Author's Note: Thanks to all of you who read my other South Park story, Puppy Love. This story came from that one, and if you read it, you'd understand why. This is my first time at doing anything other than a one shot, though it's only one step up. It's a two-shot. I haven't written the other half yet, but I will tomorrow once I get some free time.

Summary: Did you really believe Craig when he said he liked things nice and boring? No? Well, neither did he. Especially when it came to Tweek Tweak. Craig's POV, Creek

Warnings: Boy/boy lovin'. You know the drill, don't like, don't read. Lotsa swearing.

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Couples: Craig/Tweek, little bits of Stan/Kyle in second chapter

Strange and Unpredictable

CHAPTER ONE: Don't Cry Over Spilt Coffee

It was fucking snowing. Again. But, it was South Park, so when the fuck didn't it snow? I think I'm going to move to California or Oregon once I'm eighteen; I heard it rarely snows there. It's also warmer. Unlike it is right now. GOD, it's cold. It is times like this, I… really wish I was back in Peru.

I grabbed my hat and pulled it further down my head, hoping to shield my face somehow from the cold. The wind was picking up today, and it was almost a fucking blizzard, and yet, here I was, along with the rest of the kids from South Park High, trudging to school with my backpack heavier than shit. Do they purposely make the books heavier each year? Do they want to break our backs?

I looked up to see the school's entrance not too far away from me. Near the doors I saw my friends, Clyde and Token, waiting for me. And, standing right near them, were my two favorite people in the world – Tweek and Thomas. Which I mean in an, um, completely, um… non-sexual way, of course. I mean, Thomas is just really awesome because he can get away with swearing. And Tweek… well, Tweek's Tweek. He makes coming to school every day worthwhile because he does something funny each day, whether he thinks it's funny or not. I mean, that's not gay, right?

Once I approached, they each got up and picked up their backpacks. Well, all except Tweek, who was going to… before he spilt his coffee all over him, issuing a loud tick out of Thomas.

"FUCKING SHIT – are you all right, Tweek?" He asked, putting his hand on Tweek's shoulder. The other blond didn't even notice the touch; he was too busy staring mortified at his spilt coffee. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he'd cry.

"We'd better get you inside," Token offered. I could tell why, too. Unlike the rest of us with sense, Tweek never wore anything more than just a shirt, pants, and shoes. He still never was able to get his shirt buttoned right either. I think that's another reason he's always shaking – he's too cold to function right. And although that coffee was probably burning him now, standing in this cold weather for far too long could probably make that shirt freeze right to him.

"It's – GAH – all right," Tweek replied, looking nervously around for a trash can to throw his empty cup in.

"C'mon, Tweek," I finally said, "Let's go into the bathroom and get you cleaned up." I sighed, pushing him in the back gently to get him going, grabbing his cup and throwing it in the nearest trash can we passed. I glanced behind me to see Token, Thomas, and Clyde following. Well, until Clyde caught sight of Bebe, which, once he saw her, he immediately changed his direction.

"Hey, Bebe," I heard him say, "Some new shoes came in yesterday that are very popular and in your size." I could almost hear the wink and point in his voice and I rolled my eyes. He's had that ego since fourth grade, and, despite the fact he's one of my close friends, I always found that annoying. I could hear Bebe's eager giggling reply as the boys' bathroom door closed behind Token and Thomas.

"C-Craig, you don't have to help me, really, I'm – GAH – fine," Tweek muttered, reaching for some paper towels with shaky hands. I wasn't sure if it was because of the lack of coffee or how cold he was.

"Tweek, don't make me tell you again," I demanded, grabbing some paper towels for him too, "I don't see you as this huge burden you think you are."

"Yeah – COCK SHIT – I mean, if anyone's a burden here, it's me – SHIT." Thomas tried to offer some help. I gave him a disdained look, knowing that wouldn't help Tweek feel better. Token tried adding some help, too.

"If we didn't like you, Tweek, we would have left you years ago."

Again, that would not help Tweek. Tweek was Tweek, that's why I loved him – in a complete non sexual way! Because he's my friend. That's it. A friend. Possibly the closest, and best, friend I'll ever have.

