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A dark figure entered the chamber, a cloak covering his body, his bright green eyes glowing from underneath a hood. The death eaters parted to allow the man to pass, as they knew their master was expecting a visit. The man continued walking towards the large silver throne in the center of the room, where Voldemort sat, his green snake slithering in his arm, his ruby-red eyes focused on the man approaching him. He fingered his wand carefully, in case the man was to attack him.

The glowing eyes stared into his own, full of challenge and caution. Where had he seen them before? They seemed so familiar, but different in many ways.

The man stopped in front of him, his pale hands traveling to his head, removing the hood and revealing his face. The man had messy black hair, flaming green eyes, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. The death eaters gasped as they saw his identity and their hands went to their robes, searching for their wands.

Voldemort's mouth curled in a smirk. Of course! The wizard standing in front of him was Potter. Foolish Gryffindor.

"Harry Potter," he addressed the man in front of him. Harry bowed his head respectfully before responding, "I am here to join you." Tom laughed, the sound high and cold. "Give me a reason why I should let you."

The boy's face-hardened slightly at his words. "Why?" he asked defiantly, "I will kill for you and I will even die for you! I spent 5 years without knowing why you wanted to kill me, Dumbledore was keeping secrets away from me, he was only using me so I could defeat you and bring so-called peace to the Wizarding World! He never cared for me; he didn't even lift a finger while I was suffering for 10 years living a cupboard under the stairs! I had a terrible childhood because of the old man! The sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin in my first year, now I know why I should have listened to it." He was panting after he finished his words.

Voldemort still looked suspicious but he responded anyway, "Fine, Potter, we'll have to put your skills to test. You promised you would kill for me."

He waved his wand with his pale white fingers. A small trapdoor behind Harry opened up. Two death eaters slid through the hole. Harry knew what was going to happen next. He knew he would have to kill.

The death eaters appeared again, but this time, was dragging a women behind them. She looked starved and half-dead, her eyes closed and blood soaking through her tattered clothes. Her mouth was open and every few seconds would let out a blood-curdling scream.

Harry recognized her at once. It was Amelia Bones, from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He hated everyone from the ministry, anyone that worked for Fudge, whom had tried to expel him last year and made everyone believe he had brain damage. He clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white and gritted his teeth in anger.

The death eaters deposited her in front of the dark lord. The woman opened her bloodshot eyes and looked around, her gaze finding the raven-haired boy. "Harry!" she cried, her voice cracking, "What are you doing here?" Harry glared at her, his face twisted in disgust. He pointed his wand at her chest.

Amelia felt her heart stop and a new fear rose in her. What had happened the boy she knew? She swallowed carefully and asked, "What are you doing?" Her voice shaking.

Voldemort's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "Kill her," he hissed, he sounded like a snake, ready to attack. Harry bowed his head and stared at her, his green eyes sparking with deep hatred for the ministry worker.

"Please don't do it, Harry," she begged to him. Harry laughed, his voice cold. "There's nothing you can do, Bones. I have changed." He sounded so different, like a completely different person.

He pointed his wand at the old woman again and without hesitation, he cried, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" A green light exploded from his wand and shot towards Amelia. Her eyes widened with fear and shock, she screamed as it raced closer and closer to her. She knew there was no escaping the unforgivable curse.

The light struck her in the chest, killing her instantly, but leaving no marks on her body. Her mouth was still opened from screaming and her eyes were closed, as if she couldn't bear to see the spell kill her…or to see the boy-who-lived kill her.

Voldemort was surprised that Potter was even able to do an unforgivable. He never seemed to want to hurt someone, even if it meant he could destroy his archenemy. Maybe he has changed.

Harry kicking the body in disgust, as if he hated too even look at the person's body. His eyes were glaring daggers at the form, loathing her.

The dark lord never thought he would say this. He sucked a breath and said carefully, "Potter, you may join my inner circle." The death eaters were never expecting this, they watched, shocked and surprised at their master's choice.

Harry kneeled in front of Voldemort, knowing that he will have to receive the dark mark. He held out his left arm, rolling up his sleeve. His lord held out his wand and touched it to the boy's skin. "Morsmordre," he hissed.

Harry gritted his teeth to stop himself from screaming in pain. He felt his arm burn like fire.

The pain disappeared a few minutes later. Harry's eyes were closed and he was clutching his left arm. He opened them and removed his hand. He looked down at his arm. There, he had the dark mark, the tattoo of a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth.

Harry smirked to himself. How different had he become? He never expected to become a death eater 5 years ago. Won't Dumbledore be surprised when he finds out?

He was a true death eater now. Harry Potter was going dark.

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