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Chapter 22

It had been three weeks since that fateful day when Caius arrived and to be honest we enjoyed having him stick around a while. He was very misunderstood and we even convinced him to try our way of eating, though he didn't take to it at first he is slowly warming up to the idea and tastes.

Aro was a memory of the past and we were thankful and relieved we would never have to deal with him again, his blood was spilled with no regrets from any of us, including Carlisle, who would typically object to what transpired for him.

So here we are, saying goodbye to Caius, Mary and Ryan, as they were heading back to Italy to join Marcus and the others. Mary and Ryan had become mates and Caius was fond of them, so they were returning with him naturally. I was thankful our family would not be growing any more than it had already, but in the same sense were sad to see them leave.

Mary and I became close friends and promised to visit and keep in touch as much as possible, especially since I was now Queen and would be working with the new and improved Volturi. Caius and I came to an agreement, we would split responsibilities of ruling the vampire world. Basically, he and Marcus would continue doing what they had always done, and if there was something that was beyond their insights, then Edward and I would handle the situation.

Eventually we would take over completely, but for now we were still working on coming to terms with our new powers and duties for the past three weeks.

Edwards powers only intensified and no shield could stop him from hearing another's thoughts, except for mine that is. He was definitely irritated that he didn't know what I was constantly thinking unless I let him in my head, but he was coming to terms with everything just fine.

As for me, it was still overwhelming and a definite daily struggle with managing my powers, which I wasn't too thrilled to take on. I had managed to acquire around thirty four new powers, that I was aware of, and Caius informed me that more were surely to come as I developed and trained to control the ones I already had.

Nessie was adjusting back to life as if nothing had happened and for that I was grateful, she was spending more and more time with Jacob even went on patrols with him and the rest of the pack. Our little girl was growing and maturing right before our eyes, and as reluctant as we were, we had to let her grow up sometime, against Edward's wants of course.

The best thing of all was my ability to shut Emmett up with my new powers, and I enjoyed using it when the house wanted some peace and quiet from his loud and obnoxious voice, and to be honest, Rose never objected and often asked me for favors. She knew he had to listen to me no matter what and it irked him so he was in a sense maturing, as he refused to pull too many pranks, seeing he learned his lesson once or twice already.


"Eddie, come on, please? You know Bella wouldn't mind, its just a strip club bro."

"Alice already made it clear that Jasper was not going and to be honest, even if Bella did mind, I don't see the reasoning behind it, all I need is her anyways, why waste my time watching half naked woman dance when I can get that at home?" Edward wasn't amused anymore.

"Bella can you please make him stop, he is getting on my nerves," Rose whispered to me as we watched the boys argue back and forth while they were playing video games downstairs.

"Emmett, can you be a doll and fetch my bags from the car please," I asked Emmett knowing I didn't have to say please, he would have to listen to me either way.

"Sure," he grunted before getting up and strolling outside.

Alice, Rose and I had been shopping earlier that day and while in the midst of our day she snuck of to purchase what she called "sweet revenge" and Rose and I didn't think twice on questioning her.

"Where do you want these to go," Emmett's voice boomed coming through the door.

"Well you can put them on the couch and I believe Alice picked you up something so if you can find the pink bag, its yours," I said as I slightly chuckled. "Oh and you are to go try it on and come show us.

Rose eyed my suspiciously and I just smiled and said "Alice."

"I am not wearing this Bella, no way, please don't make me do this please!" Emmett begged from his bedroom.

"Just put it on and come out here," I yelled back.

"Family meeting, everyone in the living room please," Edward yelled knowing what Emmett was trying on through his mind.

Even I didn't know, Alice just told me that when Emmett had pushed to far today that I was to make him put on whatever was in the pink bag, and I would have to admit, she was a genius.

By now, everyone had assembled in the living room, including Caius, Ryan and Mary, and were casually chatting with east other while we waited for the last of our family to come down the stairs, Emmett.

It was a few minutes later when he heard the door to Rose and Emmett's room crack open, and a very unhappy looking Emmett poke his head slightly out the door, "No way Bella, you cant do this to me, I'm sorry I keep pestering Edward, I promise to leave him alone about the strip club now."

His eyes were pleading, but I needed to put some humility into his life and this would be the best thing for him, and everyone else, in the long run.

"Living room, now!" I calmly demanded.

He sighed and I thought I even heard a dry sob as he came out of the room. Everyone burst into laughter at the sight of Emmett's huge frame in a light pink Tutu, (link of picture on my profile), he reluctantly made his way to the living room where for the next fifteen minutes I made him to funny poses while Edward snapped away with his camera.

If Emmett ever thought he would never be embarrassed, we now had proof that he had his shining moment.

End Flashback

So needless to say we were happy with the progress Emmett was now making on behaving himself and maturing, and even though he was more humble, he still had his moments but it was never anything to extreme.

"I will miss you Bella, and make sure you call us whenever you are ready to come visit and the Volturi jet will be ready for your use anytime," Caius said as he placed me in an uncle like hug, which I suppose he had become like an uncle to me in the past few weeks.

"Of course, and don't be afraid to visit either, or call. I am very indebted to you and I hope that one day I can repay you," I truly meant every word.

It was hard to watch them drive off as we all waved from the comfort of our front porch. Things were definitely going to be different from now on I could only assume things were not going to be a walk in the park, but as long as I had Edward, Nessie and the rest of the family at my side, I knew I would be able to make it through anything.


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