Chapter four

Above the town of Karakura, a portal opened up.

And out of that portal came a massive outpouring of spiritual pressure that caused everyone able to sense it to gasp and shutter in primal fear. The energy flooding the city was wild and uncontrolled. Whatever possessed this reitsu was inexperienced in suppressing it. As if the being who possessed this power had no need to force it down.

Weaker hollows all over the city gave terrified howls and disappeared back to huecho mundo, wanting nothing to do with this power. Pluses broke out into a terror fueled sweat and ran for cover.

Two beings emerged from the portal and floated there dazed for a second. The Garganta snapped shut and the spiritual pressure faded away as it adjusted by itself to this new environment. It was still overwhelming and powerful but it was stable now.

Naruto shook his head.

"Wow what a rush! That shit was crazy!" he exclaimed with a huge grin. Ichigo adjusted himself as well before he rubbed his forehead. "Man you're not kidding."

He shook the cobwebs from his brain and gave a sigh. "But at least we're…here now."

He looked down at the city before him. Naruto did the same and felt his eyes grow wide. Ichigo smirked. "Welcome to my world fox. Welcome to Karakura Town." His voice. It was thick with emotions, overwhelming happiness, pride and sadness was thick in Ichigo's tone as he gazed lovingly over the home he hadn't seen in ten years. Naruto's eyes swept back and forth over the city before him.

"Wow." This was so different than Konoha. He may not have seen his former home in ten years but he has a perfect memory of it. This city was a hub of technology and advanced society. And far larger than Konoha could ever hope to be. Things he'd never even dreamed of seeing were everywhere, large metal carts that moved on their own shot up and down cement roads far faster than any mount ever could, lights coursing with electricity without the aids of seals or chakra, and people, running about, living happy carefree lives without the threat of war at their doorstep every waking hour. This…Is Ichigo's world. This is Karakura town.

Ichigo seemed amused by Naruto's wonder.

"Come on Fox. I'll show ya around."

Naruto gave a nod, excitement growing some more. "Yeah."


She was in this town on a training trip for new recruits to her division. This town was perfect because of its high concentration of spirit energy. Hollows were all over this place and she knew her subordinates would have no trouble here.

Those thoughts were all through her head for three days…Until the entire city was suddenly rocked by the power of two hollows that bordered on the lines of ridiculous. These hollows were powerful! They easily had more reitsu than most captains and their energy was unique even for hollows. As soon as she felt it she rushed to the general area, making sure to stay out of sight, her subordinates following close behind.

"What…is this?"

She watched as two hollows emerged from a garganta over the city. One of them was massive. It had to be a menos judging from its size. It was a huge fox with shimmering yellow/orange/red fur and it had seven tails. Its eyes wandered over the city with an emotion that downright scared her.


It had never been here before. That look in its eyes could only mean one thing!

The second hollow though caused her to gasp. It was a rather basic looking hollow actually, pretty humanoid with a long whip-like tail and red tattoos up and down its white skinned body. From a distance it could be mistaken for a vasto lorde by a rookie or an inexperienced hollow or shinigami. But the fact that it had a rather large Zanpaktou resting on its shoulder is what made her gasp in shock.

She was just about to pull out her cell phone to contact the soul society when she heard the small hollow speak.

"Welcome Fox. Welcome to my world. Come on I'll show ya around."

She stopped, simply because she was once again shocked by the hollow's words. His world? Show him around? Like some sort of tour guide? What the hell?

She watched as the two hollows drifted towards the ground and landed on the roof with a gentle thud, taking care not to disturb anything. She turned to her subordinates.

"We follow them. Stay out of sight and keep your reitsu hidden. This is training. Do not let me down."

Her subordinates, while looking nervous on various levels all gave nods. She couldn't understand why but she was fascinated by these two as soon as she had seen them. There was something different…unique about them.

She and her group followed the hollows all through the city, listening as they interacted with each other. The smaller hollow had great knowledge of this city and his voice was full of adoration as he showed his companion around, pointing out things like restaurants, stores and even the river that ran through the town.

He was born in this city…had lived here. But…How is he the way he is? There is no anger in his voice, no bitterness and no ill intent. She'd been following them for a while and they had bypassed six souls already who where hiding in terror at the sight of them, ignored them completely.

And that Zanpaktou…How could this hollow have one? Where did he get it? She wanted to know.

She followed them for the rest of the day and well into the evening. None of them had been noticed yet and this pleased her. This was a promising bunch, these recruits.

"This is where it happened." The smaller hollow became somber as he stood at a certain point by the river. The fox nodded.

"Your grave huh? Well…at least it's nicer than my grave. Nice sparkling water and green grass in a peaceful city beats a dumpster in an alley any day."

The smaller hollow snorted. "You sure. I thought rodents liked the garbage?"

"Bite me Skull Boy. And I ain't no damn rodent and foxes are too noble to degrade themselves by digging through trash like some kind of mongrel. What are we? Stray dogs?"

"Pfft I bet I could find a fox right now in this city diggin through the garbage."

