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Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express, dragging his heavily loaded trunk behind him. He had cloaked himself and placed a hood over his head to shadow his face so only his glowing green eyes appeared from beneath it.

He settled himself inside an empty compartment, not even bothering to lower his hood. He growled at the sound of giggling girls near him. He turned his head towards them, giving them an icy glare. He withdrew his wand from his cloak pocket and hissed, "If you mudbloods don't leave my sight this instant, you will be tortured with the cruciatus curs," his voice coming out cold and unrecognizable that he was the boy-who-lived. The girls' eyes widened and their faces drained of color, one whispered, "But that is illegal, you can be sent to Azkaban."

He laughed mercilessly and replied with the same icy tone, "See if I care," his eyes flashing dangerously at the scared 4th years. They ran away, some glancing back at him fearfully as if afraid that he would come and attack them.

Harry smirked in contempt, pocketing his wand quickly, as if he would really torture them in front of all the professors and as if he wanted to go to wizard prison, for torturing stupid mudblood girls anyway.


The students sat in the Great Hall, waiting for the sorting ceremony to begin. Ron was tapping his fork on his plate absently (causing Harry to roll his eyes) and Hermione had her nose buried in the book Hogwarts: A History.

Harry was wearing his regular school robes now and no one was able to guess that he was the one that had threatened the girls; they were staring at him attentively, they eyes filled with…he didn't want to think about it. He shuddered at the thought of them wanting to ask him out. He stared at them with one of his eyebrows raised, causing them to giggle annoyingly. Harry looked away, his pale hands scratching at the table with boredom.

Finally, Professor McGonagall set the sorting hat on the small wooden stool. It looked old and maybe even slightly moldy.

It opened its flap of a mouth and began to sing. Its song told of a warning. Danger. It was different from the years before, where it had only sung of the founders and their houses. The last few lines were:

Even as you are parted

Remember the words and all

United we stand

Divided we fall

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The great hall was hushed, if someone had dropped a pin, they would have heard it. Even the teachers were silent.

Albus shook his white locks and announced, "We must continue the sorting. Price, Kelly!" Ron whispered into Harry's ear, "How can Dumbledore pretend nothing happened?" Harry's eyes darkened and he muttered, "Crack pot old fool," while glaring at the aging man.


"Harry! Where are you going?" A voice cried from behind him. It was Hermione. He ignored her constant calls and continued walking, muttering curses under his breath. "Harry!" she repeated, running behind him, her chocolate-brown eyes filled with worry for the black-haired teenager.

Harry spun around to face the panting girl, his eyes still dark with anger, "Look," he stated coldly, "I have something to do, why can't you just leave me alone, mudblood." With that, he turned back and disappeared at the end of the hallway.

Hermione could hardly believe her ears; he was so different. She thought he was her friend, even when he was angry, he had never called her a…a…a mud…mudblood. She sprinted towards the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, her eyes brimming with hot tears.


Stupid mudblood. Always nosing into other people's business. Harry didn't care whether he was best friends with her for 5 years or not. He didn't even care that she had helped him in the Department of Mysteries last year. All he cared about now was that she was a mudblood, a muggleborn.

He walked down the corridor silently. He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was following him. Seeing no one, he continued.

He paced next to the wall thinking about a place where he can be alone. Almost instantly, the wall started moving sideways, creating a doorway for him to enter. He smiled, The Room of Requirement.

Around him was a dark forest, with a few mossy patches and fallen trees. Above the canopy, there was a full moon and white stars glaring down at him. Perfect. A place to think.

He settled down on a dead tree, his face blank and his mind deep in thought. He tried remembering how Voldemort killed his parents; the flash of green light, his mother begging, her scream, how he had survived Avada Kedavra.

To Dumbledore, he was the golden boy, the boy-who-lived, the boy-who-must-defeat-the-darklord-because-of-the-prophecy-that-had-made-Voldemort-come-after-his-parents-and-him, and the chosen one. He had always trusted Dumbledore and believed that the headmaster had really cared for him. That was before Harry had found out the truth, the reason Dumbledore had claimed to care for him, the reason he was protected by him. He was being used, like a puppet.


Harry was passing by the headmaster's office when he heard raised voices. He paused by the door to hear Dumbledore say, "Listen, you are arresting innocent people!" The second voice, which he didn't recognize replied, "Headmaster Dumbledore, its for the public safety. Now that You-Know-Who is back, he can be using anyone."

"Minister, I have to agree with you on that, but how long will it be before you put one of my students in Azkaban?"

"You know I wouldn't do that, unless they were a death eater. I sometimes wish that Mr. Potter would just defeat him and get it over with! Do you know how many lives that would save?"

"Again, I agree. I hope we can keep him alive until the Final Battle. I didn't protect him all these years for nothing. He has to kill Tom Riddle."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. His beloved headmaster was only using him all this time. He never cared for him. He was lying to him all this time!


Harry's face was twisted in disgust. He clenched his fists until his knuckles turned completely white. Dumbledore will pay!

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