shall call you for meals. Come down too late, and you shall be making your own. Stay quiet at night, and above all, do NOT enter the closed up rooms of the house. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Professor."

"This," said Snape, pausing outside a gloomy door "Is my room. Your room is a little further down." He walked on past six or so doors, till he came to a door that was slightly smaller and newer than the rest. "Here is your room." He said, dumping Harry's things on the floor and sweeping away. Harry opened the door and gasped.