Chloe: Once more, welcome back to another action/drama-packed chapter. We last left off with the return of Sailor Moon's greatest enemy, taking over the body of one of its biggest adversaries, the Midniteryder a.k.a. David Ketchum. The events of this chapter shall finally connect the past to the present in this epic climax.

Chapter 34

Ketchum Eclipse II: Differential Fraternal Paths

"…some hurts never go away…" -Barbara Gordon, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

"Today is a good day. I came for Alexia, but killing you is even better." –Albert Wesker, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Somewhere in the Sinnoh region of UltimaPokétopia…

Lights flickered in the room as it struggled to remain on. Eventually some of the lights stayed on for good while the rest burned out. What was once a well-functioned room that contained a dark, sinister secret hours ago was now in shambles. Some of the ceiling panels were damaged, cracks appeared on both the walls and the floor, and sparks emitted from the damaged electronic equipment that was in the room. Eerily, a faint, odorless, black smoke covered parts of the floor, refusing to dissipate.

A man with pale blue hair stood in the middle of the partially lit room. His black and gray outfit – a loose resemblance to outfits worn by astronauts – seem to fit well in the seemingly futuristic room. Also much peculiar on the outfit was the yellow-colored "G," which make indicate that the man was a part of some kind of organization. Despite being in such a disarrayed room, the man's stone-like expression was much more focused on what's in front of him. He leered at the damaged machine which connected to it was some kind of broken glass container. Whatever was stored in it managed to escape; and the man was convinced that it escaped by its own volition.

"Hmmm…" The man muttered. He continued to fall into a contemplative brood. 'Why did it decided to break out all of a sudden?' He thought to himself. 'Did it reach its optimum level?'

Suddenly, an electronic door opened yet the man paid no attention as he continued to ponder. A younger man entered the ruined room. Like the older man, he had blue hair as well though in a much darker shade. He also wore a similar outfit that had the same symbol on it. The current state of the room he just entered made him feel slightly agitated, but he was still able to maintain his professional demeanor in front of his leader.

"You called, Cyrus?" The young man broke the silence.

"Status report, Commander Saturn." The man known as Cyrus acknowledged.

Saturn glanced over at a computer tablet he was holding. "The base is still in working order and the only substantial damage 'Subject C' had done was only to this room."

Cyrus finally peered over to his subordinate. "Did you track its location?"

Saturn nodded. "Yes, sir. As you can tell, the subject escaped through the ducts and made its way outside the base. According to the tracking system, 'Subject C' headed west before we lost its signal."

Cyrus pondered on at what Saturn just briefed him on the matter. 'Hmm…it appears that it had decided to go back to that foreign country of Japan…another country with insignificant humans with putrid spirits; just swap out the Pokémon with even more insignificant specimens.' Cyrus thought lowly of the people who live outside of the Pokémon Isles. He then decided on a course of action…

"For now, let me deal with this minor inconvenience, personally." Cyrus declared. "Some of the energy we had extracted from 'Subject C' should be more than useful for our project at the Fuego Ironworks. We shall push forward with our main goal of obtaining both the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb. Is everything ready for your special mission?"

Saturn nodded. "Preparations are complete. Commander Mars and Commander Jupiter are also ready awaiting further instruction."

"Then you may proceed as planned."


Saturn departed the ravaged room, leaving his boss alone once more. Despite claiming that the source responsible for the condition of the room was a minor inconvenience, he knew that it was actually a far bigger problem than he led on to his loyal subordinate. Still, his stoic expression did not reflect the concern he had in his mind.

"That thing…" Cyrus muttered, referring the issue in question. "It was given to me by that woman who proclaims that she is the so-called, 'ruler of the galaxy' for safe-keeping and to help me further my plans from the very beginning. And yet, she and that band of humanoid broads, all but disappeared all those years ago. Is this all some kind of trick…a trap? I fear there is something sinister looming this wretched planet, threatening to ruin my own plans. I must act fast while at the same time keep this matter subtle so my pawns will not be alarmed by what harm 'C' is capable of."

The spiky-haired man pulled out some kind of communicator from his pocket. He pressed some buttons on the screen and glanced at it intently after he finished dialing his contact. On the screen showed a woman in red whose skin was quite pale. Like Cyrus, the woman had on a stoic expression that masked her arrogance and her cold, calculating demeanor. Behind her in the background was a figure in blue smoking out of a pipe while fiddling with his cane, his back facing her.

"May I help you?" The woman asked politely.

"I need to speak to your handler," Cyrus replied, bluntly. "I have a little situation that I need to keep an eye on that could potentially be a mutual threat to our interests if left unchecked…"

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan (hours later)

'Man, this sucks, Poké balls!' Ash screamed in his thoughts as he forced himself to act like a plush toy in the current state he was in.

The raven-haired boy had just arrived in Pallet Town several days ago to visit one of his best friends, Sakura. He hadn't seen her since that gloomy visit to Reedington to help his brother break the tragic news about her boyfriend, Li Showron. After David disappeared, Ash took it upon himself to help be there for his best friend in her time of need. He wasn't actually alone as his good friends; Chloe and Misty were there with him at the time to offer moral support. About a week later, a somewhat gloomy yet recovering Sakura convinced the others that she was fine and that they could go back to whatever they were planning on doing previously. Reluctantly, the three relented. They offered their most sincere condolences to Sakura, caught a plane back to the Kanto region of UltimaPokétopia, and soon went their separate ways.

Out of the three, Ash was the most reluctant to leave Sakura's side as he headed over to the Sinnoh region. For some reason or another, Ash's mind drifted back to both his brother and his childhood friend. He felt very worried for the two of them since they lost someone they mutually cared a lot for. However, he didn't want to make Pikachu worry so he practically masked his concerns toward his next journey. Behind the mask, Ash could not help but wonder how Sakura's doing. He wonder himself why should he still be so worried about her. After all, she convinced him that she was okay, right? Right? Still, the old bond he had with her and her best friend/cousin, Madison never truly broke during the years he spent on his Pokémon journeys, which caused him to regret his decision on leaving mourning girl.

As guilt ate away at Ash, he realized why. He wasn't certain, but the raven-haired trainer believed it was due to his lingering feelings for both Sakura and Madison. In spite of it being a shock to his other friends, who at times seemed to believe Ash was completely dense when it came to romance and that his mind was fixated on Pokémon, Ash admitted to himself secretly long ago that he had crushes on Chloe, Madison, and Sakura. What attracted him to those three was the belief he held that the three girls were very beautiful, both on the outside with their looks and on the inside with their personality. He and David, who was also fond of the three (though mainly with Chloe and Sakura), often competed for their attention as kids during the time the twins actually hung out with any of them. He thought that by now, he got over those crushes as time went by. Perhaps, his old feelings for Sakura resurfaced deep within Ash's emotions that caused him to worry greatly about her.