"Heh. Whatever."

The fox looked up. "So this is your home village eh? It's…impressive. That much I'll agree on."

The smaller hollow nodded. "Yeah. Not a thing has changed either."

The fox shrugged. "I'm sure Konoha is no different either. Might have a new Hokage. I know the old man was pushin it when I was alive still."


The fox eyed Ichigo for a second before he spoke again with a bit of a chuckle, remembering someone else from his past who used to say that a lot.

"Now that we're here you gonna go visit your family? It'd be nice to know how they're doin after ten years right?"

Her eyes widened as she heard this question asked. This hollow still had family here? This wasn't good. Surely he'd go right for them with the intention of devouring their souls. Her hand went to the hilt of her Zanpaktou. But the hollow's next word froze her in place in an instant.

"Pfft are you shittin me? unless they can see ghosts, which is likely that my sisters will, since I remember I could as a child but my old man couldn't, it would be pointless and I ain't goin anywhere near there on the off chance that they can. Not to mention my…appearance. I'm not gonna risk givin the old man or the brats nightmares."

The fox laughed.

"Yeah, you are pretty damn ugly I'm surprised I don't have nightmares after ten years of seein your face everyday."

"Bite me fox."

The fox chuckled.

"Maybe someday eh?"

The small hollow sighed and gave a nod. "Yeah…someday."

She was stunned. What's with these two? They sounded so…human. So innocent…pure. What the hell was she doing even following them and listening to them talk instead of eliminating them?

"Your sisters. Are they hot?'


The smaller hollow leapt up and bashed the larger one in the face with the flat of his Zanpaktou. "Never ask me something like that again you Teme!"

"Hey! I was just askin you dick! Sheesh! I guess I shouldn't though. Not like you'd know after ten years anyway."

"They'd be like eleven or twelve right now you fucking pervert! Back off!"

"Alright alright jeez! But just so you know, twelve and fifteen are hardly far apart at all."


"Ow! Dammit Skull boy!"

She actually giggled a bit despite her best efforts to keep it in, shocking some of her subordinates. But her hard glare let them know that this was not to leave the circle lest they want to end up with slit throats.

She turned back towards the hollows and gave a sigh. As much as she hated to admit this, she couldn't face them as she was anyway due to having a limiter placed on her and…they were far too interesting to kill right away.

"We retire for the night," she began as she turned to the recruits. We will be keeping tabs on those two hollows starting tomorrow but do not attack them. They are far beyond you and I at the moment."

And it was true. These hollows were easily at captain level. She'd never be able to take them both on with this limiter in place.

"H-hai Taicho."

The group all vanished via. Shunpo and headed off to rest for a bit.


A week later found a content Naruto and Ichigo relaxing on the roof of a rather large apartment complex observing the city. The two were silent, just enjoying the tranquility. Naruto was happy for his friend, extremely so actually. He could only imagine how great it felt to actually be able to see his home again.

"I…almost forgot what it was like…to be in this city."

Naruto nodded his head, barely moving at all as he rested it on his forepaws. Ichigo chuckled.

"Lazy ass fox."

"Bite me skull boy."

He half heartedly tried to hit Ichigo with one of his tails. Ichigo chuckled again.

The two descended into another silence as they watched the sunset. It was…refreshing. After years of seeing the same dreary black sky and crescent moon they were both immensely glad to see a sunset again. They actually couldn't fathom how other hollows could even prefer that depressing place over this. He wondered what Naruto was thinking.

"Heh, porbably about that Hokage Guy," he mused. Ten years and the fox still hadn't run out of things to say about that man. Ichigo was actually looking forward to going to Naruto's home world and meeting him once they figured out how to get there. And they were going to get there. It simply was not acceptable to them that they couldn't.

"Holy shit Ichigo look at that bombshell!"

Ichigo jumped at Naruto's sudden excited yell and he glared. "What the hell are you yappin about now?"

Naruto pointed. "Look."

Ichigo obeyed and looked down towards the street and widened his eyes as they landed on an orange/red haired beauty strolling down the street towards the apartment complex they were currently resting on with an arm full of groceries. His eyes traveled up and down her body, mentally taking in her beautiful voluptuous form. But when he got to her face he gasped as a memory flashed in his mind.

"Holy shit! That's Orohime! Damn she really filled out nicely. Dammit and I've missed it all. Fuck I hate bein dead!"

Naruto chuckled. "Its too bad. She looks…delectable." He gave a perverted giggle.

Ichigo glared. "You realize how wrong that sounded coming from your giant fox ass right?" he deadpanned. "Besides that body is too perfect for any random douche to ravage."

"You callin me a douche you ass?"

"Shut up Idiot and once again you're a fuckin monster fox. There ain't no action for you even among hollows."

Naruto laughed.

"Ya don't have to wound my soul. Just be straight up with me and say that you call dibs on her."

"Shut up idiot."

Naruto just laughed some more. "Wonder if there's anyone else you know around here?"

Ichigo stood up suddenly, his voice fully of happiness and excitement.

"Guess we'll have to look huh?"



