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Other notes: This is my first venture into the Harry Potter world. If I write anything inconsistent, feel free to let me know. I already know that there should only be a year apart between Narcissa and Lucius. I chose to make them four years apart. Creative license and all that jazz.

Lucius and Narcissa:

A Pure-Blooded Romance

Chapter I:

An Introduction

Narcissa: Age Seven, Lucius- Age Eleven

"Now girls, Bellatrix, your father, and I will be with the Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy until their son returns. Then we will send for you, so you can meet him. Try not to get into any trouble, alright?"

"Yes, mother."

As soon as their mother disappeared, Narcissa Black made a run for it, her sister, Andromeda, hot on her heels.

"Narcissa, slow down! You are going to fall."

"No, I won't." She pumped her arms faster, willing her legs to carry her far, far away.

"Narcissa! Narcissa! I'm going to tell mother!"

The little blond girl ran as quickly as she could, darting around the maze of shrubberies, desperate to lose her older sister.

Almost certain she was alone, Narcissa glanced over her shoulder one last time to assure herself she could slow down. Because of this, she did not see the rock in her path.

It was too late. She tripped and felt herself falling. Throwing her hands out to brace herself, she succeeded in only scratching up her palms as she hurtled belly first onto the dirt.

"Mmmm," the tiny child groaned, as she moved to a sitting position, her legs stretched out in front of her.

"Ow," she whimpered softly. Her blue eyes started watering, and when she looked down and saw the rips in her stockings and blood flowing down one of her knees, Narcissa started crying in earnest. Even her new white dress had smudges of dirt on the apron.

The warm tears fell down her cheeks, and she swiped a dirty hand across her face. She winced at the pain from her torn skin and sobbed quietly.

Narcissa sat in the dirt path, waiting for the pain to subside before seeking out Andromeda. She was afraid what her mother would say about her ruined outfit and wanted to see her sister first.

Out of nowhere, Narcissa saw two very shiny black shoes with even shinier silver buckles. When she looked up, she saw the face of boy staring back at her. He was tall and thin and stood stiffly in front of her. His hair was golden like hers, but straight and held back with a green ribbon at the nape of his neck. He looked exactly like a prince from one of the stories her father would read to her.

"Who are you?"

"Narcissa." Sniff. "Black."

His lips twitched at the side, and Narcissa tried to smile back. He handed her a handkerchief and then pulled out his wand.

"Hold out your hands," he ordered. Narcissa held them up and blushed when she saw how dirty they were. He pointed his wand at her and Narcissa closed her eyes tightly. She faintly heard him say something like "whiskey," before the skin of her hands and knees grew very warm, and then, just as quickly, very cold. Her eyes fluttered open and she stared at her healed skin. She had never seen a child do magic before, just adults.

The little girl's face beamed at her hero, but he took no notice.

"Reparo." Narcissa watched in awe as her stockings began to mend. Then he said, "Scourgify." The blood and dirt on her clothes instantly disappeared.

When he was finished, he held out his hand to her. Her dainty fingers were enveloped in his, and then he pulled her to her feet.

"You should be more careful, Miss Black."

"I will be."

"Now run along."

Narcissa began to walk away. Just as she was about to turn around the corner hedge, she looked back over her shoulder. Her prince was nowhere to be seen. Saddened, Narcissa's bottom lip stuck out and it stayed that way until she ran into the very person that got her into trouble in the first place.

"Where have you been?" Andromeda asked harshly.

"I ran into some boy in the garden."

"What did he look like?"

"His hair is the same color as mine."

"Mother is not going to be happy."

"Why? Who is he?"

"That was Lucius Malfoy."


"What did he say to you?"

She couldn't tell Andromeda that she had fallen, and that he had seen her dirty and bloodied. She'd only get in more trouble. "Nothing. He didn't say anything to me."

Narcissa could tell her sister was going to ask more, but they were interrupted.

"Narcissa, Andromeda. It's time to come in. Young Master Malfoy is here."

"Coming, mother."