He was also worried about his brother. Even though they had a somewhat subtle, yet intense rivalry as passionate Pokémon Trainers, they were still brothers nevertheless. He knew that David was the most involved in this tragedy.

The anxiety he sustained from his regret had an adverse effect on him as his mind and his heart was focused more on the welfare of his best friend than on his occupation as a trainer. This started to occur during his unpleasant encounters with his new rival, Paul, an arrogant, cold-hearted Pokémon Trainer who in Ash's point of view treated his Pokémon as slaves rather than as friends or companions. The two didn't exactly click together when they first met and it was only a matter of time before they had their first Pokémon battle on the field nearby Professor Rowan's laboratory. Despite his eagerness to beat this antagonizing trainer, Ash's mind drifted elsewhere.


Sandgem Town, Sinnoh, UltimaPokétopia (many months ago)

In the back garden of Professor's Rowan's lab, Ash and his new rival, Paul were engaged in a Pokémon battle, both trainers were down to one Pokémon each. Though Ash was determined to take this young man down a peg or two, things started to take an odd turn for him.

"Pikachu…" Ash kneeled down close to Pikachu's level. "…I guess it's you and me. Ready?"

Pikachu nodded, a look of determination clear on his face. "Pika! (Alright!)" He chirped, going in to the battle.

"'Kay!" Paul said, throwing his Poké ball. "Standby, Elekid!"

Elekid appeared from his boy, ready for a fight.

"Is Pikachu the one who does Volt Tackle?" Paul questioned.

"Yeah, so what?" Ash answered, wondering why this cruel trainer would even ask that.

"So, nothing." Paul smirked.

Ash raised his eyebrow in mild surprise. He thought he heard a familiar voice coming out of Paul's voice on the last word. He gave it no further thought as he wanted to get the last battle underway. "Alright, Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" He ordered.

Sparks emitted from Pikachu's cheeks as he launched a Thunderbolt at Elekid. The attack hit its mark, but Elekid simply took the attack in strive, acting like it was nothing.

Ash was somewhat surprised that the attack didn't look like it caused a scratch despite knowing full well using an electric attack against an Electric-type Pokémon would inflict only minimal damage. The way Elekid took the attack with a confident look on its face reminded the trainer from Pallet of a Pokémon who had that same confidence when it used to be an Elekid itself that belonged to a certain trainer Ash knew all too well.

"Thunder, go!" Paul ordered.

Elekid waved his arms around like a windmill as he launched a more powerful electric attack at the electric rodent. Due to its high power, Pikachu did feel a stinging sensation, but it wasn't as bad compared to enduring Thunder attacks by Pokémon much stronger than an Elekid. Pikachu slid back a few feet on all fours.

"Pikachu, are you okay?" Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded to his trainer as he shook off the stronger-than-usual Thunder attack shot from an Elekid.

"Of course, there's a reason why I let you go first." Paul remarked, rather smugly.

"Why's that?!" Ash demanded an answer as his best friend chirped in disbelief at his claim.

"'Cuz I'm smart. Elekid and I use the energy from your Pikachu's Thunderbolt to super-charge our Thunder!"

Ash had a look of disbelief on his face much to Paul's amusement, but what he told him was merely a partial reason to why he was looking at him in disbelief. Once again, the first and last parts of what Paul was saying wasn't his own voice, but someone else's. Then it clicked immediately; it wasn't too long ago that this tactic was used against him in a similar way. No, this was the same strategy his brother was using against him and Gary back in Pallet weeks ago that was used against him now in an unorthodox way. Thinking about his brother, Ash couldn't help having flashbacks back to that one rainy night in Reedington. Flashbacks of his brother leaving the Avalon household a broken young man, a deeply depressed Sakura asking pleadingly where David went, and him having to hold a heavily distraught Sakura after telling her what had happened to his brother. He would've pondered further if a certain arrogant voice didn't interrupt.

"Hey, are you just gonna stand there like a gawking idiot, or are we gonna continue?" Paul coldly called out. "Unless you want to forfeit, due to OUR high intelligence we have over you!"

Ash gritted his teeth, angrily on how he keeps hearing some of David's voice in his head whenever Paul was speaking. Was this what his brother was talking about of Sinnoh having trainers that have, "colorful personalities and moronic fools?"

"We'll see how smart you are, Volt Tackle!" Ash yelled, his mind started to split in two between his blind frustrations with Paul and his alleged negligence of Sakura.

Pikachu started charging towards his adversary, his body covered in golden electricity. However, Paul anticipated this.

"Elekid, Protect!" He instructed.

The Electric Pokémon managed to form a green barrier in time, causing Pikachu to slam it and end up flying back from the impact.

"Are we done yet?" Paul mocked, his voice apparently not his in Ash's point of view.

"Pikachu, how do you feel?" Ash asked, his concern for his Pokémon coming first before a Pokémon battle.

His Pikachu managed to recover in time, though he struggled a bit. Due to his previous encounter with Team Rocket attempting to steal him, Pikachu was in less than a hundred percent due to him using his electric attacks earlier. He felt more like about seventy-five percent.

Paul chuckled in amusement of this peon's feeble encouragement. "Give up." He suggested back in his own voice. In his mind frame, Ash could hear David's voice once more, taunting him. "You are weak…too weak for Chloe…and too weak for Sakura!"

"It's not over 'til it is over!" Ash retorted, rage building in him. "Iron Tail!"

Pikachu jumped to the air, his tail glowing white as readied his attack.

"Use Brick Break!" Paul countered.

Elekid jumped in the air and used the side of his arm to karate chop in contact with Pikachu's Iron Tail. The two struggled in the air to break each other's attack off.

"I hate to bring bad news…" Paul gloated, his voice altered once again on the last words.

Ash looked over to his rival on the opposite side. If he wasn't shocked before at what was going on, he was now, though he refused to show it. Over where Paul was standing, a translucent set of strings were attached to both his head and his limbs. These strings were attached to a pair of wooden bars held by disembodied hands just above his new rival. Just above those hands was none other than the disembodied, translucent image of his brother's head holding the strings of his new rival, as if he were a marionette. Now this was getting really surreal for Ash.

"…your Pikachu seems to be all turned around, but Elekid's got a free arm."

Ash gasped, both at what Paul just told him and the fact that it seems like he was battling his brother through a puppet trainer.

"ThunderPunch, now!" He ordered sternly.

"Not so fast, Iron Tail still on the way!" Ash retorted back.

During the struggle, Elekid attempted to punch Pikachu with his attack. Fortunately, Pikachu swung back in time to successfully lay a strike on the Electric Pokémon, sending him back on the ground.

