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Afterwards, stalking away from her room, she had to admit she was feeling a little guilty. The girl was so naïve; it was almost sad how easy it had been to coerce her into sex. Of course, she'd never been with an Earthling before, but she'd assumed it would have been similar to sleeping with one of her own kind. The act had been essentially the same, but Columbia's attempted post-coital cuddle had shaken her, reminded her of an ex from back home who it would simply be better to forget.

And then, how easily had she stumbled onto the topic of Riff, how had she caught that slip of the tongue? How long would it take for her to figure it out? She clearly wasn't as dumb as she looked (or spoke), and Magenta didn't trust her farther than she could throw her with that secret. Frank would know as soon as Columbia did, and who knew what would happen then?

The future was looking bleak and she longed for her brother. She wasn't angry any more, just tired, drunk, and upset that she'd spent so little time with him lately.

She didn't even know where she was walking to. Her room was occupied, it was too late for them to be working, and Frank was probably asleep. A quick glance in Riff's room told her it was empty. Where was he? She knew he had been sleeping in the lab recently, since she'd taken his room to avoid Columbia, but the enormous pink tiled room was empty as well.

Magenta wandered aimlessly down the halls, finally making her way to the kitchen. She was depressed enough that she thought she might actually do some cleaning. Or just break a few plates.

The water was filling the sink when she heard a noise behind her. Her troubled thoughts immediately jumped to the paranoid worry that Frank had heard her in the lab and decided to seduce her for the night. She seized a nearby knife before spinning around, ready to defend herself, only to find her brother, frozen in mid-step, staring nervously at the weapon. "Oh. Hello."

"Hello," he responded guardedly. "Are you still quite angry?"

"Oh, this? No, no, I'm not." Magenta quickly dropped the knife in the sink and shut off the water. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"Why aren't you?"

She shrugged, her guilt coming back full force. "I sort of made-over the girl this evening. We were bored, you know. I figure it'll get a reaction out of Frank or something. And…I just couldn't sleep yet. She's in my room, but I couldn't be around her anymore, she talks a lot, you know, I'm not tired anyway. I don't know." She realized she was babbling and shut her mouth, wondering why she suddenly felt awkward around Riff.

He approached her slowly, as if he were afraid she would explode at him at any minute. "I'm sorry about before, about the way I reacted. It was rude of me to just leave like that, but I knew I couldn't control myself I stayed."

A chuckle, deep and sultry, rose from her throat as the conversation turned to a subject she was more comfortable with. "That was rather what I was hoping for, Brother." She moved to him and pressed against his chest, unwilling to stand apart from him any longer. As his arms automatically wrapped around her, she felt the weirdness that had been between them dissipate. "I fooled around with Columbia."

"I thought you might have."

"Are you mad?" she asked, looking up at him quizzically.

He seemed to have to think about it for a minute. "No, not really. It was to be expected, given the situation, and it's not the first time." Back on Transexual, Magenta had on occasion hooked up with other women, although Riff was the only man she would sleep with. "Besides, she's only a human."

"Good. But honestly, we have to figure something out. I'm losing my mind here. I miss being with you. I don't sleep well alone, you know."

"Can you bear to leave the dishes for tomorrow?" he abruptly asked, apropos of nothing. She blinked at the non sequitor, and nodded. "Come upstairs."

"Riff, I told you, I'm not tired – " but he silenced her with a finger on her lips and grabbed her by the hand, pulling her up against him.

"We aren't going to sleep."

The undertone of promise in his voice sent shivers up and down her spine and stopped her breath in her throat for a moment. It felt like it had been years since he'd spoken to her like that, and she was suddenly quite aware of her own need again. "Don't…you can't talk like that unless you're going to do something about it," she tried to insist, although her voice was unsteady and the look in his eyes was promise enough. "Where are we going, then?"

He smirked. "It's a surprise. Come on."

Her curiosity piqued, Magenta obediently followed her brother out of the kitchen and up the first flight of stairs. She wondered briefly if he was going to lead them to one of the unoccupied guest rooms, but dismissed the thought immediately. They had long ago decided that the television monitors made them too dangerous as meeting places. Even when the screens were turned off, there were tiny cameras keeping a full documentary of anything that transpired in the rooms – for research purposes, of course. The Transexuals' private rooms were unwatched, as well as the kitchen and a few other areas deemed unnecessary to observe.

Riff continued past the second and third floors without pause. The fourth floor held the private rooms – Magenta's and the secret entrance to the lab – and that was where Riff stopped.

"So, not the roof?"

