A few days after the accident with Tyler's van – BPOV

I found myself looking forward to Biology every day at lunch and I knew I shouldn't. I mean really. There was no reason why I should be excited and for my heart rate go up a tiny notch every time I went through the doorway and towards my table.

Even though we didn't speak, more than what we needed when we had a lab, I couldn't stop myself from looking towards Edward. He had barely spoken towards me since the accident. Why was I so fascinated by him?

He didn't talk to me, he barely even looked at me, and he acted as if he hated me. Why couldn't I get him off my min?! Oh the frustration!

I sat down in my seat and out of the corner of my eye I looked at him. He was staring straight ahead and didn't even acknowledge me.
For crying out loud! We were lab partners; he could at least be civil and say hello, couldn't he?!

The teacher came in to the room and started his lecture. Even though it was completely boring and I would want nothing better than to have skipped the class I started taking notes, but out of fear that if I didn't I might get caught ogling at Edward and demand that he explain his uncivil manners towards me.

But I didn't have that kind of luck. During the lesson I let my min wander and I nibbled on the tip of my pen deep in thoughts.

The same thought came back to my mind; the accident. It had only been a few days and things were finally getting normal again and people started letting me be instead of asking of details again and again. Getting the spotlight on me was nothing I particularly enjoyed.

I was having flashbacks on how Edward had just swooped in out of nowhere and pulled me out of the way. There was no way! He said he was right beside me but I KNOW he wasn't; I KNOW he stopped the van but… My mind was getting frustrated again and if I didn't stop it soon I would have a migraine. Just what I need, a migraine before gym. That would really help the concentration of not getting even more humiliated of my clumsiness. Although, I doubt it would make much of a difference. I was born clumsy and will probably die that way.

I was looking at the black board but not really seeing it. I kept shifting my eyes at Edward and one time I thought he looked at me but as I blinked he was not and I looked down on my notebook. Slightly blushing, I let my hair fan between us like a curtain of brown locks.

His hand was yet again on a tight fist and my previous frustration came back and I exhaled shaprly but quietly.

The teacher kept rambling on and on about things about what you may think. I had no idea. I tried, I really tried focusing but it was just not possible. I shifted in my seat and threw a glance at the clock and groaned. 20 minutes!? Are you kidding me?! It had only been 20 minutes?! It felt like forever to me. 30 minutes left of this drabble and frustration and annoyance.

The drabble went on and on and just when I thought I was losing my mind I saw Edward ever so slightly run one of his hands through his hair. His absolutely perfect and soft looking hair.

I so desperately wanted to run my fingers through it.

'Stop thinking like that Bella!', I told myself. 'You don't even know the guy and by the looks of it he absolutely loath you and you are fantasising about running your hands through his hair!' What was wrong with me?!

As my thoughts continued the bell rang finally (I might add) and Edward stood up and left the classroom gracefully as ever. I briefly glanced after him while he left and then got up and gathered my books.

Mike got up also and came towards me and offered to walk me to gym like the loyal friend, that he is. I still thought of him as a golden retiever. He had the looks for it and the loyalty.

"So..." Mike started as we walked across the grass.


"I was just wondering if…"Mike started to say but I didn't hear the rest.

My mind went blank as I spotted Edward, walking towards the Spanish building with his brother Emmet.

I was still dumbstruck yet again at how gracefully they both walked. I shook my head as if to clear it so that I wouldn't get caught ogling and that's when Mike cleared his throat.


I shifted my gaze from Edward and his brother towards Mike who was obviously waiting for an answer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward, briefly look my way as my name had been spoken. But he quickly changed his eyes so fast I thought I made it up.

"What?" I asked and Mike understanding that I hadn't heard him got red in the face and looked at the ground and then back at my face.

"I- nothing"

"Are you sure?" I asked carefully as his red enhanced face went back to its normal colour.

"Yeah, it's nothing, don't worry about it".

We walked the rest of the way to gym in silence.

I changed fast and headed out of the locker room to the gym but not before slipping on the last step down from the lockers and fall gracefully on my butt. Luckily, no one was near enough to see my embarrassment and I hurried along towards the rest of the class.

Coach Clapp's whistle blew and we all stared straight at him. "Listen up!"

Like we weren't all already listening to him. If we didn't and got caught, god forbids, talking amongst each other we had to do push-ups.

"We are going to start with basketball today" – I groaned, this was going to be humiliating–"so team up and get familiar with the ball!"

I didn't have to look and see that Mike had come to stand by my side and offer to be my partner.

We stood not too far apart and Mike slowly and delicately threw the ball towards me. For one second I thought I could actually catch it but no, reality hit and I accidentally punched it wrong and it hit the back of the person standing next me.

The one I hit glared at me and I muttered a "sorry" and blushed.

At the end of the class I had managed to sustain a few bruises but 'nothing too bad' I told myself, for being an hour of basketball at least. The class had been humiliating enough and I don't need 50 bruises to make that matter any clearer.

I got dressed quickly and sped towards my truck. Once in it I automatically looked over the parking lot only to find Edward and his brother, Emmett, standing by the volvo. He for one millisecond caught my gaze and I dropped my eyes to the steering wheel and blushed. When I looked back he was looking the other way but grinning from ear to ear in clear amusement.

Being slightly thrown off, I quickly started the car; the engine startled me slightly, and eased my way out. In the rear-view mirror I caught a last glimpse of Edward and he was looking right at me with a very amused expression on his face, he looked away and it looked like he was laughing and slightly shaking his head.

Frustration boiled again in me and it continued like that the entire way home.