Paul did not look pleased at all at how this turned out. "C'mon! Brick Break, again!" He demanded, in David's voice once again.

Elekid, recovered and readied his arm again while in the air coming towards Pikachu. Ash had to think fast before it was too late.

"Swing around again in the air for another Iron Tail!" Ash quickly instructed.

Mustering what energy Pikachu has in him, he quickly spun himself around with his tail glowing and clashed with Elekid's Brick Break. The two attacks forced them to push each other in opposite directions, sending the both of them back to their respective trainers.

Ash noticed that both Pokémon were obviously exhausted in those exchanges. 'Damn it!' Ash cursed in his head. 'Sorry, I had you battle after what happened with Team Rocket, Pikachu. Sorry that I've been so distracted that I've been very sloppy and reckless with you. Maybe we should've stayed with Sakura until we were truly ready to get back to our Pokémon journey. Even now, I still regret that decision to leave when my brother left so abruptly. One thing's for sure, there is absolutely no way I'm not letting Paul, or David look down on us like we're weak.'

When Ash looked at Pikachu again, he noticed that sparks were surrounding his body. He noticed that Pikachu was glaring at his opponent in determination. Thinking back quickly, Ash saw this move before in the Hoenn region when Gym Leader Wattson had his Manectric used this in his battle against Ash.

"Time to end this!" Paul declared. "Thunder, NOW!"

An idea quickly came to Ash. It was apparent that Pikachu must've learned this move during the Thunderbolt/Thunder exchange. "Pikachu, just stay there and concentrate using Charge!"

"Pika pi, Pikachu pi pika pi Pikapi! (On it! Glad you caught on, Ash!)" Pikachu confidently exclaimed, current building up around his body.

As expected the attack hit Pikachu head-on. However, just like earlier with Elekid, Pikachu simply absorbed the powerful attack like it was nothing as he was using Charge. A yellow aura surrounded Pikachu, much to Paul and Elekid's surprise.

"What is he up to?" Paul narrowed his eyes, suspicion very clear.

Ash noticed that Pikachu finished charging up to the maximum, ready for his trainer's next instruction. Once again, he heard another voice, but from nowhere.

"Thank you for everything, Ash. He heard Sakura's voice. "You truly are a great friend and I love you for it. But, I think I'll be okay now. It hurts. It really hurts in my heart, but I think I can try to move on. Please, don't let me be a burden to you now. Go on and continue your Pokémon journey. Do it for me, do it for your Pokémon, and do it for yourself…"

Those were some of the last words he heard from Sakura before he departed to Sinnoh. 'This is for you, Sakura!' Ash silently called out. "Pikachu, VOLT TACKLE NOW!" He screamed.

Pikachu once again charges toward Elekid, his body covered in golden electricity.

"Such a predictable and pathetic attempt…" Paul snorted. "Use, Protect!"

The familiar barrier surrounds Elekid once more. As Pikachu charged forward, the electricity he is covered in enlarged and its golden coating got darker, intimidating Elekid despite being inside the shield. Pikachu slammed headfirst into the barrier and to the total astonishment of everybody that was watching, including Paul himself, the enhanced Volt Tackle shattered the Protect barrier with ease, allowing Pikachu to slam himself into Elekid, sending him flying at such a velocity that he almost crashed into his own trainer as he bounced off the ground repeatedly until he eventually landed on the floor for good. After the attack, Pikachu breathed in and out deeply, exhaustion very apparent. Meanwhile, Paul looked behind to see that Elekid obviously ran of juice as its eyes were in swirls and his nerves were practically shaken from the impact.

"Elekid is unable to battle, Pikachu wins!" Brock, refereeing the entire match declared. "The winner of this match goes to Ash."

Pikachu quickly ran over to his trainer, who welcomed him with open arms. "Haha, you were awesome, buddy!" Ash congratulated. "How ironic using our opponent's strategy and throwing it back in his face, huh?" He then looked over to where Paul was at, the look on his face obviously showed he was far from pleased as he pointed his ball at his downed Pokémon. Ash also noticed that the translucent image of his brother shattered the moment the Protect barrier shattered as well.

"You're starting to lose it!" Paul coldly criticized in his normal voice, withdrawing his defeated Pokémon back in his ball.

Ash glared at the boy's back, disgusted by the lack of respect this trainer had toward his own Pokémon. Knowing that there was no point in trying to chat with his rival, Ash opted instead to look over to one direction, as if he was looking over the horizon. A satisfied expression faltered to a sad smile as Ash peered across the direction where Japan was supposed to be.

'I did it, Sakura…' Ash stated thoughtfully. 'It wasn't easy going back to what I consider a "normal life," but I did it. I'll be strong for the both of us while you do your best to move on with your life…'

He walked over to his friends and Professor Rowan as he saw his rival walking off in another direction after releasing one of his Pokémon out of dissatisfaction. Indeed, he will cross paths with him again and indeed there could be a possibility that he will continue to be haunted by his brother for reasons only he alone will have to find out.

Despite his victory over Paul, anxiety still followed Ash every now and then, unnoticed to his fellow traveling companions. At times, it distracted him in Pokémon battles especially his gym battles and the field battles he had against Paul. For some reason, when it came to every encounter with his rival, he sometimes either hear David's voice coming out of his mouth or even see that same translucent image of him, antagonizing him and looking down on him. Despite that, Ash pulled forward in his journeys in Sinnoh, determine to make a name for himself there.

Pallet Town, Kanto region, UltimaPokétopia (Five months later…)

"Wow," Ash muttered in awe. "S'big…"

"Pika… (Yeah…)" Pikachu agreed, also in awe.

Ash decided to take a small hiatus from his Pokémon journeys in the Sinnoh region to return to Pallet to check on Sakura and Madison. His childhood friends decided to hang around Pallet for a little while during their summer break. They also volunteered to do a favor for Ash's cousin, Serena by getting him out of his Pokémon journey for a little bit so she could give him some kind of package personally.

Ash and Pikachu could not help but marvel at the Ketchum household, or rather, the Ketchum Manor. What was once a small, two-story house was now a spacious mansion. Having been through major renovations funded by his brother's wealth amassed during his Pokémon journeys, Ash's home now strongly resembled an Italian villa, quadruple the overall size and dimensions of the old house with the addition of a two-door garage. It also had a concrete/metal fence and gate around it, making the front and back area of the house more secured. Just looking at the house from the outside made Ash and Pikachu completely awestruck by its appearance.

"Loving the new home, Ashy-boy?" A pleasant teenage girl's voice interrupted.

