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6 months later


I sat on the edge of my seat feeling extremely uncomfortable. My fingers stayed to the hem of my lovely white dress, nervously picking at the invisible lint on it, and smoothening out non existent creases. I constantly shifted my legs in an attempt to make myself feel more comfortable. My stomach felt funny, and I sipped on a glass of lemonade to ease its constant twisting. But the way I was acting was hardly strange. In fact, one would say it was perfectly normal behavior. After all, today would be the most important day in my life. Today was the day I was…

"Isabella Marie Soon-To-Be-Masen! If you do not stop fidgeting right now, you can do your makeup and hair all on your own. Let's see how well you manage then," yelled Alice into my ear making me lose my train my thought. "It's hard enough to get this look to work perfectly, without you making it any more difficult. So, for the sake of all that is good in the world, stop your damn moving about!"

In my defense I did glare at her. What was I to do when she glared right back, intensity tenfold? I did what any other normal human being in my position would have done. I suitably cowered under her gaze and looked at Rosalie for support. "Rose" I whined. "Tell Alice that I have every right to be a nervous wreck right now."

"Alice, stop bullying Bella" said Rose mechanically, in response to which Alice (being the mature adult she is) stuck her tongue out. "And I don't see why you're so jittery, Bella" reasoned Rose. "You're getting married today! This should be the best day of your life. Just let loose, and I'm sure everything will go great."

Yes. You did in fact read that correctly. I was getting married to Edward. Of course, I had thought this would happen years ago, but he was well worth the wait. Ethan will finally have a real father, and Edward will be mine officially. We would be a 'true' family at long last. Though I knew marriage was just a formality, it felt wonderful to know that in just a little while, we would legally belong to one another.

But the perfectness which lay in the near future was what worried me. What if things didn't work out? What if Edward decided he wasn't ready for this? What if…? My forehead unconsciously creased into a frown, and a tear escaped my eye. Alice looked at me, concerned.

"You're worrying again, aren't you Bella" she chastised, but her expression softened. "You deserve a happy ending, just as much as any one else out there, maybe even more after all you've been through. You're an amazing mom to Ethan, and an awesome person, and I'm sure you'll make a great wife. Edward is really lucky to have found someone like you".

This prompted a fresh onslaught of tears. Alice looked completely distressed, though I'm not sure if it was because she thought I was upset, or because I was ruining her carefully applied makeup.

"Now look what you've done, Alice" scolded Rose. "You've made her cry."

"I'm sorry Bella.' Alice said quickly. "Don't cry. I didn't mean to upset you."

"Don't apologize" replied. "I'm not crying because I was offended, you silly girl! I was really touched by what you said, and it means a lot to me."

Alice looked visibly relieved. "Group hug!" she said and the two of them enveloped me in a giant bear hug. Okay, so Alice is physically incapable of 'enveloping' anyone in a group hug but I'm just trying to make a point here. When they pulled back, Rose eyed my face critically.

"Thank god we thought of using waterproof makeup" she said, relieved. "Now we only have to touch you up, and you'll be perfect!" As Alice began redoing parts of my face, Rosalie added the finishing touches to my hair.

I looked at the spread of cosmetics and hair products before me, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't thoroughly intimidated. There were creams and powders for each part of my face, and dozens of types of brushes for my hair. If it were up to me, I would have been completely satisfied walking down the aisle with no make up, and my hair in a pony tail, but Alice didn't work that way.

Three years ago, we were having a random conversation about how Rose was lucky to be married, and have someone who loved her so much. Alice suddenly grew serious and made me promise that in the event I ever got married, she would be my maid of honor, and would be allowed to take complete charge of the wedding planning, and dressing me up. Of course, I hadn't thought I would ever get married, so I agreed to please her. Funny how things work out!

She had never forgotten my promise, and when Edward proposed to me, she jumped at the thought of getting to plan my entire wedding. I was only to pleased to let her take charge, because she thrived in the stress caused by major events, whereas I inevitably went totally crazy trying to plan even a simple birthday party.

Alice had insisted on designing my bridal gown, and she had done a marvelous job. The wedding had a classic theme, and my dress matched perfectly with its classy, clean cut lines. The design was simple, with a strapless cut and a long flowing bottom, but the effect it produced was amazing. I felt like a princess (childish as that might sound) in my gown and for the first time in my life I felt elegant instead of clumsy. Of course, the fact that Alice had allowed to me to wear flats helped the elegance factor considerably.

