A few days after the accident with Tyler's van – EPOV

I was walking towards the biology classroom. I found myself thinking repeatedly 'What if she doesn't come today?' 'But that's ridiculous, she was at Lunch and beeing responsible as she is she will come', my selfish side said. The side that keeps on telling me I can't stay away from her for long.

As I came through the door I immediately shot my eyes to my – our – table and found that she was not there yet. I was both glad and irritated about this. Glad because I needed time to prepare myself for her devastatingly seductive smell and irritated because I won't know exactly when she would walk up and sit down. She shouldn't sit next to me; it could and at one point almost did, cost her, her life.

But I couldn't kill her. Just the mere thought of hurting this small and extremely fragile human just seamed to cruel even for me, a killer, and born to live a life of darkness.

As I had placed all of my props, books that held no new knowledge to me, I leaned back into my chair to get a better view of the doorway, to prepare myself when I would see her. I said this to myself but i couldn't quite believe it. In the back of my mind i knew that i just wanted to see her again. I was becoming dangerously obsessed.

It went a few short and agonizing minutes, that seemed like forever, when I caught the sweetest scent ever. Belle walked shortly in through the doorway and before she could catch me looking at her I shifted my gaze straight ahead.

I could feel the heat from her skin radiate as she sat down. I saw her from my peripheral vision and she briefly looked my way out of the corner of her eye and then shifted her eyes to the black board.

The teacher, right on cue, came in and started his lecture that couldn't possibly hold anything new for me. I unknowingly studied Bella and every move she made. 'Why was I doing this?'

She's just another human... whom I couldn't stop to think about.

Her mind was still as frustrating as ever. 'WHAT IS SHE THINKING?' That question went thought my head every time she gave away a sigh, a groan, shifted in her seat or when she started nibbling on her pencil and looked like she was in deep thought. Thoughts I would do anything to hear at this point.

I wanted – no! – needed to know what she thought of me by some reason.

After all, I hade saved her life from the van not 4 days ago and she had not said anything to anyone on my mysterious appearance. She even greeted me the day after like nothing had happened!

Why, oh why, must she be the one exception to my gift? Her every move that I didn't recognize made me go slightly mad.

I saw Bella look at the clock and she made a groan. This I could understand, finally!

She wanted out of the classroom, I could realte. Who would want to listen to this drabble? even if it was new knowledge to her. But then i started thinking if there was another reason why she wouldn't want to be in here, like sit next to me? I wouldn't blame her. I haven't actually been friendly and since the accident I have to be more on my guard than normally.

How I could have been so careless as to make myself as vulnerable like that I do not understand. Why this girl, not 1 foot away from me, should mean so much is beyond me.

My thoughts continued until the bell rang and I gathered my books and left quickly without a glance back. I met up with Emmet as I was walking towards the Spanish building.

'Hello my brother' Emmet thought with a grin on his face.

"Emmet" I acknowledged him quietly enough that only he could hear.

'How's it going with the girl? Has she said anything?'

"No... nothing. I don't understand it. Its like-" I started speaking, frustrated, when Emmet cut me of.

'Well, speak of the devil.' Emmet thought and in his head I saw the girl and Mike walk towards the gym building. I zeroed in on his thoughts but looked the other direction, walking in a human pace. Mike was going to ask Bella out on a date. Suddenly I felt nervous.

"So..." Mike's nervous voice began and I walked even slower now.

'What is it?' hisses Emmet in my brain. 'Why are we walking so slowly? I know we are supposed to be acting like humans but this takes the cake!'

I just shrugged and otherwise ignored him. He grunted in frustration but did not walk away from me.

"What" I heard Bella ask back and judging by the way she said it she wasn't really paying attention.

"I was just wondering if... you might, you know... want to go... go out with me tonight" Mike mumbled.

I immediately listen more intensely for Bella's response and I was feeling nervous. What if she said yes? Wait! What do I care? I am not going to make Alice's vision come true, it can't! But I still couldn't seem to stop listening anxiously for her answer.

"Bella?" Mike asked and for one millisecond I glanced towards Bella and Mike and found that she was not listening to him, she was looking my way and slowly tuned towards Mike again. I shifted my gaze back, too fast for any human to actually see.

"What?" asked Bella a little dazed.

I couldn't help but smirk a bit. She had been staring at me and wasn't even remotely interested in what Mike had to say! She probably hadn't even heard him! I snickered.

'Oh Shit! She didn't even hear me?! I should back out! Or should I? Yes, yes I should. It's not the right time just yet' Mike thought and told the girl that it was nothing. I still couldn't stop myself from smirking.

'What's with the smirking and the snickering? Are you ill?!' Emmet thought with heavy sarcasm and I once again shrugged but otherwise ignored him. We hade just walked up towards the building door and slowly entered.

Mrs. Goff had yet to appear and this did not make a difference. The teachers rarely called on either me or a member of my family. The fact that every time we got called we hade the perfect answer was slightly aggrevating. This made the teachers question the ir intellect, something i thought was humorus.

Of course we were superior in intellect but we had also been around for centuries and more to come.

I started thinking of Bella again, the girl that seemed to be the centre of my universe now days. I realised, before I could stop it, that I was seeing the mind of Mike Newton.

I was now looking at Bella with a basketball in my hands.

'I should throw it slowly, maybe then…' But Mike's thoughts didn't go as planned. He threw the ball with very little force but for Bella that was obviously too much and she ended up throwing it at the back of the person standing next to her. Her face flushed a deep crimson and she turned back to Mike and they continued.

I was slightly shaking with silent laughter.

'Okey! Now I really think you have lost it brother!' Emmet didn't look towards me but that didn't stop his thoughts from screaming at me.

"It's nothing. Just having some fun thinking'" I knew he would get the double meaning and he turned towards me.

'Anything good?' What was I supposed to say? 'yes well I'm watching Bella, the girl I saved and probably exposed us to a few days ago. She's not good in gym and hens my laughing?'

No I couldn't say that. He would probably think I'm insane and tease the hell out of me.

"Nothing to exciting, just same old, same old." I shrugged one more time and watched the rest of the show.

Spanish ended soon enough. As Emmet and I walked out of the building towards my car I couldn't help myself remembering Bella in gym. She really was a danger magnet.

We stopped by my car and waited for our"siblings".

Across the parking lot I saw Bella getting into her car and all the memories of the bruises and injuries she had inflicted on herself and others came back to me and I could not for the love of god stop the laughter that came out of my mouth.

Sure it wasn't a soaring sound that could make all the birds fly away, but it was enough to get people to look at mi like I was crazy.

At that time I caught her looking my way and the laughter ceased marginally. She quickly dropped her gaze. I kept mine still at her car. As she was about to look my way again I shifted my gaze but my grin was still plastered on my face.

I watched as she slowly and carefully manoeuvred her way out of the parking spot, without running someone over, shockingly.

I shook my head and started laughing slightly again.

'Oh man he really has lost it.' Thoughts that came from my "brother" but I couldn't really care about his teasing at this point.