Ash was taken aback slightly by the sudden voice and the next thing he knew, a pair of hands gently grasped around his shoulders. The girl's hands help moved Ash around and before he knew it, the girl wrapped her arms around the taller boy's neck going to a strong hug. Ash blushed at the contact, but smiled warmly when he looked down to see a familiar mop of grayish-violet hair.

"Madison!" Ash happily greeted, wrapping his arms in response. "Long time, no see!"

Madison giggled as she broke the hug and looked up and made eye contact. "Definitely!" She replied in the familiar cheerful tone that Ash was used to. "You sure are a pleasant sight for sore eyes." She then looked to Ash's Pikachu, who was also glad to see her. "And hey there, Pikachu! You sure look radiant as usual." Madison cooed as she held her arms out in front of the electric rodent.

"Ka, Pikachupika! (Hi, Madison!)" Pikachu cawed as he jumped to Madison's arms and nuzzle her cheek with his.

Ash turned his attention back to the large building that was supposed to be his home. "Wow, when David said he wanted major renovations done to the house I had no clue that demolishing the old house and making some kind of mansion was what David had in mind. It looks almost as big as your mansion back in Reedington." Ash remarked.

"Well, I guess money was no object to your brother." Madison shrugged. "I wonder how your brother even had the money to fund all this."

'If you only knew…' Ash quietly said in his thoughts.

Often times, Ash deeply envied his brother because of his rapid rise in power that brought in the money he earned. Whether it was the exploits of the UPC adventures all over the world, or the fact that as the Midniteryder he was crowned the Pokémon League World Champion along with other gainful opportunities, David had prospered greatly while Ash was forced to humble himself as part of the top 20 in most of the leagues he had participated in. All jealousy aside, he returned his attention to his best friend in front of him.

"Where's Sakura?" Ash asked, knowing that if Madison was here then so was the auburn-haired teen.

"She's at her house, c'mon let's go!" Madison declared, grabbing Ash's arm and happily leading him over to the Avalon household in Pallet.

-*End of Flashback*-

Ash couldn't help but groan at the events that shortly followed after having Madison escort him to the Avalon home. While Madison was making limeade in the kitchen, Ash decided to surprise Sakura in her room. He was unaware of two things as he surprised the auburn-haired girl in her room: one, he didn't know that there was someone that was with her in her room that wasn't human and two, Sakura was in the middle of doing some kind of spell from a certain book that Ash should be quite familiar with back in the Johto region. The end result was that once again he inadvertently participated in yet another magic spell involving Pokémon by transforming into one…again. He became a yellow, furry Pikachu with his cap remaining on his head, much to his utter disbelief and mild annoyance to Sakura and Madison's cooing afterward.

Of course he wasn't too thrilled on being a Pokémon again, but with Sakura and Madison's cheerful disposition he couldn't stay too mad after a few seconds. Of course he wanted Sakura to spill the beans on why she had what looked like a stuffed animal with wings talking to her and so Sakura explained everything to Ash about her being the Card Mistress of the Sakura Cards and how that came to be. He was also told that his brother already knew about this as well which further explained his relationship with Clow Reed's descendant, Li Showron. On the subject of Li, the cheery tone of Sakura shifted to a more somber tone. Ash couldn't help but feel bad for the girl as she was still trying to move on after the death of her lover. Deciding to change the subject for her sake, Ash also asked about the book she used to make the spell in which Sakura answered that she got it in a bookstore and was simply interested in what it does involving Pokémon.

Now, Ash finds himself standing still on top of a table in a café in a UPC in Tokyo waiting for Sakura to return with some drinks. With him was his Pikachu, who was observing his surroundings in the area. For some reason, he couldn't help but sense some kind of dreaded feeling that made him very uncomfortable. Since his sensitivity of aura had awakened a while back, Ash was more inclined to sense ethereal energies in either a person or even an object. When he was reunited with Sakura with his brother many months ago, he could sense magical powers emanating from his best friend, but decided not to say anything due to situation at the time. However, whatever he sensed was quite a distance away so it didn't bother him a lot.

Sakura, who was walking back to her Pokémon buddies, also felt the same evil force and was looking at the direction where it's coming from.

'Strange…' Sakura mindfully noted to herself. 'This dark feeling is so far away, yet I can still detect it with my powers. And I can also sense other forces that are good. What's going on?'

Little did the two friends knew, the fate of their relatives…and possibly the overall fate of the galaxy hung in the balance once more from far away…


Wearily, the Midniteryder opened his eyes. For some inexplicable reason, he found himself down on his knees in another dimension that was pitch black. As he tried to regain his bearings, he noticed multiple thing immediately: his mask was removed along with his cape and his arms seemed to be shackled to two bright white pillars. He struggled to break free from his bindings, but found himself to be so exhausted that he was unable to utilize the brute strength that he has as the Midniteryder.

David sighed in defeat as he left his arms dangling on the chains. He contemplated the events that happened before his current predicament: he was with his cousin when the ghost of one of her and her friend's Digimon allies appeared in the station and revealed some kind of cryptic message. Next, his spirit started to be visible to every one of the Digidestined. Then, he vanished and found himself immobile in some blue crystal, and then broke out of it. After that, and finally returning back to his own body after a spending long time inhabiting Kari's body, he found himself battling shadowy beings before finally setting his sights on a certain young lady. And then all of a sudden, he was attacked by a ghost from his past and now finds himself in captivity. Oh how cruel fate continued to be towards him!

"Serena…" David muttered, wearily.

To him, seeing his beloved cousin was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of him seeing a familiar face in his own body again. A curse as well due to a reminder of why he hadn't seen her in such a long time…


Tokyo, Japan (One year ago)

"David, what the hell is wrong with you!?" Serena scowled at the boy in question. "You didn't need to beat up those three half to death!"

David scoffed. "Those three pieces of crap, the so-called, 'Invincible Pokémon Brothers' had it coming to them. They're lucky to even draw breath!"

David had taken part in a UPC tournament where the grand prize would be a very large sum of money hence it the tournament was known as, "The Millionaire Man's Tourney." Serena watched in support of her cousin as David swept the competition. His final opponent was one of those cowardly trainers he encountered years ago: one of the 'Invincible Pokémon Brothers,' Kim. It became apparent that despite the type disadvantage, David's Magmortar had the upper hand against Kim's Tentacruel. In a cowardly attempt to turn the tables against the dark-haired teenager, Kim called for his brothers to bring out their Tentacruel to attack Magmortar, despite being disqualified for Kim's brothers' interference. However, Magmortar was able to hold off all three water Pokémon and defeated them all with three quick blasts of 'Solarbeam.' Finding out that the three brothers were banned from all official Pokémon League matches for life, and enraged at their tactics afterward, David personally attacked all of the brothers by himself. Beating them all senselessly, David did not cease his assault until Serena had to personally restrain him in order to prevent further unnecessary violence. Despite this, David was awarded a fat paycheck for his Pokémon's performance although the atmosphere in the secluded area of the park was far from festive.

