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"… Because he's Kyle."

I couldn't get that out of my head. Why did he have to say that? Now I'm even more confused than I already was. How many times had I said that about Tweek?

And Tweek… well, Tweek's Tweek. He makes coming to school every day worthwhile… Tweek was Tweek, that's why I loved him – in a complete non sexual way! … But was it in a complete non-sexual way?

God dammit! I'm supposed to be Craig Tucker, the person who liked it nice and boring, and here I was, being the total opposite. Being nice and boring meant you were straight, you wanted to live your life as a teenager, go to college, get married, have kids – I couldn't do THAT if I was in love with my best friend.

… That was it though, wasn't it? I, Craig Tucker, loved Tweek Tweak. Tweekers. The over caffeinated, twitchy blond who was so… cute. Completely non-sexual my ass, self. Ugh, I have a headache. I wonder if this was how Tweek felt every time the coffee started leaking out of his system?

Wow, self, you really think of Tweek a lot.

Shut up.

I sighed, placing my hand on the bench I was sitting on in the boys' locker room. Stan was still with me, being the only one near me when I tripped. I ended up with my knee getting scraped across the gym floor. Amazingly, the jerk decided to be nice and help me up and take me to the locker room, despite his weak stomach and the fact blood was almost pouring down my knee. What was even more amazing was when he came back with an ice pack after settling me down on the bench. I guess he wasn't such an asshole after all.

… Did I mention how much my knee fucking hurts like a son of a bitch?

"Nice move, jackass." I heard Stan mutter as he sat down next to me. I turned my head and glared at him. I take back what I said. He's still an asshole.

"You caught me by surprise," I growled, then added, grudgingly, "But… thanks for helping me."

"You're… welcome, I guess," He grunted. He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back a bit.

"You could go back into the gym, you know." I offered. It was awkward sitting next to him, especially after the conversation we were having.

"Nah, I'm fine. I actually don't like gym that much, so I find any excuse to get out of it." He shrugged, wiping a hand through his hair.

"What? You don't like gym?" I stared at him in disbelief. "Why?"

He shrugged again, chuckling, "Well, for one, I don't have Kyle in it. And two, I don't like running, which is basically what we always end up doing. That's why I didn't join track."

Damn this guy. For someone I hated, we had a fucking lot in common. I didn't like gym either, dammit. Because I also hated running, and it didn't have… Tweek. Damn him. Damn him. Damn him.

"Craig, why are you flipping me off?"

"Because you're an asshole."

"Oh yeah? Well, you're a prick." He glared at me this time. I deepened my glare, and flipped him off with both hands.

"You're a dick."

"You're a jackass."

"You're a fucking jerk."

"Oh yeah?"


Both of us completely out of insults, we just ended it with a glaring contest, until we also got sick of that. Which, at the same time, we both sighed and rolled our eyes. He took this as a sign to get up, finally.

"I'm going to go change into my regular clothes." He announced, and without waiting for me to answer, walked away to his locker on the other side of the room.

Time to think. Time to set my thoughts straight. God, why, why, why? Why did I of all people have to think about my sexuality? Why did I of all people have to fall for Tweek Tweak? Okay, that sounded rude. I guess I'm just annoyed he's giving me such a headache for thinking about him so much. I hate confusion. And confusion should only be for stupid math tests, not over who I'm in love with. And yes, I decided, I am in love with Tweek Tweak. Hey… that actually sounded pretty good.

I'm in love with Tweek Tweak.

I, Craig Tucker, am in love with Tweek Tweak.

The more I admitted this to myself, the more I became confident with the fact. The more I thought of how silly it was to think differently. I mean, it's not like I was the only gay person in town, right? Besides, it's not like I was even really gay, per se. I still like girls; I just love my best friend. So I guess I'm, whatever that word is. Bi-sexual, I think. Yeah, that's it.

I stared down at my knee to see the blood had stopped flooding. I put the ice pack down and hobbled over to my locker and opened it. Might as well change, too.

