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Bella's point of view when she was 5 years old

Ding dong. I looked at the clock. It was 5.10 pm. I quickly put my cup on the table and ran to the door. However, when I reached the living room, my mother stopped me.

"Bella, my dear. Please go to your room and clean up your mess." I pouted. I wanted to see my brothers and play with them. I reluctantly went up to my room.

I was picking up my books on the floor when I heard my mother. She was screaming. That was odd. My mother hardly lost her temper. Even when I broke her favourite vase, she still didn't scream at me.

"Why are my kids with you?" my mother screamed. My brothers just ended their basketball practice. Normally they would walk home.

"Come on, Renee," the other voice said. That voice sounded so familiar.

"Can't I give a ride home for my best friend's kids? I saw them playing. They are good. Just like their father."

"Drew. Aaron. Get inside. Mummy needs a little talk with Uncle Karl here." So Uncle Karl was here. But why was she mad?

I silently walked to the stairs. When no one looked, I quickly went to the stor. I closed the door quietly so that no one knew I was there.

"Renee, why are you still standing at the door?" I saw my father walked to the door.

"What are you doing here?" my father hissed. Uncle Karl and dad were best friends since they were kids. Something was wrong here. I was convinced. I wanted to see what's was going on.

"Aren't you gonna invite your buddy here in? And I just gave a ride home for your kids. They shouldn't walk home, you know."

Suddenly I saw something shiny at Uncle Karl's right hand. I couldn't see what was it. Then I gasped. It was a long knife.

My mum lifted her hands in surrender. She and dad let him in the house. Drew and Aaron saw the knife too. They panicked. They started to throw the pillows to him.

"Stop it! Or I'll kill your precious mother here." He quickly put the knife at my mother's throat. Instantly my brothers stopped.

"Close the door, Charlie." My dad obediently closed the door.

"Now, where's Bella? Shouldn't she be at home?"

"Sh-sh-she's at the park playing." My mother stammered.

"Don't lie. You wouldn't want to set a terrible example for your kids here, would you?" he hissed.

"It's true. I sent her to play at the park cos she was feeling bored," said my father this time.

"Bellaaaa. Uncle Karl is here. I brought a present for you!" Uncle Karl was screaming at the top of his lungs, thinking I was at home.

But I didn't budge at all. I didn't run out of the stor. I stayed there quietly. Mum and dad wouldn't lie to Uncle Karl that I was at the park while just about ten minutes ago mum asked me to go to my room.

"Consider that Bella is lucky today. She wouldn't have to see this all by herself. I wouldn't hurt her if I see her next time. She's like my little princess to me," Uncle Karl said with a smile.

"Don't you dare call her as your little princess!" Wow. Dad was furious.

"Now, all of you on the ground. Aaron, get a rope for me." At first, Aaron didn't move. But when Uncle Karl started to tighten his grip around my mother's neck, he quickly went to the basement.

Five minutes later, Aaron came back with a rope. Uncle Karl instructed him to tie their hands together. Aaron quickly tied their hands while muttering "sorry".

I saw everything in a slow motion. I was too scared to move. I was in a huge shock. I saw how Uncle Karl stabbed both my parents cold-bloodedly. He wasn't even filled with remorse. My brothers watched our parents murdered by our favourite Uncle Karl.

They started crying and begging him to stop. But he didn't. Instead, he stabbed both of them. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I had both my hands covering my mouth. Then, he went to the kitchen and grabbed the cooking oil.

He poured over their dead bodies. He took out his lighter from his pocket. He set up a fire. He was burning my family's bodies! My own family! And he was my favourite uncle.

Then, he started burning the curtains, the couch, the table…everything. He wanted to burn the whole house down.

Before he walked out, he said proudly to my parents, "Don't worry. I'll take care of Bella if I found her. Who knows what will happen to that little girl when she finds out that her family died? Maybe she will be sent to the asylum." He laughed at himself and quickly made a dash before the neighbours found out.

I stood in the stor. I was still shocked. I couldn't move. How could he do this? And why didn't my parents defend? They seemed to know that this was about to happen. Why? I had millions of questions in my head.