"You're lucky the cops let you walk instead of arresting you for battery!" Serena angrily replied. "What's with you? First your little tirade at that restaurant a few days ago, and now this!"

David shot a stern look at the older girl, who winced slightly at his piercing cold eyes but immediately regained her composure. It disturbed her how her own cousin, the boy who she had such a bond with, stare at her with such contempt. "As far as the restaurant goes, the creeps were sexually harassing Chloe so they had it coming to them. At least they didn't get vaporized by the girl they were hitting on and also I simply laid the truth down on the patrons there for just being the nosy, stuck-up putzes that they are. And speaking of putzes, I knew that those good for nothing brothers cheat their way into the tournament and would pull off their little stunt. I dealt with them in the past and so did my brother and one of his girlfriends. If I heard right from what happened to Misty, then I feel even less sorry for my actions than I do now."

David closed his eyes and continued in a less defensive tone. "Unfortunately, Serena there are people out there that are complete and utter scumbag sons of bitches out there in the world. You're not gonna be able to reason with them because they'll end up deceiving you and stabbing you in the back when you least expect it. With what I did, I made a point…a damn statement that I am superior to those jackasses just like how those gawking fools at the restaurant aren't even half of what I'm worth."

Serena couldn't help but just glare at the teenage boy for his overly-inflated ego. Ever since his thirteenth birthday, David had become an arrogant hot-head with a zeal for power no matter what the cost. From what Serena assumed, this whole thing started sometime after David had visited Sakura at the same time she fell in love with a boy named Li. Though she did not pry further, she had a feeling that David had strong feelings for Sakura that even he was not sure about and when she fell in love with another boy, Serena thought that David was heartbroken as a result.

Rejection was something Serena was very familiar with in one way or the other. It can occur in anything when it came down to choosing one individual over the other in any situation. Rejection was something Serena had dealt with along with her cousins and their best friend after their brief visit to the Digital World five years ago. She remembered after coming back from that other world, how David, Ash, and Chloe were bummed out at the missed opportunity to become a Digidestined, initially. Serena, however, was the least disappointed because of her responsibilities as a Sailor Scout. Eventually, all of them moved on with their lives until after the events of the Odaiba fog incident. During her second visit to the Digital World, she was informed during her briefing in the Digital World by Gennai about there being even more Digidestined out there in many parts of Earth, which most likely occurred around the same time the original Digidestined from Japan had had their own adventures. She recalled that the idea of there being a massive number of Digidestined while the Digidestined Catalysts were seemingly rejected from that special privilege did not sit very well with Ash, Chloe, and especially David, who strongly believed that the international Digidestined were mere chaff compared to the four of them and the eight Digidestined of Japan. This reignited their disappointment at being rejected. However, Serena remained the least upset while Ash got over it as he focused more on establishing himself as a trainer. She remembered how David and Chloe vowed to work even harder as Pokémon Trainers with the goal of rivaling the abilities that the Digidestined had. Unfortunately, David seemed to become more obsess in wanting to surpass what Tai, Kari, and the others did with the Digimon.

Whether it was losing someone he had strong feelings for to another or his ambition to rivaling and/or surpassing the Digidestined, Serena felt like she was losing the boy she cared so much for like a brother…like a son even…

"What happened to the David I knew?" Serena bitterly questioned. "I thought you were way better than this."

Serena gasped silently as another glare was shot at her from her own cousin. He looked around him to make sure nobody was in earshot of their argument before fixing his stare back at the young lady. "What happen to me? What happen to you?" David shot back. "With me I have my priorities straight as far as I'm concern. Where are yours? They seem out of whack. The only priorities you have nowadays are on Darien. I know you love him strongly, but it seems like you put your whole world around Darien, the man who has a habit of breaking your heart in the past by neglecting you over what? Some stupid dream of you getting killed while that danger is commonplace as long as you're Sailor Moon? Hell, I always thought of you as someone special WAY before you two were fully aware of your relationship. If he loves you so much, he should've been able to see through your little act back then but instead, he treated you like crap.

"David, don't you dare throw Darien in this!" Serena cried, outraged that he put her fiancé into the subject. "All that's wrapped up in the past. You know it! But seriously, are you in some kind of power trip because that's the feeling I am getting from you now. I thought I taught you to humbly avoid being consumed by the glory regardless of how skilled and how powerful you are."

"A power trip you say? Well okay then let's get back into priorities yet again…" David spat. "…you brought up a good point; matter fact, the whole point. Where is YOUR power, Sensei? Where did Ms. Tsukino, the deceptively formidable Pokémon Trainer go? Where is the Sailor Moon –the mirror essence of that Pokémon Trainer-that triumphs and punishes ALL evil? The Sailor Moon who uses her façade to her advantage to sucker in the intergalactic bastards into underestimating you and your Sailor Scouts and dominate them. You always taught me to give it my all and not allow all the bullcrap that the envious sons of bitches from all walks of life throw at me, to hinder me. Sere, where is the ovarian fortitude you have in you that you often displayed as a trainer and as the Sailor Scout's leader? That's what I want to know!"

"Don't get the wrong idea, David, I haven't lost it at all!" Serena argued back. "I still have my commitments as a Sailor Scout and as a Pokémon Trainer and the fortitude that drives them, but I'm not the one who has a serious case of bloodlust in me compared to what you seem to have. That same bloodlust that's fueled by your pride as a trainer, your hidden jealousy towards all the Digidestined, and your overwhelming aggression that you violently displayed over the short period of time. You're letting all this negativity blind you!"

David glanced at her mockingly. "Blind me? My eyes are wide open, Serena. I can see clearly that you've grown too soft. Your excessive, merciful nature is going to get you and your friends either raped and/or murdered and this time you won't be able to come back from the dead as easily as you did before. Oh, that's right I guess it has been years since you had been through those intense ordeals of when evil decided to make business, personal. There were two big instances I sure as hell I remember oh-so bitterly. The first was Nehellenia; that conceited harridan took your boyfriend and all your friends and rubbed your future daughter out of existence. Only you and I remained. I fought for you, put my life on the line for you and for what? You sympathize with that goddamn bimbo? You saying that she should kill you and be friends with your friends?! Had you lost your damn mind back then?"

Serena looked at her cousin in disbelief. Why was her cousin so contempt in her past decisions? He never voiced them out loud back then so why now? "What more could I have done?! She had you by the throat, ready to kill you while your Pokémon were unable to fight back. She was just manipulated into hating me."

