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Iggy has worked very hard for his Valentine's gift to Fang. He painted him something, purely out of touch – and he was very excited to give it to him. He had trembled, he can remember, when he entered into both their rooms and had sneaked over to Fang's bed. He had shook the figure, and had moved the blanket to see his face.

And then he had let out a small gasp when there was no Fang to behold.

He tried to find him, putting energy into his efforts and stumbling (which was indeed very rare due to his ability to find things through touch) out of haste. And he still didn't find him.

Iggy had retreated to their little 'home' with a sigh escaping his lips and dreams shattered. Fang had not been anywhere.


Several days later, and Fang was still nowhere to behold. It was raining, and the school were now alerted of his missing state due to him not appearing for tests one morning. Iggy has been sitting in the same place for the whole duration – waiting, silently, for the rain to end. For Fang to come back. His Fang; his lover.

Then Iggy heard knocking on the door, and he had run, hoping that this time it was Fang and not at all the school with their bloody interference with everything he did.


That voice – nice and smooth and oh so suave, made goosebumps appear on Iggy's delicate skin. The avian pursed his lips, and opened the door; and lo and behold, therein stood the avian he had awaited.

"Fang!" The smell of his love sent waves of nostalgia over him, that scent of wildness and mild sweat (and rain? He thought with a smile) that he was so used to. Iggy outstretched his arms, and Fang took him; kissing him and displaying in actions everything words could not express.

"I'm sorry for taking so long for your Valentine's gift, Iggy," Fang started, hand in his skin-tight jeans' pocket. Iggy blinked his unseeing eyes, and nodded. "But I got one for you. It took me this long to make it, but I got it just right."

Something cool and metallic was slid into Iggy's hands, and he could feel Fang smiling nervously. "Here."

Iggy ran his fingers along it, feeling the intricate design of a lighter. There were engravings, complicated circles and lines running along the (golden?) object.

"Come outside."

Iggy frowned. "But it's raining."

"Just do it."

And Iggy stepped out into the rain, and gasped when the cold water fell upon him.

"Open the lighter."

"But the scho –"

"They wouldn't mind."

Iggy flicked it open, and Fang pressed his lips against Iggy's ear, smiling. "The inside says 'I love you'."

The blind one of the two flushed, and Fang assisted him in finally letting a flame appear.

Then there was a sudden flash of lightning, and for reasons unknown, the blind had seen for a split second what Fang was talking about.

In the air, read "I love Fang"; in wonderful, pure letters of inferno.


Author's Notes: Shameless fluff.