The Crossroad Odyssey: Memos of the Other Ketchum

SUMMARY: Start of "The Crossroad Odyssey" series. X-over with Pokémon & Digimon 01/02 co-starring Sailor Moon & Cardcaptors. Ash & two others along with the original Digidestined meet up to travel in time. The time traveling compliments to Sakura Avalon's magic explore the life & times of another the other Ketchum. Relvelations are shown throughout one's past that connects to the present.

Author: Welcome to my special Pokémon/Digimon story with slight crossovers with other anime shows. For intents & purposes of god knows how many fics I'll make of this, whatever anime show I crossover with will all be in the same universe under special circumstances (in other words, it's a large planet Earth after all!). 1 more thing, I'm also gonna use all English names of all characters due to me being familiar with all of them. You don't like, then you don't read it, period! For this chapter, here's simply a little need-to-know basis as well as a synopsis based on the background summary on the back of video game boxes like the Grand Theft Auto series.

Disclaimer: For this informative chapter, I don't own Pokémon or Digimon. They belong to their respective companies along with any other anime shows. The only thing I own is my own OC that you'll know soon enough.

Japan: In this country lie three areas that tell of stories of turbulence, monster sightings, mystery, & heroics. From the cheery streets of Reedington, to Odaiba District, & even the other busy streets of Tokyo, they represent hotspots of unusual activity. Only a handful of residents from each of these hotspots know what's truly going on in their respective area of residence.

UltimaPokétopia: Also known as the Pokémon Isles, it is located somewhere between the U.S. & Japan. In this nation, there lay creatures known as Pokémon that thrive throughout the vast regions & even the waters of UltimaPokétopia. The people who live in this country interact with the Pokémon in their everyday lives & even make a living through their interactions. One could say that this country alone could qualify of being in a different world.

Digital World: A world far different than Earth, the inhabitants there makeup of mainly creatures known as Digimon. Created by computer data as well as dreams of children, Digimon come in all shapes & sizes like their organic counterparts, the Pokémon. Not a lot of humans show up in this world other than a bunch of brave kids whose purposes is to maintain the peace of the digital world.


Overall, there are many, many, many stories in the depths of Japan, UltimaPokétopia, & even the Digital World. Some of these stories link two of these areas at the same time. However, this story changes everything or at least links the three areas of interest altogether. As a skilled Pokémon trainer, David Ketchum always tried to maintain a balance of seeking glory & power in his profession while at the same time protecting the welfare of his family, his friends, & even himself. Being the type of person who is always respectful, friendly, & loyal to his family & his friends, David uses whatever he has from the Pokéballs in his hands to whatever mysterious powers he has to handle the job. However, his duty isn't exactly easy.

Throughout the lands of Japan, UltimaPokétopia, & Digi-World, turmoil has a bad habit & coming out when one least expects it. The evil forces of darkness, whether human or monster vie for domination, power, & destruction in both the real world & the digital world. Evil organizations & monsters of darkness, villainous trainers, old enemies from his family's past, & even his own inner-demons with his outburst feud with his twin brother, & even death stand in David's way as he fight to maintain order throughout both worlds.

Fighting for his life & his reputation as a trainer in an odyssey that cross paths with others whom share the common goal, David seeks to uncover the mysteries of his past life, coming to grips with his morality, & use to his advantage to destroy all whom threatens everything & everyone that he values. At the same time, those same people who know him cope with the changing times of doing things that they want to do & doing things that they have to do.

Author: There, that should create a bit of some understanding. I apologize for not starting the real story yet. I just felt like doing something different & give readers a sample of what's to come. & besides, this is my first time writing my own fanfic. I'll start the actual story in the next chapter as the true interlude for things to come. Anyways, this fic is inspired by the imagination bottled up in my brain as well as great stories from other fanfic authors. Shout-out to these great authors:

Crazy Rikku

Pete the Rock


Caro N

Patrick O'Shea

The Time Traveler


& any other author who makes actual worthwhile stories anime x-over stories. Keep doing your thing!