Tying up some loose ends…

AN: Hi everyone! Thanks for reading this story :) I hope you all enjoyed it. Well there are some questions that some of you asked. So I am going to answer all of them here. I hope I didn't miss out any questions.

Firstly, there were a few spelling error here and there in the story. I'm sorry about that. I was trying to rush out this story before Christmas for everyone so I may have kind of missed it out and well the spell check didn't really detected it. So sorry about that.


Why did Edward sound like he was demanding his family for help?

Well actually, when I wrote it, I had a feeling that since Edward couldn't read Bella's mind and well Bella is actually sort of his first girlfriend, he would want this to be perfect for her. This is also the first Christmas Bella is celebrating with Edward so he wants it to be the best. So I actually imagined a stressed up Edward trying to perfect things. That's why he probably sounded like he was demanding because he has no idea how she will like her gifts.


Why would Bella, an 18 year old girl still believe in Santa Claus?

As I mentioned in the first chapter, Bella was actually waiting for Edward to return from his hunting trip, so she played some Christmas songs and it sort of reminded her of her childhood where she used to believe in Santa and write to him when she was young. So now, she is sort of trying to relieve her childhood memories by writing for fun. This also allows her to take her mind off missing Edward, since he is out hunting, as she is occupied with writing the letter. But this does not mean she believes in Santa. She didn't send the letter out. She was just trying to do something different to pass time.


What did Bella get Edward?

Well I didn't think much of that because I wanted this entire story to be about Edward making Bella feel special for Christmas. But if many other people request it, I may write another separated one-shot about the presents Bella has for everyone.

I hope this answered all of your questions. Review and let me know if you want that one-shot on the presents Bella got for everyone. If it is highly requested, then I shall write it :)