"That FIEND was just a lost cause that deserved to die for the crap she put you through! I had her where I wanted her when I stabbed her with that ice pick to free myself. To hell with that tramp…she was just mere chaff compared to the second ordeal I knew the most: Galaxia. Damn that bitch for what she nearly did to all of us!"

"Another harsh judgment on your part, David." Serena retorted. "I told you what happened…"

David's fist clenched hard as his eyes shot back to his cousin. "Yes…I knew…but that does not change how much I feel about that bitch!" He seethed, his rage barely being contained by the memories of the past.

At that moment he faced down, trembling slightly at the painful memory of Serena screaming in agony as her Star Seed got removed from her body and how he ended up lying beside her, staring at her lifeless eyes.

"David…" Serena muttered softly. She felt bad for what her cousin had been through all those years ago. That fateful day seemed to have stripped her cousin of his innocence that she felt she was foolishly unaware of. "I…I know I failed you. I…I had to leave you to do what I could do for the world and for you. I tried to save you…to protect you. I'm trying to save you now, before it's too late." She slightly whimpered at the last part.

David glanced right back at Serena, instantly. The young woman couldn't help but flinch slightly once more at the cold look he was giving her.

David narrowed his eyes into slits. "Is that what you think this is about?! You dying and leaving me alone with a bunch of strangers? I honestly don't know what clouds your judgment worse: your guilt, or your outdated, bankrupt, antiquated sense of morality. Serena, I forgive you for not always being there for me when I needed you the most. But why…why in the hell…" David paused as he quickly got out from his pocket a folded piece of paper. Quickly unfolding it, he flashed to his cousin's face the conceptual drawing of the biggest bane in the soul of David Ketchum, demonic winged and all. "…IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!" He shouted. He then quickly calmed himself down a bit as he continued. "Ignoring what she had put you through behind her prostitute slaves. Blindly, stupidly, disregarding the graves she has filled, the millions of lives that suffered, and what? How she killed your man, how she snuffed out Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina like they were weak, helpless children, and how she even did the same effortlessly to my mom, my brother, and our cousins?! And…I thought…you know…I thought I'd be the last person you would ever let that evil bitch hurt…and get away with it. Up 'til Nehelenia and Galaxia, you never let any monster that ever wronged me, leave unscathed. It was always the gloves came off and the stooge and whoever was holding its leash would indeed by punished by you and you alone! When I heard you scream in anguish I cried out for you! When I saw you get struck down with your Star Seed out, I GRIEVED for you. When I saw your lifeless form as Galaxia took your Silver Crystal, I hardened my heart, I seethed in rage and SWORE to myself that I would avenge you. I saw to it that no matter who that that thing was known for, I would see to it that I would mutilate that pathetic, pompous, black-hearted, conceited, self-righteous, pile of crap and send them both straight to hell! When you got revived, I was relieved. Honestly, I hoped you would do the same for me, for everyone by punishing Galaxia and Chaos with her just as I would have done for you. But instead…you were just…too soft…too merciful. To this day, I honestly feel like you gambling with our lives to safeguard your pacifistic ways that you suddenly decided to have all of a sudden."

"You really are consumed by hatred, are you?" Serena replied, her monotone voice temporary disguising the feeling of regret she had for dragging her cousin into back then and the disappointment in David's enmity towards the past. "You didn't have a clue. I really don't think you understand what happened. "

"What? That your moral code just won't allow it? That it's too hard to cross that line again? That you'll be no better than the enemies you punished?!"

"NO, damn it! Just hear me out, will ya! Initially, a part of me wanted to punish Galaxia for what she done, but I...I just wanted to put an end to the cycle of violence that plagued the Sailor Scouts for a long time. I don't mean what the scouts and I have been through these last couple of years, I mean the Sailor Wars that Galaxia talked about. That same war that Galaxia, herself, was a victim of when she sealed Chaos in herself that eventually corrupt her into the person whom we fought against. She did what she had to do end the conflict at the time, and I did not want things to end in a violent bloodshed with someone who was turned evil against her will. I couldn't honestly live with myself ending the life of someone who selflessly sacrificed herself to save the galaxy. I saw through Galaxia's eyes and knew that deep, deep down, she did not want any of this to happen. I didn't see the point in fighting any more after that."

Inwardly, David could not help but scoff at Serena's reason. He could not help but think of a lot of things wrong with her explanation as she stood before him as a devoted Sailor Scout/Pokémon Trainer. "So…is that it, huh? You know…I think when you dropped your guard and lost the 'Light of Hope,' you said some stuff to Galaxia. I think it was along the lines of 'Nothing is gained from fighting because we end up hurting each other' and also something like, 'If a soldier's pride means hurting others, then I don't want it.' Let me retort, do you honestly believe all that crap you spewed? Because if you do, you basically betrayed both yourself and me. There's ALWAYS something to be gained from fighting. You've basically contradicted yourself as a Pokémon Trainer! That pride you shunned as a Sailor Scout is the same pride you shunned as a Pokémon Trainer. The very same pride my own FATHER instilled upon you when he took you under his wing when you told him you wanted to be a Pokémon Master, that dream you share with Ash and I. That same dream you held when you decided to take me under YOUR wing. Let me say again that contrary to the petty dream you made up to your friends that wanted to be Darien's bride, you told me that your true dream was to become a Pokémon Master! You know, I never, ever, fully got over what Chaos and Galaxia did to us. All their bullcrap haunted me in my nightmares. One of the main things you taught me was to never show weakness in front of your enemies. For you to say what you said to Galaxia is straight-up betrayal to me."

"David, you know that does not…" Serena tried to defend her actions.

"And what!?" David coldly interrupted. "I think the only mistake you made back then was me being conscious enough to see to you were pleading for mercy towards that evil bitch. Serena…I mourned YOU!"

"And I MISSED you!" Serena snapped. "What I did against Chaos Galaxia did not stray away from my pride as a Pokémon Trainer. I'm just not a bloodthirsty warrior who wishes death on all who opposes me. How can you believe that what I did was considered betrayal to you?!"

At this point, David was just starting to get fed up with what he considered excuses that justified his cousin's actions. It was time he reminded her about loyalty. "Remember, I've always been the most loyal to you especially when you're Sailor Moon. When your peers belittle you, I openly believed in you because I knew they could not see pass your façade. When those Starlight trannies looked down on you, I stood up to them for you. I've been more loyal to you than your family, friends, and fellow Sailor Scouts will ever be. I've always defended you from the pathetic initial scorns of your so-called allies. Hell, I shown more love and faith in you WAY more than both your boyfriend and your so-called, future daughter. I always felt those two always played you like a damn violin the two ingrates that they are!"