I quickly got out of the stor. They lied to him so that he wouldn't find me. I had to do what I had to do. I wouldn't let them die worrying about me. I picked up my courage and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed a few clean towels and headed to my family. I tried to put out the fire. But I couldn't.

"No!!!" I was crying. I failed to put out the fire and the fire seemed to spread everywhere. I had to think. Then I remembered something that my dad said last time.


"Bella, in case of any emergency, any at all, be it a fire or a flood, you have to go up to my room and grab important documents." My dad was giving me a talk.

"What kind of documents, daddy?" I was three that time. But I was smart according to my parents.

"Like your birth certificate. Okay, honey?" I nodded to show him that I understood.

*End Of Flashback*

I ran up to their room. I opened their closet. That was where my mother kept every important document. I grabbed my birth certificate, the will my parents made a year ago and the key to the safety box in the bank. I also grabbed the bracelet which was my mother's. She once said to me that it was her mother's and it was passed on to her. I had adored that necklace since I set my eyes on it. She told me that I could have the bracelet when I turned sixteen.

Then, I went to my room. I grabbed my backpack and stuffed everything inside. I went to my nightstand and put a photo of my family in my backpack. I opened my cupboard and randomly picked my favourite clothes.

After my backpack was somehow full, I made my way downstairs. I didn't realize that the fire was huge. I tried to run to my family. I saw them just lying there. I used my hand and wiped my tears away. I needed to be brave. I quickly ran to the back door to escape from the burning house.

I saw many concerned neighbours outside the house. I didn't want them to see me so I climbed over the fence and I put my feet to run. To run away from everything that had just happened. I ran to a forest nearby. I knew that place by heart. I finally collapsed under a tree and cried.

I didn't know how long I cried that night. I eventually fell asleep. The next morning, I stayed there. Thinking about Uncle Karl. How could he do this to me?

That day passed slowly. I walked with my head down to the park. I could hear all the mothers gossiping. But no one knew I was there. Everyone thought I was dead too.

"Did you hear about the Swans last night? Such a terrible tragic."

"Yeah. I heard that all their bodies were burnt to ashes. The police assume that the whole family was in the house."

"Who could have done such a thing? The Swans are a nice family."

The day went on. Every now and then, the mothers will talk about that night. I was heartache, hearing all of them. I didn't want them to acknowledge me. I didn't want Uncle Karl to find me.


A few days passed. I survived by plucking all the juicy fruits off the trees from the forest. Everyone seemed to have moved on. No one talked about that night. They were all focused on their lives.

I was sleeping on a broad branch. I could climb the tree easily. There were many huge stones below the tree. The stones became my ladder to my new house on the tree.

"Oh my god! There's a girl sleeping there!" a voice woke me up. Damn. Not that I was sleeping nicely, but I was discovered.

That was how I was placed in an orphanage. This orphanage was not bad. When I first came here, they wanted to check what I had in my backpack. But I wouldn't let them. Soon, they just gave up. I didn't even give my name. So they always called me "that girl". I was fine with it though.

There were many kids in that orphanage too. But I didn't play with them. I was always moody. And soon many learnt to leave me alone. Whenever there were couples wanting to adopt, I would dress the filthiest.

But the luck seemed to die out on me. I was taken in countless foster homes. And I was always back in that same orphanage. All my previous foster families are horrible.

There was one woman who wanted money so she adopted me. According to her, the government gave money to every single mother who had lots of kids. It was pathetic. Why wouldn't she work then? Anyway, she didn't treat me that well and so I was sent back to the orphanage.

There was also a couple who locked their refrigerator so I wouldn't steal food. They agree to adopt me but left me to hunger. And so I was sent back again. There were more incidents. I was abused, sexually harassed and many more. The women at the orphanage didn't know what to do with me.

Apparently, I set a record there. I was sent to 25 fosters homes in just 3 months. It was like a record of achievement to me. And no one figured out what was in my backpack.

I didn't let them see. I didn't even wear my clothes that I took. Every night I would inhale the smell of my mother's washing detergent. I would see my family photo whenever I was alone. I didn't want them to know who I was. The thought of having Uncle Karl finding me was scary.

