Author's Notes: I do not have a livejournal (I forgot my password), so I got the table from fic100 at LiveJournal DOT com. I do not lay claims to it. I just thought it'd be fun.

This will be a collection of 100 oneshots, all Figgy. Or something like that.

I am keeping each chapter short because they're a collection. Yep. Drabbles. Lol.

WARNING (for all oneshots): May contain angst, sex, mentions of sex, underage drinking, yaoi (boy on boy), extreme curses, and other things. I'm not sure what this'll have.

Disclaimer: No.




Today, they are free.

A (decent) whitecoat lets them out, and they all fly towards freedom. One of them holds onto the other's belt loop, and their wings fly in tune. They are about the same age. They almost have the same wing-length.

The one holding onto the loop is scared. He cannot see, and he is not sure how he will adjust to the change in scenery. He is blind – and beginnings are what he dreads most.

The dark-haired one realizes the change in personality of the normally carefree, happy-go-lucky avian.

He lowers his head so his lips were near the younger boy's ear.

"We'll start this together."

And somehow, the younger boy isn't so scared anymore.