David calmed himself as he closed his eyes. In his point of view, Serena was just a broken shadow of the woman who was considered the champion of love and justice and one of the most powerful trainers in the world. "I fear the day might come when your convictions of peace and love will merely come off as just hilarity to someone more evil than Chaos will ever be, and the only regret that said being will have is that it didn't allow you to live long enough for you to fall into total despair. THAT'S why I act the way I do. If I need to, I WILL BE THE GODDAMN NIGHTMARE COME TRUE TOWARDS ANY EVIL BASTARD THAT WANTS TO TRY AND PULL OFF WHAT CHAOS NEARLY DID TO THE EARTH!"

The teenage boy then turned his back to the young woman, heading away from the park. Serena distantly followed, feeling completely helpless of what to do regarding her defiant cousin.

'A nightmare, you say?' Serena solemnly thought. 'You're already on the verge of becoming my nightmare.'

Out of all the rare times the two clashed on differences of opinion, this was one that reached the boiling point. David had now viewed his older relative as a reminder of the near-tragedy caused by Galaxia's rampage years ago as well as an overbearing parental figure whose pacifistic ideals nearly got her and those she loved killed, while Serena views David as an arrogant, zealous, alpha male that desired absolute power and dominance. The conflict between the two would eventually cause their estrangement that nobody would ever truly expect.

-*End of Flashback*-

"AH! It's so good to have to have an actual body once again!" Chaos remarked as it wiggled the fingers of the Midniteryder as if it were its own. "I can put fear to a whole new level than I previously could in Galaxia's body."

"Parasite!" Sailor Moon gritted her teeth. "How dare you do this?! Just coming back like this and taking over someone's body like some puppet!?"

"Ha!" Chaos huffed, smugly. "I thought you would learn from our last encounter that there isn't anything I cannot do! However, I'm in a pleasant mood to explain it all."

Everybody that was there watched in silence. A mixture of emotions shown on everybody's faces that ranged from fear to anger.

"You see, I obviously had underestimated you to the fullest, Sailor Moon. It seems like no matter how many of those that you held close get taken away by me, no matter how much physical and emotional pain I inflicted on you, you refused to lay down and die. It still sticks in my craw how your positive influence managed to purge my influence from Galaxia. Before ALL of that though, I had made certain arrangements as I made my arrival on this planet. My Shadow Galactica and I encountered an ambitious man from a far away land whose Star Seed I sensed had a strong sense of enmity towards the spirit and emotions of all life on this planet. In exchange for his clandestine support, I would give him and his organization immunity from my domination as well as providing him key information and items to create a new world."

"What did you promise them? And what exactly did this man do for you in return?" Tuxedo Mask vehemently asked. He could not believe that someone from Earth would even try to conspire with this genocidal fiend.

"Sorry, 'Holder of the Star Seed in Charge of this Planet.' That is strictly confidential. However, I will say that I had this leader and his organization preserve a part of my essence and provided him the necessities to do so with the resources he had. This was an emergency plan in case that damned light I had oh so feared destroyed me in the end, then at least I would be able to start anew with the Light of Hope no longer being nearby. When Sailor Moon rid me of my control over Sailor Galaxia, I was dispelled into the skies of this planet. Before all of me returned to hearts of living beings all over the galaxy, a piece of my spirit that contained both my memories and the bulk of my consciousness split away from the rest of my form, and that part of me returned back to the preserved essence that I had my human associates maintain. I remained in a state of dormancy over the years, as my human associates cultivate my energy form little by little until I could be able to move independently on my own. Normally I wanted to possess any of you, but with the presence of this warrior and what he was capable of earlier, I must say he makes a more suitable substitute for a host.

"Monster!" Sailor Mars seethed. "You have no right to invade someone's body like that. One would think you'd learn that by now."

"Impudent woman!" Chaos cursed. "I thought I told you before that there is NOTHING I can't do when I please myself! And now, to continue where I left off years ago: I will recollect every Star Seed that I had lost, collect even more of them, reek destruction of this planet, and gain absolute control of the entire galaxy in the name of Chaos!"

Using some of its own abilities from the body of the Midniteryder, The Memory of Chaos produced a strong gust around itself, blowing some of the Sailor Scouts back a few feet. Those that were nearby ended up falling on the ground, but quickly got up to confront this new menace.

"We won't back down from you!" Sailor Jupiter shot back.

"Is that so? How about this: I'm feeling content with the good fortune given to me now. As gratitude, how about you all try and hit me with everything you got." Chaos challenged, the arms of the Midniteryder raised up in anticipation.

"Well, everyone let's not disappoint!" Sailor Venus stated with a smirk, masking her concern about engaging their old foe, who took control of their would-be ally.

The other Inner Scouts nodded reluctantly. They knew that the Midniteryder was quite powerful by himself and now that Chaos had taken possession of him, the odds were even stacked more against the female warriors.

"MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST!" Sailor Mercury shouted, filling the room with bubbles that immediately formed into thick mist.

The other Inner Scouts quickly rushed into position.

"VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!" Sailor Venus chanted her attack.

A golden chain of hearts wound its way around the Midniteryder's armored body. Sailor Venus smirked as she began to pull, trying to make Chaos stumble.

"MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE!" Sailor Mars summoned her attack.

"JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON, CRASH!" Sailor Jupiter launched hers as well.

Chaos looked around and spotted the two attacks in the different directions. In a flash, it powered up its host's body, raising its grey aura higher to burst the chain and dispelling the bubbles with ease. Using the Midniteryder's hands, the evil parasite held them out and block the two attacks almost like they were nothing.

"Laughable!" Chaos mocked. "Let me give the two of you ladies a taste of your own medicine, courtesy of the capabilities this body possesses!"

At one hand, Chaos pointed at Sailor Mars with its host's left palm while the right hand pointed his fingers at Sailor Jupiter. Chaos launched a lightning attack from his fingers and a flamethrower attack at Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars, respectively.

The two Sailor Scouts moved frantically and barely dodged the attacks aimed at them. They looked at their adversary in disbelief as the two attacks merely hit the trees behind them. In the encounters they had with the Midniteryder, the only offensive capabilities he displayed were mostly brute strength. They didn't know that he was capable of using elemental attacks up until he broke out of the crystal moments ago.

Chaos moved its arms, balling the hands into fists and slamming them to the ground using the Midniteryder's massive raw power to produce a shockwave through the area. With the exception of Sailor Moon, whose wings allowed her to levitate to the sky and avoid the ground attack with ease, most of the Sailor Scouts along with Tuxedo Mask were sent flying either to the ground or to the nearby trees. Fortunately, Sailor Saturn managed to summon a powerful barrier to protect herself, Sailor Mini Moon, Serenity, Zane, and his Pokémon from the shockwaves.

"Everyone!" Sailor Mini Moon desperately cried out.

