Hellooooo lovely readers! I just couldn't stay away! I'm still writing my sci-fi story on FictionPress, but I miss you all so much I thought I have to start a new Doctor Who story (lol). So here it is, hope you enjoy xx

What The News Doesn't Say

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.

Chapter 1: Dragon's Achilles'

Breaking News: The streets of London were ransacked last night by a fleet of flying reptiles. Locals were terrified and forced to retreat to their homes as several accounts of 'dragons' were reported to the police and other authorities. Onlookers say the creatures were organised and intelligent. Reports have also been received about two unnamed persons who seemed to be at the centre of the chaos. Their presence at the scene is not officially linked to the mysterious occurrence, or the rather unusual method of the reptiles' departure.

"Doctor! Let it go!"

"Its got my screwdriver!"

"I said let it go!"

"But Rose!"

"Doctor, it's gonna kill you!"

The Doctor reluctantly let go of the dragon's neck, and it flew off with an ear-piercing screech, taking the sonic screwdriver with it. The Doctor stomped at the ground in frustration. "What do you suppose we do now?"

Rose gaped at him. "I saved your life; you think of the next idea!"

The Doctor looked around. A myriad of the winged creatures were destroying the streets of London. The screaming from unfortunate onlookers had long died down as people fled the scene. And the creatures were taking over. He had no way to stop them, no way to distract them...

Or did he?

The Doctor's eyes widened, and a smile spread across is face as he saw the contents of a destroyed shop across the street. Rose followed his gaze, and looked back at him nervously. "No, no don't you dare!"

Too late; the Doctor was running as fast as he could towards the shop, and climbed carefully through the broken window. He emerged a few moments later with five strings of sausages and a large ham.

Rose gaped at him as he started draping the sausages over his shoulders and waving the ham in the air.

"What are you-"

"TARDIS, now!"

They both began pelting down the street, towards the comforting familiarity and unmistakable presence of the lovely blue box. Rose glared at the Doctor as he started yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Here you go, here, over here, free lunch, come on, come on!!!"

"Doctor, you've lost your mind. Stop it, put the meat down!"

He ignored her comment. "When you get it back, setting 125 towards the TARDIS."

"What d'you mean?"

She had no time to ask any more questions. They'd reached the TARDIS, but they'd also caught the attention of the dragons. They had turned their attention to the running free meal, and had started to chase them. The Doctor ordered Rose to stay behind him as he ran around in circles in front of the TARDIS. She thought he was barking. Of all his outrageous ideas, this one had to be the most insane of the lot.

The dragons drew closer, lead by the annoying beast that had stolen the sonic screwdriver. As it swooped closer, the Doctor began to sweat. He only had one shot at this...

The dragon opened its immense jaws ready to wrap them around the meat-drenched Doctor...

And dropped the screwdriver. Right into the Doctor's hand. He at once threw it to Rose, who fumbled around with the controls in a panic.

"Open the TARDIS door. Setting 125! Hurry!"

The Doctor dropped to the floor with his hands over his head as the monster swooped over him, towards Rose.


The ear-piercing sound of the screwdriver surrounded them, and caught the attention of the cloud of flying predators. They immediately changed course with a mournful cry, and flew straight into the TARDIS, missing Rose by a hair's width. Dragon after dragon flew into the ship, a seeming impossibility from the outside. When the last one entered the ship, the door closed behind them, and Rose stopped the screwdriver, dropping to her knees and trying to catch her breath.

The Doctor discarded the meat and headed over to her, a big grin on his face. He sat down on the muddy ground next to her.

"Well done," he said breathlessly.

"Thanks," Rose replied. "But if you ever do anything like that again, I'll kill you before anything else does!"
He just grinned charmingly, and Rose pushed him playfully. "What do we do with them now? In case you haven't notice, they've now got run of the TARDIS."

The Doctor shook his head. "The ol' girl'll store them away somewhere til we can get them back to Persion. I'm sure they'll be glad to have them back. They are an endangered species after all."

Rose just glared at him.


So glad to be back! xx