Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note.

Note: So yeah I wanted to try a drabble and Light is the only person I trust myself not to ramble on forever about. My word checker tells me exactly 100. Ff tells me 103. WHATEVER. So yeah. Implied L/Light. Hope you like. I was thinking of doing a little bit more focusing around the days after/before L's death. There's so much fun emotion there to be exploited. What do you think?



Light is locked away somewhere even Misa can't find him, sitting in the dark, sometime after Ryuzaki – his one-time friend, one-time lover, his eternal enemy – has been laid to rest. In front of him, Rem's Death Note is lying, open, deceivingly innocent, on his desk. Light turns the pages, one by one, slowly, almost apprehensively.

L would never tell him his secrets when he was alive. And now -

It was a shame, really, Light thinks. A man like that could have been useful. Could have been more than useful...

And there, on the open page – L Lawliet.

Light smiles.