The arrival of Naruto and Ichigo was not only noticed by that shinigami and her squad of trainees.

There were several other individuals who felt that massive spiritual pressure wash over the city as well.

One group consisting of a blond man and large muscular man, a pair of children and a black cat watched from their spot at a small shop and felt numerous emotions such as bewilderment and trepidation. They weren't sure what was going on but they decided to keep hidden for now, lest they be spotted by any shinigami that may or may not be stationed in the town. However if these hollows started causing too much trouble they'd move in swiftly and eradicate them. But just from what they could feel, these two had no ill intentions. It was…shocking.

So they held off rushing to the scene until they had more info.

Another group was also alerted. There were eight of them, dressed like everyday humans they were on high alert in an instant.

"Hollows! And strong ones at that." exclaimed a blond man with big teeth and a slight frown.

"Humph. Lets go kill the bastards then if its bothering you so much dipshit."

The blonde man gave a shrug. "Eh. I could use the exercise and so could you."

He ducked under her swung sandal.

"However, I really don't see the point in revealing ourselves. I know you saw that group of shinigami right? Leave it to them."

The girl huffed and crossed her arms. "Whatever."

The two turned to leave though the man did pause. "Strange. One feels like one of us…and the other one…what the heck kind hollows are they?"

"Hey dick weed hurry the hell up!"

He turned towards the girl and flipped her the bird. "Up yours brat!"

He followed her with thoughts of the two hollows firmly implanted in his mind.


Another week went by. She and her trainees were due to leave any day now but she couldn't pry her eyes away from the two hollows.

Ichigo…and Naruto. That was their names. They rarely ever called each other by their names but she had been their during such an occasion. She felt oddly pleased to know their names actually. And she found herself staring at them more and more lately than she was actually studying them

It had become painfully obvious that these two were just…here to enjoy the city. They didn't attack the pluses, they didn't cause damage and they didn't seek out a shinigami to devour. They were just a pair of adolescents trapped in hollow bodies but making the best of their situation.

How could this be possible?

She didn't know. But she had forgone calling the soul society to get them killed. They'd likely end up as experiments for the sick bastard Mayuri as soon as they appeared in soul society after being cleansed anyway. Deep down she knew this was extremely out of character for her and that the soul society would demands her reasoning for not killing them if they found out about this but she really couldn't bring herself to care. She…liked those two hollows. They reminded her of Yoruichi-Sama.

However duty eventually forced her to act and she drew her Zanpaktou.

"I am impressed," she told her recruits. "You managed to stay hidden from those two despite their obvious power. You will be rewarded when we get back to the soul society."

She opened up and Senkai gate and watched as each new recruits gave a slight grin and stepped through. "Get some rest and we will continue your training in a day.

"H-Hai Taicho!"


"Huh? What's that?"

Naruto's nose twitched as he looked up, a very slight feel of spiritual pressure catching his attention and causing him to look to the west.

"Hmm?" Ichigo felt it too and turned in the same direction as Naruto. He spotted a glowing portal and a pair of old fashioned gates. And there was someone standing in front of the portal.

"What the?"

Naruto focused more and gasped.

It was a slender yet very beautiful woman. She was looking right at them, a slightly surprised expression on her face. His memory almost forced him to blurt out the name Hinata but he knew that this woman was not her. This woman was different, more fierce looking…powerful.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her and she seemingly couldn't either. They started at each other for what seemed like an eternity. A slight breeze ruffling his fur and causing the two long wrapped braids of her hair to swing a bit, revealing the golden hoop at the end of each braid.

Finally, the woman gave a slight smile and nodded before turning and vanishing into the portal. The gates closing with a snap and fading from view.

"Was that a…Shinigami?"

Ichigo chuckled.

"That couldn't have been a Shinigami. She was freaking hot! One hell of a woman. A ghost perhaps, moving on or something. But to where exactly? Does a heaven exist after all?"

"Yeah she was," muttered the fox absently.

Ichigo chuckled again. "Stay with me fox."

Then he crossed his arms, looking smug.

"Though I must say, that was one hell of a moment you shared with her as well. Guessing you call dibs?"

"Shut up you dumb ass." Though his voice was a bit shaky and flustered.


As she moved through the portal she was a maelstrom of flustered thoughts.

That hollow's gaze. It was so intense! And his eyes were so beautiful. She'd never felt so naked before a gaze in her life. Her body was still recovering from the sudden surge of heat. Just what kind of person was he in life to posses such a…pleasurable aura even as a hollow?

She shuttered a bit, her face turning just a hint of pink.

She'd have to be sure to meet that hollow again. Perhaps he'd even accept being cleansed. After all it wouldn't do to pin after a giant fox hollow now would it.

She gasped at her sudden thought.

What the hell was wrong with her? Was she really so alone that a gaze from a Hollow of all things could send her into a flustered mess?

"But that hollow is different," she mused.

And it was true. No normal hollow Had eyes that beautiful and blue.

She made her way back to soul Society with Thoughts of Naruto assaulting her the entire way.

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