"Are you all alright?!" Sailor Saturn screamed to the others, upset that she couldn't get everybody in her barrier. Fortunately, the rest of the scouts along with Tuxedo Mask managed to get back on their feet after getting the wind knocked out of them.

Chaos snickered at its handy work. "My, my…" The evil parasite remarked. If the Memory of Chaos had a face, it would don a smug look right about now. "Ready to lie down and give up your Star Seeds to me, now?"

"Never!" Sailor Uranus retorted. "You failed once, you will fail again!"

"I. Don't. Think. So…" The parasite snarled dangerously low.

As if they were reading each other's minds, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto got into position facing the possessed Midniteryder in three different directions like a triangle.


"Pluto Dead Scream."


Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus each launched their respective attacks at the remnant of Chaos. Instead of just staying around and just simply take the attacks with ease, Chaos jumped up into the air at the last second to test out the aerodynamics of its new host. The controlled Midniteryder didn't disappoint as Chaos was up in the air just in time to look down and see the three attacks collide, exploding upon impact From its host's index fingers, Chaos formed a couple of small Shadow Balls and quickly launched them at Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune sending them crashing to the trees behind them. Chaos then shot from its new face a concentrated invisible blast at Sailor Pluto, knocking back several feet from where she stood.

Chaos landed back on its feet with an audible thud. Though not really apparent due to the Midniteryder's mask, its body gestures indicate that it was certainly pleased of its handy work in making a mockery of the Outer Sailor Scouts.

Suddenly, Chaos felt multiple unpleasant stinging sensations on its body. It turned around to see that Sailor Mars behind it, her icy glare fixated at the armored behemoth. Taking advantage of the diversion unwittingly caused by the Outers, Sailor Mars planted more of her ofudas at the distracted parasite. However, the charms were merely an irritation on the part of Chaos as it aimed the Midniteryder's palm at the fiery scout, ignoring the ofudas on its host's body as it launched a stream of flames at its assailant. Sailor Mars narrowly dodged the attack by rolling out of the way, leering at the attacker afterward for mocking her by using an attack that was a part of her element.

The evil parasite then felt a strong thud from the back of its host's head, somehow causing it to stagger forward. It looked behind itself to see a certain white-haired boy landing on his feet while his hands were clutched to his staff, which was jabbed to the ground before he picked it up and got into a defensive stance.

Zane glared at the parasite after he delivered a flying kick to the fiend. It sickened him to no end how some old evil scumbag managed to possess the body of his best friend, even worse as this evil being is also in possession of David's massive powers and abilities. Despite the insurmountable odds, the white-haired teen will do anything in his power to purge the Midniteryder of the parasite that was controlling him against his will.

"Purge yourself out of his body, NOW!" Zane demanded, readying his staff in a offensive stance.

"Hahahaha…" Chaos chuckled at the increasing futility it was facing. "How amusing! I'm afraid you are in no position to be making demands!" It pointed its hand at albino teen, the palm forming a bright orange orb. "Now, be a good insect and relinquish your Star Seed to me, now!"

Chaos launched the orb at the albino teen, with the prospect of acquiring a worthwhile Star Seed in mind. Fortunately, several thrown roses intercepted the projectile, preventing it from hitting its target. Zane looked behind him from where the roses came from and saw the person responsible for saving him, looking on with a stern expression.

"I think its best that you, your Pokémon, and your friend get to safety, young man." Tuxedo Mask advised. "This is not your battle."

Zane looked at the older man, incredulously. "But…"

"He's right." Sailor Mini Moon walked up to the two. "I know you want to help and all, but this is way out of your depth. We can take care of this and besides, you need to protect your friend right?" She referred to Serenity, who was trembling in fear at everything that just happened.

Zane was in a complete dilemma. Sure he and his Pokémon are far outclassed by Chaos, especially when it was controlling the body of his best friend, but he really wanted to see if he can reach out to him. On the other hand, with Serenity in harm's way there was a chance that the parasite that was controlling the Midniteryder would certainly take interest in obtaining Serenity's Star Seed.

"Alright…" He reluctantly gave in. "Just be careful!"

With that, the albino teen withdrew his Pokémon and headed over to Serenity. Grabbing her hand and letting her know it was best to leave, the two ran off out of the battlefield.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Serenity asked, her tone expressing grave concern. As they left, Serenity could not help but glance over where the area the Sailor Scouts were in. "David is possessed by that damn ghost or something and I don't know if the Sailor Scouts even stand a chance against him."

Zane sighed, his mind still in conflict over if staying out of the scuffle was such a good idea. "Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do. Let's just hope for the best for the Scouts, and for Sailor Moon.

Meanwhile, Chaos engaged Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, and Tuxedo Mask in a weapons duel. Using the Midniteryder's sword, it parry the strikes of Sailor Uranus' Space Sword, Sailor Saturn's Silence Glaive, and Tuxedo Mask's extendable cane. While Chaos was able to easily fend off the trio's attacks, it was unable to gain any offensive ground due to the three on one melee, which annoyed the evil fiend greatly. The possessed Midniteryder found himself surrounded by the three, but managed to jump out of the center to the other side of the clearing. Eventually the trio locked blades with their opponent, determined to end the stalemate in their favor. However, the evil parasite had seemingly put little effort in the clash, using its newly acquired strength to its advantage. Using the free arm of the Midniteryder, Chaos took it upon itself to zap Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars, easily preventing them from taking advantage of the situation. Grasping the sword with both arms, it overpowered its assailants in the clash, shoving them to the other Sailor Scouts, colliding into each other as result. Chaos then shot multiple energy blasts at the downed group, silently enjoying the screams and grunts of pain.

"Hahahahaha!" Chaos bellowed in laughter. "That's right! Suffer! I honestly expected more from you insects. Then again, Galaxia was merely an insecure harlot compared to this new body!"

Chaos then decided to use both of its hands and unleash a barrage of lightning at its downed opponents, cackling once more at their anguish.

"Yes, behold the second coming of my terror on this worthless planet!" It proclaimed, as it continued to zap its enemies. Little did Chaos knew, it did not get everybody in its attack.

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!" Sailor Moon chanted as she released the power of her weapon, the Moon Power Tiare. The bright golden rays intercepted the lightning bolts, barely canceling them out in the process thus saving the others from being electrocuted to death.

Chaos glanced over to the person responsible for ruining its fun. If it had a distinctive face, Chaos would be smirking sinisterly as it saw the young woman in front of it, her future daughter stood safely behind her beside the others who were still on the ground, reeling from its previous assault. The young woman, who's overbearing light had utterly ruined its plan to rule the galaxy all those years ago. The young woman, whose ideals of love made the fiend's nonexistent skin crawl.

Sailor Moon, the young woman Chaos would thoroughly enjoy torturing for the sake of revenge.

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