All of a sudden, the butterflies in my stomach were back, and I was nervous for no apparent reason all over again. Well the fact that I was the bride and that I was getting married to a freaking Greek god should on its own be reason enough for me to be edgy. I breathed in and out slowly, hoping that Alice and Rosalie didn't notice anything, not wanting to worry them.

To ease my nerves I tried thinking about Ethan and Edward, my two favourite people in the world. I thought about our new house, the one we had recently moved into after Edward and I had decided that it was unfair to impose upon Alice any longer. Though she had nearly fallen on her knees, begging us to stay, I wanted to be independent, and not rely upon her any longer. She had been a great friend to me, and helped me when I was in need, but that didn't mean I could take advantage of her generosity.

Money was no longer a constraint, with Edward's ridiculous pay check. We began a college trust for Ethan together, and I was so happy that Ethan could finally get the secure future he deserved. Edward had spoiled both of us rotten, constantly surprising me with thoughtful presents, and gifting Ethan the latest toys, and kid crazes.

My favourite image of all to focus upon, and help me calm down was Ethan, Edward and I standing together, as a family. A real family was something I had always craved for and I could finally, officially have one today.

"Bella?" said Alice, waving her hand before my eyes. "What're you thinking about? You suddenly started grinning like crazy ten seconds back."

"Huh?" I replied, dazed. "Grinning? Oh, I'm just very happy, that's all."

"You are so weird Bella! Anyway, as long as you're happy…"

She stopped midsentence because of a knocking on the door. Rose went to see who it was, and I strained to hear what she was saying to the person on the other side,

"…not good luck to see the bride before the wedding. Get out!" I discerned. I heard a muffled reply to the voice, but immediately knew who it was. No one else had that deep a voice. It was…Emmett!!

It could have never been Edward. He was far too traditional to as much as think at glancing at his bride before the actual wedding.

"…but Rose" he whined, still not having been allowed into the room. "I'm not even the groom. I'm totally allowed to look at blushing Bella!"

Cue furious blushing. Damn my peripheral capillaries! I was going to be a living cliché – the blushing bride. How marvelous.

"Anyway, I just came here to say that Bella needs to be down in five." I heard the door slamming, and Rose muttering "Stupid Emmett."

Shit. If I had heard right, he had just said I needed to be down in five. As in five minutes. Unless it meant five hours, which was totally fine by me. I began to hyperventilate, as I imagined every possible way this wedding could go wrong. And I mean every possible way. Including individual scenarios with crazed monkeys, a boy on a skateboard and banana milkshake. And a situation with all of them combined. Holy crap! I wasn't ready for this!

"Bella, calm down" said Alice, handing me my shoes, and adjusting my train. "You look beautiful, don't worry" added Rose, as they literally pushed me out of the dressing room and into the wedding room.

Charlie was waiting for me outside, and he took my hand to lead me down the aisle. He had flown to New York for the wedding, and to 'spend some quality time with his family'. I was so glad he was here, because I could have never gone through this without his support. He looked like he was trying hard not to cry, and I smirked at the sight, momentarily forgetting my own nervousness. I faintly registered the bridal march being played, as I walked down the aisle, frustrated at its length. I looked down the entire walk, afraid that I would trip if I didn't.

All my wariness was washed away when I was handed over to Edward. I knew instinctively that everything was going to be okay.

He grinned at me, and I swear my heart jumped out of my chest. He looked gorgeous, even better than usual if that was possible. He had attempted to comb his messy bronze hair and the tuxedo he sported brought out his incredible handsomeness. Ethan was standing by his side, in a tux as well, and holding the box containing the ring. I gave them both a small smile, and held Edward's hand.

The rest of my wedding was a blur. I remember staring at Edward's brilliant green orbs, drawn to his eyes like a moth to fire. The pastor droned on, but I didn't listen to a word he said. All I could look at was Edward, and how gorgeous he looked in his suit.

I didn't even glance at the numerous wedding guests Alice had insisted upon inviting. In fact I barely registered when it was my turn to say 'I do', and squeaked out the words when the time did come. But I was much too happy to be embarrassed about trivial little things like how my voice sounded.

Ethan handed Edward the wedding ring, and he slid it upon my finger. I repeated his action with his wedding band, surprised at the part of me incredibly turned on at the prospect of Edward wearing the band always, and being publicly branded as mine.

Finally the six words that completed the wedding process were uttered.

"You may now kiss the bride"

As Edward's lips captured mine, I knew that any insecurity I might have had was unfounded. This was where I belonged, by Edward's side. Looking down at Ethan, who was smiling so widely, I though his cheeks might give way, I was quick to amend that statement.

This was where we belonged. Forever.

I had runaway six years ago. I was finally home.

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