Once the bell rang, I hurried out of the gym as fast as I could limp. Every step equaled: fuck, fuck, fuck. I looked up at my locker to see my favorite person in the world. Tweek was leaning against it casually, looking at nothing in particular. His stare was glazed over, and I noticed his headphones from his iPod were stuffed in his ears.

I stopped short before I was within five feet of him, making everyone behind me grumble and walk around me. I flipped them off. I didn't give a shit about them; I had my own worries. I sighed and looked back towards Tweek. I wondered what he was thinking, especially after the incident this morning. Did he feel the same…? I shook my head and walked forward. Act natural, I told myself. I best not bring up our… um, relationship in public. He'd think it was too much pressure, I assume.

Once I was about two feet away from Tweek, I noticed he seemed to be muttering under his breath. I blinked in confusion until I remembered his iPod and realized he was probably singing whatever he was listening to. Once I reached my locker, I finally heard what he was uttering.

"It's so easy when they're pissed! Under-educated… extra-caffeinated… I just mastur–" Before he could finish, I yanked one of theear buds out of his ear, making him jump five feet straight up.

"GAH! Craig! Y-you fucking scared me! Jesus Christ!" He looked like he was in the middle of hyperventilating and about to punch me. I smiled at him warmly, chuckling under my breath, and stuck the ear bud into my own ear.

" – You love it! After this, the rest is all BULLSHIT!" Now was my turn to jump five feet in the air. This type of music was not something I saw Tweek could listen to without flailing. I blinked at him and grabbed his iPod out of his hand. I arched an eyebrow at the name. "Mindless… Self… Indulgence? What?" I blinked at him.

Tweek smiled at me and took his iPod back quickly, "They – erg! – calm me down." He said with a twitch of his left eye, stealing his headphone back.

I stared at him in disbelief. That music… I don't even know what genre it would go under… was not the type of music normal people would listen to calm down. I sighed and shrugged. That was Tweek, and that's why I loved him.

"Craig? Why are you smiling?" Tweek asked me, his eyes whispering confusion.

"Huh?" I countered, staring at him, mirroring his puzzled expression for a split second. "Oh! Um, thought of something funny." I said, laughing nervously, hoping he wouldn't ask what was supposed to be funny. He just smiled back at me, and I noticed he had that pink tinge covering his cheeks again. I felt the urge to kiss him again, and I noticed I was leaning forward slowly.

The bell rang to signal the start of class. Shit. I pulled myself away from Tweek and opened my locker hastily.

"Oh no! We're gonna be – erg – late!" Tweek started saying almost too quickly for me to comprehend. "We might get sent to the principal's office, and then have our parents called to come and get us, and then we might get suspended! That's way too much pressure!" He turned into Tweek-shake-mode and nearly dropped his iPod when I closed the door to my locker.

"Tweek, it's going to be fine," I reassured him, putting my hand on his shoulder, the touch nearly making me blush. "We're just going to be marked tardy. Happens to everyone."

"R-really?" He questioned, his tone pleading. I nodded and made him turn away from me, giving him a push to start walking.

"Just listen to your music." I told him, walking a bit past him in an indication to just follow me.

"Right," He muttered, placing his earbud back into his ear, and continuing his singing under his breath. "Somebody want, somebody want, somebody want my necktie!" Okay… Whatever Mindless Self Indulgence is, it is weird music.

We hurried into our classroom and sat down at our usual seats. The teacher gave us a small glare as she marked us tardy on her roll. I sighed and placed my head on top of my palm. Last class of the day, last class of the day, I repeated in my head like a chant. I glanced at Tweek. His eyes were speeding across a piece of paper he was holding, the paper rumpled up a bit by his grasp upon it.

Oh yeah, those poems were due for class today. Good thing I finished mine. Short and to the point, wrote it in like five seconds. Something about our New Year's resolutions or something… I can't even remember what I wrote. I hate writing; it's a waste of time. Tweek, on the other hand, must have liked it a whole bunch more. I'm pretty sure he stressed about making it perfect since the assignment was handed out, and now he was stressing about how he had to read it in front of the class. Poor guy, public speaking killed him.

He looked up at me and twitched. "What?" He asked, "Y-you're smiling again… and you're staring at me." He almost squeaked his words. I shook my head.