It is strange when I think how close Tweek and I became over the years. I mean, we had that fight back in, what? Third grade? That stupid fight we didn't even need to do because neither of us disliked each other to begin with. Stupid Stan and Kyle. Stupid Cartman. And then, once that Kenny kid dies, and after wanting to get rid of Butters, they want to make Tweek a part of their "gang." Yet, they mistreated him, and, once Kenny came back to life out of no where, they completely abandoned him without a word. He's had abandonment and rejection issues since then, thinking he will never be good enough; issues which I have to constantly remind him I will not do and that he is worth friends. Stupid Stan and Kyle. Stupid Cartman. Stupid Kenny.

However, despite that was when those issues arose, it was during that time we became really good friends. I saw him sitting alone in the elementary school's playground. I didn't think much of it at the time, because all I was doing was looking for another player so we could play football, which I immediately told him to come join in. It was right before that metro sexual fad I finally noticed how alone he was. Without saying a word, I invited him into my own group, trying to help him become accepted. He even spilled his feelings to me one night while having a Red Racer-marathon sleepover, telling me how he felt horrible and depressed and alone. I began to despise those four boys who made him feel so lonely and out of whack – um, more than usual. You don't tell someone you're their friend and then go and drop them when the next person comes along. You just don't do that!

"Y-yeah, and the day I believe what you say, i-is the day you'll realize I am," Tweek told me, for the umpteenth time, wiping the coffee off as quickly as he could using the brown paper. I shook my head and looked back at Token and Thomas, realizing they had left. I blinked.

"Where did Thomas and Token go?" I asked Tweek, actually glad a change of subject sprang up. Things usually got awkward if we didn't, because there was really no tangible way I could convince Tweek I would not abandon him.

"Didn't you h-hear them say they were going to Token's locker before the bell rang?" Tweek asked, confusion covering his face before his eye and body twitched uncontrollably, causing him to fling his paper towels everywhere. "AH, JESUS CHRIST!" he yelled.

I tried not to laugh but couldn't hold back. These are the types of things that only happen in sitcoms, and yet, here he was, being Tweek, flinging paper towels across a whole bathroom floor. He didn't even glare at me or tell me to stop laughing. He just bent down to the floor to pick up what he had strewn all over the place. I took a deep breath and mimicked him.

"God, I'm such a klutz," I heard him mutter, grinding his teeth together. I suppose after dealing with shaking uncontrollably like that for eight years, you would either begin to ignore it or become pissed every time it happened. I've wondered if he had Tourette's like Thomas did, but then I remember all the caffeine he consumes and forget the thought completely.

"You are not, Tweek, this could have happened to anyone," I told him, receiving a look from him that basically said 'yeah, right.' "Okay, okay, so this really would only happen to you, but that doesn't make you a bad person, you know. In fact," I let out a small laugh, "that's why I like you."

Without meaning to, we both grabbed for the same one at once, our hands accidentally brushing against each other. I felt heat rise to my cheeks as I quickly stole my hand back to me. I looked up and saw, amazingly, that Tweek did the exact same thing. That's when our eyes locked into each other's, and… I couldn't look away.

I noticed how his eyes looked like creamed coffee, and how his cheeks turned a delicate shade of pink. His face shone with complete confusion and what appeared to be something like fear. I felt my hand rise up slowly, touching his cheek with my palm hesitantly. He flinched at my touch at first, but then nestled into it, never tearing his gaze away from mine. His shaking almost completely halted. Our faces started inching closer together, our eyes starting to close slowly. We were lost in each other's worlds.

Then the bell rang.

Both our eyes snapped open, completely shocked by what we were just about to do. It took another few seconds for us to realize that the bell had, just in fact, rang. Both of us stood up abruptly. I was speechless to say anything. Tweek just gulped and looked around him frantically.

"JESUS CHRIST, I have to go to my locker – GAH! S-SEE YOU IN CLASS, CRAIG!" And with that, he was out of the bathroom faster than if he heard they were serving free coffee in the cafeteria.

I was stuck alone, staring down at the left over paper towels. Gazing at my hand I had touched his cheek with. I was left thinking over what had just happened. Wondering why that just happened. I kept on trying to figure out HOW that happened.

What the fuck just happened?

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