I grew up and became stronger. Stronger physically and emotionally. I asked the principle of the orphanage to allow me to take self-defense class. She allowed since I had nothing to do. And it was the only thing that I asked from her. I didn't give her any trouble and I just stayed in my own way.

I learned many kinds of self-defense. Wushu. Taekwando. Karate. You named it you got it. My teacher said I was good and a fast learner too. I just shrugged every time he made a comment on me. And he didn't call me "that girl". He just called me "the best student I ever had" or "that wonderful girl". I was flattered but I ignored those comments.

I had to attend church every Sunday. I prayed very hard. I would pray the same thing every Sunday.

"Please don't let Uncle Karl find me. Please let my family live happily up there." That was what I prayed every single time.

I also became braver and stronger. I once believed that everything happened for a reason. So I believed that my family died for a reason. I had not figured out what was the reason. And I had not figured out what made Uncle Karl killed my family. They were my only family. I had neither aunts nor uncles. I had no other relatives and I took Uncle Karl as my uncle that I never had.

That was the biggest mystery. Every day I would try to fit in the missing puzzle. What triggered Uncle Karl? What did my parents know about him?

Maybe my brain had not developed properly. I was still young. Up till now, I still could not solve that mystery. It has been few months now.

And I always kept a low profile. Every one seemed to forget my existence. Which was good for me. I didn't want people finding out that I survived from that fire. The girl who survived. Just like Harry Potter. But everyone recognized him because of his famous scar at his forehead. Me? I had nothing special. So I kept low profile.

I was thinking about that night when Mary, one of the orphans here burst my thinking bubble.

"Hey. They asked me to call you for dinner."

She was holding my hand. More like dragging me out of the chair. But she was small and adorable. I liked her. Her parents died in a car accident and she was at the same age as me.


I got up and we walked to the dining table hand-in-hand. We sat next to each other and began to eat. It was mashed potato, chicken and mixed vegetables. I ate slowly as I didn't have anything to do later.

Out of a sudden, a rat was running under the table. Every girl screamed and started jumping at their chair. Except for me. I just ate my dinner, ignoring all the fuss about the rat.

The women had to calm the girls and one of them chased the rat away. It took them nearly fifteen minutes.

"Why aren't you scared of the rats?" asked Mary after the commotion died down.

"Because it's just a rat?" I replied sarcastically.

"But they are ugly and dirty. And they nibble stuff," she replied.

I just shrugged. I didn't like to be engaged in this type of conversation. I guessed that I was mature at my age. Normal girls at my age didn't take self-defense class and aced very well. They were also scared of rats. And they liked to play.

I wasn't like any other normal girl. After dinner, we walked to the living room. It was Friday night, which meant movie night.

"Great." I muttered. The movie was picked by majority. And this time it was Daddy Day Care. We watched that movie for the millionth time. I did not get it why would they like this movie.

After the first hour, I went to bed. I just told them that I was sleepy. As I laid on the bed, I thought back of all my happy memories.


"Hey Bella! Catch!" I quickly extended my arms and the ball fell neatly into my arms.

"Good girl!" Aaron said with a goofy grin.

"I am not your dog! So stop saying "good girl"! Or I'll throw this ball at your head." I pretended to aim the ball at him.

We were playing basketball. Two of my brothers loved playing basketball. They were even in their school team. It was not a surprise. My father was a professional basketball coach. He trained them everyday. I started playing basketball when I started walking, according to my mother.

*End Of Flashback*

I woke up suddenly that night. I looked around me. Everyone had slept soundly. I let my tears flowed down. That dream was a happy dream. And I could not have any of those basketball moments with my brothers and my father anymore.

After having that dream, I realized that part of me died too with my family. I no longer played basketball. I never played make-up or house. I never played anything at all. Not even tag or hide and seek.

Maybe luck would turn around next time. Maybe I would be a better person. And maybe Uncle Karl would pay for what he did to my family. If there was such thing as luck now, for I did not believe in luck after everything I had gone through.

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