"Don't worry so much, Tweekers, you'll be fine." I patted his shoulder. I then felt someone staring at me, and I turned to see Kyle Broflovski staring right at me. His expression was a mixture of a smirk and realization. Stan probably told him about our conversation in shop class during lunch, and possibly the one during gym at his locker. Dammit, he knew already, didn't he? Yeah, I could tell in his face he knew how I felt for Tweek then and there.

"Class!" Mrs. Lipchitz demanded the students' attention, "I hope everyone has their poems ready." She stated, giving us a look that meant 'if you don't, it's late, and if it's late, I'm going to be pissed.' She was making us read it out loud so she didn't have to read them herself, lazy bitch. Everyone in the class mumbled that they, in fact, did. Well, everyone except Tweek, who just gave a loud "GAH!"

She ordered every row to come up in order and each person to read their poem aloud and then return to their desk. An easy task for any normal person, but… of course, this class had Tweek, and he was anything but normal. I was still puzzled why I of all people fell in love with him, but… I suppose that's one of the biggest mysteries of love. Never know who it's going to be and when it's going to bite you in the ass.

"Craig!" Tweek cried out, "I… I don't know if I can do this! It's way too much pressure!" He whisper-screeched, giving me a pleading look as if to say 'please get me out of this somehow.'

"Ah, c'mon, Tweek," I said, giving him a calming smile to reassure him once more, "I want to hear your poem."

"You can – erg – read it later if you want! I just want to get the – gah! – fuck out of here," He started shaking again. One hand on his shoulder from me calmed him down a bit. That made me start thinking… if just a mild, genuine touch on the shoulder halted his shakes, what would an actual kiss do…? I shook my head out of my thoughts. Can't think that right now, especially when Tweek was about to have a nervous breakdown because of public speaking.

"Tweek! You'll be fine. I promise." I patted his back.

"Mr. Tweak, you're up," the teacher said. Was that fear I heard mixed in her objective voice?

"Oh, man!" Tweek spilled out quickly, shaking as he stood in front of the class. I was still right behind him, and there were people behind me, but I didn't care. I was here to comfort Tweek, after all. Well, and read my poem, but whatever.

"New year day is a troubling time, especially when – erg – I have to rhyme," He started, his breath coming out at a faster pace. He clutched at his chest nervously, clawing at the shirt's material. "Every – gah! – year seems to make, me, Tweek Tweak, scream and shake."

"When don't you do that?" I heard Bebe, although not rudely, call out from the students who were still sitting down. Some people laughed, sniggering under their breath.

"Shh!" I heard Kyle order, "Let Tweek finish." I'd have to thank that asshole's boyfriend later, maybe. I looked back over at Tweek and noticed his breathing was acting like he was having an asthma attack, and he moved his hand up to his neck, practically clawing his skin as if he was trying to make himself bleed.

I still couldn't understand why he disliked himself so much… he was so perfect. Okay, well, he wasn't perfect, but in that case, nobody is perfect. But he's… he's Tweek…

I looked to see Tweek had dropped his paper in another fiasco of his body twitching involuntary, not unlike what had happened earlier today in the bathroom. He looked like he was about to cry again, much like he did when he had spilt coffee on himself. His body spazzed on him one last time, his left eye twitching and his neck jabbing to the side. Without another thought, I grabbed him, closed my eyes…

And kissed him forcefully on the lips.

In front of the whole class.

At first, Tweek squeaked and protested against my mouth, but after the first few seconds of shock, he went rather limp in my arms and kissed me back. My eyes snapped open as the realization hit at exactly I was doing. I pulled back quickly and sheepishly, catching Tweek as he about fell to the ground.

"Oh man," I heard Bebe for a second time, "Not again."

"All the pretty ones are gay," I heard Red sigh in disappointment. At this I glanced at Tweek, who seemed to still be in the lala-land hypnosis I had put him in. My heart started racing, as if it wasn't going fast enough from the kiss. I turned back to the class for a moment.

"Oh, c'mon, that's not true, Red," I heard Wendy, possibly the only girl with a boyfriend in our grade right now, say.

