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Now here's the prologue granted it might not be as good as I usually can start a story but I swear it will get better.



Death is unpredictable. It approaches at anytime and from any angle. Once it makes its presence known it is virtually unstoppable. It can move in like a wraith, quickly and silently, creeping out of the shadows and embracing its victim in its cold destructive grip.

Or it can come in at a slow pace, letting everyone around it know that there is no way to stop it, as if it is taunting its victim.

Death can also approach unexpectedly and to the healthiest of people…

Or children.


Silent sniffles could be heard throughout the clearing of a forest as a little blonde boy sat in the fetal position trying desperately to stifle his tears. Pain and despair clouded his mind and the silent question of "Why?" could be heard being asked over and over again.

He was floating. Suspended in the air lying on his back motionless. His eyes were screwed shut as if he was in denial about what had happened to him, despite the broken chain that was connected to his chest. He didn't want to face that reality yet. That he had been murdered.

But he knew. He wasn't an idiot. One doesn't go from being beaten and set on fire to suddenly fine and floating in the air with a chain screwed to his chest while looking as his mangled self from above. However he just couldn't come to terms with it. He wasn't ready to die. He still had things to do, goals to complete. He felt anger and despair begin to build up inside of him. Why him? What did he ever do to deserve the agony his short life had shaped up to be? What god had he wronged in a past life to deserve this pain?

He didn't know. He didn't want to know.

He began to cry some more, not really knowing what else to do. He watched as his apartment burned to the ground, the flames never affecting his spectral form. He became lost in the fire's orange yellow glow and his tears glinted off of the flames like little gems.

"Stupid villagers," he said to no one.

"Don't you know it's wrong to kill little kids!?" But no one was there to answer his question. Just like always. Just like it always would be. And as his despair began to grow, something began to change within him. All of his pent up emotions began to burst forth, broken from the damn he'd spent five years building as the harsh reality finally set in. He wanted to scream, to yell out to the heavens and to curse Kami herself for his suffering but he didn't. Blaming others still didn't change the fact that he was dead.

And that was it. That realization and the final acceptance of the harsh reality, as if the words were a trigger holding up his last mental defenses…


They unlocked everything within his soul, everything negative.

And as soon as the boy uttered those words, words spoke with such extreme despair and agony, power exploded off of his small frame, the chain on his chest disintegrating in a matter of seconds.


He crumpled and curled into a ball desperately clutching at his chest.

"Wh-what's happening!?"

He would never get his answer as a second later white liquid exploded from his mouth and eyes…


A little boy with orange hair stared in shock as his mother's corpse, blood was everywhere and the smell of the rain still lingered in the air. The woman had a large hole through her back and out of her stomach and the small form underneath her was in just as bad a shape.

The boy's eyes were wide with Terror as the memory continued to assault his mind. It was imprinted in his brain with frightening clarity, the girl, the surprise, the frightened yell of his mother as she jumped on top of him.

Then nothing.

It had all happened so fast one second he was rushing to save a girl and the next he's a ghost floating above the bodies of both his mother and himself. But one thing became clear to him almost instantly.

He couldn't find his mother.

He had searched for hours, calling out for her desperately. He ignored everything around him, even as a pair of joggers eventually discovered their bodies the next day, even as an ambulance carried them away. He continually called out for his mom. Tears streamed from his eyes. Where was she? Where did she go? What happened to her? Did she survive? But that little feeling of hope was crushed when he saw his dad approach with a bundle of flowers, a picture and a pair of crosses. One for each of them. His heart wept as his dad cried for hours over their makeshift graves.

He wanted to hug the man. He wanted to rush right over to him and scream that everything was alright. But he couldn't

Finally his dad left and the boy was left alone again to wallow in his despair.

Unfortunately the boy was very unaware of his own presence…

"Well Well Weeeeeeeeel, what do we have here? A delicious looking soul ripe for the picking. You'll taste marvelous I'm sure!"

But before the boy could turn around and gasp in horror, a huge mouth snapped him up. And the massive creature attached to that mouth vanished though a black void…


In a vast white desert with a pitch black sky, a lizard-like creature the size of a man appeared through a void, looking quite satisfied. If not for its mask one would be able to see its large toothy grin.

"Ah I was right! That was easily the most satisfying meal I've had in ages! I've never had such a potent soul before!"

The creature looked absolutely pleased with itself, as if it had achieved something great by sneaking up on the nearly dead soul of a child. The monster only wished it had some else to brag to.

But then something began to feel, wrong, as if he had indigestion. As if he couldn't handle the meal…

"What? What happening? UGH!!!"

Beams of light suddenly burst from the creature who began to scream in agony.

"I-I couldn't Handle it!? Aaarrrrggggghhhh!!!"

And in a brilliant display of light and color, the creature exploded into spirit particles, leaving behind the unconscious form of the orange haired boy, only his entire body was different. Pale white skin lined with red Tattoos, a short whip-like tail that was red at the tip and a set of rather cute looking claws on each finger.

And as the spiritual particles began to disperse, the boy let out a groan, just as a sinister skeletal looking mask covered his face and part of his head, leaving behind only his orange hair.

They say fate likes to play games, to alter events in order to liven up the things around it.

For the two involved it would certainly seem that way.

Because as a void opened up yet again it dropped something out of it. The figure crashed into the sand next to the orange haired boy. And when the sand settled it revealed a small red and yellow masked fox kit with a hole in its chest.

(Time skip)

Two child-like voices rang out at the same time across the sandy desert.

"Ahhh! It's a monster/Talking fox!" they screamed at the same time as they pointed at each other.

The two had been out for a few hours and had woken up at the same time. Memories of their deaths were threatening to overwhelm them once again.

Then they spotted each other.

