First Fanfic Hope You Enjoy

Ok well the story starts somewhere in NM when Edward left Bella. But here's the twist after Bella left she is changed into a vamp. After 35yrs without the Cullens she has her own coven and has a new mate staying in Forks, WA yet again. What happens when the cullens come back to Forks right when she was starting to forget? Can she go through with it? And will Edward have to fight with Nick to get Bella back? A fanfic i do not own anything except for the rest of bella's coven.

Prologue: How It All Started

Bella's POV:

Hey my name is Isabella Swan and I am now a Vampire. I was changed after they left and was put under depression until one day i went to OUR meadow to think and was suddenly attacked by a vampire.

5yrs later i found a coven to call a family. We are all vegetarian, and i'm happy the way i live. i barely think about them anymore, but from time to time i get a feeling that i will see them again one day. but i don't think i want to go back to the family that abandoned me and i'm perfectly happy with my brothers and sisters Carey, Britanna, Evan, and Jack, but best of all i also have my mate Nick.

So now it's been 35yrs since i have been changed and we are headed back to Forks, WA where it all began. we are attending Forks High School, and are new students there.


Ok well i hope you guys like it so far.

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