Hooray for Slayers! I found this in one of my notebooks and decided to add this.


"Lina! Amelia! Give it back!" Xellos reached out, only for Amelia to toss it to Filia. "Let it go dragon!"

"Catch Lina!"

Lina made a diving catch. "Got it! Come and get it Xellos." Lina laughed. Xellos' eye twitched as she made a face at him.

"Very well." He disappeared from their sight. Lina squeaked as she felt two arms lift her into the air. "If you do not give it back I will drop you."

Lina laughed nervously. "Come on Xellos. Don't joke about stuff like that." She looked into his open purple eyes. "Okay here you go." She handed it back to him with a very nervous smile. "No harm no foul right?"

Xellos smiled as he set Lina down, his hand lingering on the small of her back for about a quarter of a second longer than it needed to be. "Well, Lina, if you wanted to hold my staff so badly all you had to do was ask. But you are the only one, okay." He took her hands and wrapped it around the staff.

"Why only me?" Xellos smiled and opened his mouth. "And if you say 'That is a secret' I'm gonna punch you."

"You are the only one I want touching me."

Dread dropped into Lina's stomach like a rock. "Touching...you..." She just knew the answer wouldn't be good.

"Of course Lina. A mazoku's clothing, weapons and all accessories are a part of them." Xellos could barely hold back his laughter.

Lina blanched. Than as she looked at the staff she burned bright red. She thought of all the times she had stolen Xellos' cloak, the talismans she had taken from him and the staff- She looked at it and if she could she would have burned even hotter than she already was. "Oh L-sama!" She chucked the staff back at Xellos who caught it with ease.

"Don't be so rough Lina!" His smile changed to more of a leer with a suggestive touch. "Actually. Never mind. You can be as rough as you want." He giggled as embarrassment and anger rolled off of her in waves.



Chaotic disintegrate = spell forms an attack of blue light that damages mazoku.