Never in their lives had they thought something like this possible and their first reaction upon seeing each other was to leap back and point while screaming in shock/fear.

Though they did calm down after a couple of minutes and opted to examine each other wearily. The orange haired boy noticed that that fox seemed to be having trouble walking. It kept trying to stand up on its hind legs only to fail miserably.

"What? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?" he screamed as he finally took noticed of his significantly…altered body. "I'm a animal now! Why!?" But the boy couldn't give an answer. He just stood there staring as the fox continued to try and stand up on hind legs. He had to admit to himself as well. This fox was way cooler looking then any he had ever seen. It was blood red with a single white patch on the chest, It had yellow paws and a yellow tipped tail. It also wore a mask. He didn't know foxes could wear masks. It covered its entire head save for the lower jaw and had a broken spiral like symbol on the forehead. And where the ears were supposed to be, two long spikes of the mask slanted back in place of the ears. They looked more like they belonged on a rabbit but it didn't bother him. It made the fox look cooler. But he still had to know…

"Um, how can you talk?" The question was full of childlike curiosity.

The fox's attention automatically focused back on the orange haired boy and he too mad some observations.

And although he felt fear when looking at the creature he still couldn't help but stare in fascination. He'd never seen a monster before and since it wasn't attacking him he figured he'd get a better look.

The creature was about three feet tall and had white skin. Red tattoos were etched all over the body like tribal markings and glowing yellow eyes peered back at him from behind a red and white skull mask. Bright orange hair stuck out and back like an urchin. It also had a tail. It was short and slightly stubby but he could tell, given time and some growth that the tail would grow to be used like a deadly whip. The end looked like it had been dipped in blood.

He had just began examining the clawed hands when the monster spoke in a surprisingly shy little boy's voice. Granted the voice did sound slightly mechanic as it vibrated the mask in which it came out of.

"It's not polite to stare," he said quietly as if self conscious. In fact it was so innocent a tone that the fox's retort was killed before it even formed and was replaced by a sheepish laugh.

"Oh, uh, sorry about that it's just I've never seen a real monster before so I was uh...curious.

The monster crossed its arms as if offended.

"Hey! I'm not a monster! Are ya callin me ugly or something!?" He said as he looked away and up at the sky.

The fox sweat dropped. "Uh Have you looked in a mirror lately Skull Boy?"

"Hey!" yelled the monster again.

"You're just a stupid furball!"

The fox growled, causing the monster to take a fearful step back but then a random thought suddenly entered his head. "Hey you wouldn't happen to know where we are do ya? I mean I just died and all and I was sorta expecting a place full of ramen and pretty girls to be my heaven."

The monster gasped. "You just died too!?" Then he made a gagging noise. "Girls as icky!" The fox laughed.

"Well I guess that answers my question." Then both became solumn again. "This sucks," said the fox as he sat on his haunches while his tail waved adorably behind him. The monster took a seat next to him and sighed. "What do we do now?" he asked.

The fox shook his head. "I don't know."

"I guess we're just gonna hafta figure things out huh?" said the monster.

The fox nodded, then beamed. "But that's okay! I'm use ta bein alone so no biggie! I can survive."

The Skull boy just hugged his knees to his chest. "I miss Momma and Papa." He said. The fox sighed sadly. "And I miss Oji-San."

The two just sat in silence for a few more minutes, reliving their past lives in their heads.

"Hey," began the monster. "How did you die?"

The fox looked down at the ground and glared. "I-I was attacked by stupid villagers cause they thought I was a demon."

"Was it cause you're a talking fox?"

"No. I was actually a human before I died. The villagers were just stupid I guess. What about you? How'd you die?"

The orange haired monster sighed. "I'm not sure. I think Momma tried to save me from something but I don't know what. I do know that whatever she saved me from got her instead."

The fox tried to give a comforting hug but realized that he couldn't do so because of his new body. He silently cursed.

"But I will find her,"

The declaration was so quiet the fox barely heard it. But it did make him smile and smile widely.

"I'll help you!" he declared loudly."


The fox nodded, jumping to his feet and nearly falling over again due to his lack of experience with four legs.

"yeah! It's not like I have anything better to do and I didn't have any parents or anyone that loved me except for Oji-San and he's still alive so I'll help you! We'll get so strong that whatever took your Kaasan will tremble in fear at our power!"

The orange haired monster actually let out a grateful laugh. "And after that we'll find heaven and live forever in paradise!"

"But what if there is no heaven?" asked the fox.

The orange haired monster looked up in thought for ten seconds before he held out his hand.

"Then we'll make one." He said. "We'll make sure that the afterlife is something to look forward to. Deal?"

The fox grinned and placed a paw in the little monster's hand in a handshake. "Deal."

The two smiled at each other and turned in a random direction, memories of their past lives fueling them, and new dreams pushing them forward.

"Oh uh," began the fox. "I never did get your name."

The little monster gave a smile even though it was hidden behind his mask. "Ichigo. Kurosaki Ichigo."

"Nice ta meecha Ichigo! I'm Uzumaki Naruto!"

Ichigo smiled again and set out towards the horizon, Naruto walking awkwardly next to him. Two spirits transformed but unaffected by the taint the transformation brings. In time these two would forge their own destiny. One made from legends. Many hardships will meet them on their journey and many will change the way they see the spirits of those lost to suffering because of these two.

They say fate really does like to mess around with the current timeline. What type of future would come from these two being dead? Transformed and in each other's company? No one can actually answer that question. It's up to these two to decide what future to build…


The first part of the prologue was…god it was horrible but I'm glad to see it got better. Tell me what you think.

Also for those who might be a bit confused about what they look like. Imagine Ichigo in his hollow form only chibified and Naruto as a masked red and yellow fox with a broken shiki fujin seal on his forehead.