"Oh, excuse us," Bebe laughed, smiling at her best friend, "All the pretty ones are gay and the straight ones are obnoxious, fat assholes." She giggled, Red following suit. Wendy glared at them but found she couldn't help but smile. I shook my head, turning back to Tweek. His eyes were widened in horror, his hands over his mouth. He looked at me in terror and ran out of the room without a word.

"TWEEK!" I shouted, hurrying after him, hearing the teacher bang her head against the desk as the door slammed shut behind me.

I didn't have to run too far to see Tweek banging his head against a locker, muttering words like "stupid," "idiot," and "what the fuck just happened." I approached him, placing my hand on his shoulder. I expected him to jump, but he just looked at me with a look that asked "why?"

"Ummm," I started out, not sure what to say. How the hell do you go about explaining you love your best friend anyway? 'Oh, yeah, I have the hots for you; wanna go outside and mack out?'

"You kissed me." Tweek stated without even blinking. "In front of the whole class!" He squeaked, his words almost meshing together with how fast he said it.

"Um, yeah, I," I paused, giving him a guilty look, rubbing the back of my head, "I did, didn't I?"

"GAH! Why?!" He shouted, completely confused.

I sighed, putting my hand on his shoulder and making us both sit down. I turned to look at him, and he avoided eye contact. "I'm… sorry," I almost whispered, "I… I didn't mean to do it in public."

"Why!? Are you ashamed of me?" Tweek blurted out.

"Tweek, let me speak, okay?" I gave him a small smile, and then took a deep breath. "What I meant was, I knew you might have... freaked out had I done it in public. And you did." I looked at him, grabbing his chin and making him look me in the eye, "I am not ashamed of you, Tweek. I actually l… lo…" God dammit. This was a lot easier admitting to myself.

"You actually what?" Tweek looked at me with panic in his eyes.

"Sorry, it's hard to admit," I laughed, giving him a nervous grin. I took another deep breath, saying so quickly that the words didn't sound separate, "I love you!"

"Gah!" Was all Tweek could say as he fell over in another twitch fit.

"Tweek? You… you okay?" I lingered over him, looking him in the eye. I was surprised to see a very giddy grin plastered upon his face.

"I love you, too." He admitted, and I felt butterflies practically swimming through my stomach up to my heart, where my heart felt like it had grown wings of its own, considering it felt like it was fluttering in my chest. I caught myself grinning like a madman, very similar to the grin Tweek was sporting.

Our eyes came into contact again, and my grin turned into a small smile as I let my eyes radiate the love I felt for the blond underneath me. Tweek's cheeks flushed, and I touched his left cheek gently. Like earlier, he flinched at my touch but then nestled into it gently. I lowered my head and let our lips touch gently. If Tweek was shaking at all, it ceased completely, and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I deepened the kiss, our mouths opening the same time, and our tongues dancing nervously yet wildly with each other.

Again, the bell rang. For the third time today, it had interrupted us. I let go of Tweek's delicious mouth (which tasted like French Vanilla coffee, I discovered) and stood up, helping him up afterwards. I growled as people started filing out of the classroom; I might have to make sure that bell never stopped us again. I looked back at Tweek to see he had the same lovestruck gaze he had earlier in the classroom.

"C'mon, Tweek," I announced, lacing our fingers together, "Let's get going."

"What a match," I heard Tweek chuckle. I blinked at him, perplexed by his odd statement.


"It's from the new Fall Out Boy CD," He said, getting out his iPod again. "Whenever I listen to it… I… I think of you and me." He admitted sheepishly, avoiding eye contact again.

"Oh really?" I laughed, taking one of the headphones and placing it my ear, not afraid to listen to this song since I knew what Fall Out Boy sounded like.

Tweek muttered the part he was talking about when we came to it, "I'm a loose bolt of a complete machine. What a match, I'm half doomed and you're semi-sweet."

I smiled at him, "Yeah… I think that fits." With that, he laid his head down on my shoulder, and I laid my head on his.

"You know, Craig?"


"You make me feel worthwhile." I felt my heart soar again, and I felt my lips tug upward.

"You are worthwhile, Tweek. You are."

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