"Not tonight, at any rate. It's raining." With that, he dragged her down the hallway, clearly more excited now. She couldn't understand why. There was nothing down that way except for the costuming room. They went past that, to the very end of the passage, to a very blank paneled wall that looked very much like any other wall. "Here."

Her first thought was that if they were going to fuck against a wall she didn't understand what the fuss for the past month was about, or why he had brought them up to the fourth floor, with people sleeping just a short distance away, instead of staying downstairs where it was relatively safer. He saw her incredulous expression and grinned. "Not that. That would be asking for trouble."

She smiled wryly back at him, still thoroughly confused. "And yet, I can't say I have any idea of what else we might do with a wall."

His grin widened even more and he tugged her hand up to the panel directly in front of them, placing it on the raised corner that was about waist-high. "Press here." When she did, there was a muffled click and the panel swung open, not far. She gaped at it, at the narrow edge of black that the seemingly solid wall had just exposed, until Riff pushed it open further and led them into the blackness, quietly shutting the entrance behind them.

It was all dark in there, not even a hint of the hall light peeking through, as if the door they had just stepped through didn't exist. Magenta's eyes had weakened during their stay on Earth, and so it took a moment for her to regain the night vision that was her birthright. When her sight had adjusted, she saw that they were in a small chamber that looked a lot like an entryway, not a storage closet as she had originally assumed. Directly in front of them was another flight of stairs.

She couldn't wrap her mind around it. It shouldn't have existed. She'd thought she knew the entire castle, she was certain she'd been over every inch of it in the course of her duties. "What – Where did – How did you find this?" she stammered, completely dumbfounded. "What is this, even?"

"Well, it's a secret passageway, obviously. Leads to a hidden room up those stairs. I found some old blueprints in the basement the other day and noticed that there were sketches of this, where there shouldn't have been anything. Then it was just a matter of finding the catch to open the wall."

"There's a hidden room?" He nodded at the stairs, chuckling as she seized his hand and practically flew up the steps. Sure enough, at the landing was a door that looked like every other bedroom door in the castle. She tugged at the doorknob in dismay. "But it's locked!"

"You didn't think that I was going to do this halfway, did you?" Riff asked incredulously, pulling a key from his jacket pocket. "There's one for you, too. I got them at the hardware store in town. Being a 'handyman' pays off at times." The door slid silently open as soon as the key turned in the lock and Magenta pushed him through the entrance, nearly knocking him over in her haste to see the room.

It was…entrancing, to say the least. Not that there was any huge difference between this one and the other chambers, not that it was bigger or more grandiose. There was a bed, she noticed immediately, and a wardrobe, and a door off to one side that she supposed led to a bathroom. But there was also a window, an actual window, and that was what stopped her in her tracks. She hadn't seen an uncovered window since they'd come to Earth. The downstairs ones were permanently draped or boarded over, to protect them from inquisitive humans and dangerous sun rays alike. The Royal Chamber was the only room with windows that could be uncovered – except for, now, their room. They had a room, and their room had a window, and their window had moonlight streaming through it onto their bed. "It's ours."

"It is," he agreed, coming up behind her to wrap his arms around her waist. "Ours and no one else's. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply. "Our home away from home."

"With our moon," she added happily. "And our bed…" His lips caressed her throat and her pulse jumped. "It's perfect, Riff. I love you." As his hands began to roam over her breasts they stumbled over to the old-fashioned-looking four-poster that dominated the room. She hurried to unbutton her dress, and then help him out of his own clothing.

Riff groaned at the first touch of her bare skin against his. "Gods, it's been a long month."

"You're telling me." She kissed him fiercely as they stripped off the last of their undergarments and fell onto the black sheets. "How long have you known about this room, again?"

"Only a few days," he panted, his fingers now caressing her between her legs. "We could have used it sooner but I had to be sure there were no cameras."

Magenta wasn't listening anymore. "I need you now, Brother," she pleaded, and then let out a harsh moan as he slid inside her. All the worrying and guilt she had suffered that day, all of her frustrations with Frank and Columbia and even Riff himself, melted away as she lost herself in the familiar sensations. Sex was a time warp, a chance out of the mess of their lives, a trip back to Transexual and the moon-drenched shores and years when they had been happy. Now they had this room, a place they could pretend was home, especially when the moon washed over the bed as it was at that moment. She might let herself hope they could be happy again.

His lips were again on her neck and she tilted her chin up, wordlessly asking for more. His bite was all she needed to send her over the edge into orgasm, and as she arched up against him she felt him release inside her with a cry. She continued to thrust with him until he finally collapsed on top of her. They lay still pressed together, breathing hard from their exertions, but peaceful.

And that night she could sleep, untroubled, undreaming. It was enough.

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